Content Marketing is Dead- Long Live Interactive Content Marketing

Read this to learn how important Interactive content is in your marketing efforts.

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Content marketing is dead. Or at least it’s starting to feel that it’s heading in that direction. These days, almost everyone and their dog is engaged in content marketing- even though many of them are not completely successful at it.

Back in the day, most top blogs were way ahead with content marketing when it was still foreign to other industries. They faced little competition, took advantage of a trend and ultimately became very successful.

Currently, content marketing is starting to feel exhausted and it’s important to take a leaf from our predecessors’ book or blogs. Progressively thinking and anticipating the upcoming trends is the key to getting a few steps ahead of your competitors. We need to be more interesting, engaging and data-driven with our content to stand out– and one solution that is becoming more prevalent is interactive content marketing.

In order to keep up with the times and transgress into the future, it’s important to delve into the definition of interactive content marketing before going in blind…

Content Marketing is Dead- Long Live Interactive Content Marketing


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