Content Marketing and Social Media: What Nonprofits Must Know

First, you need to be doing content marketing. Second, content marketing is not a synonym for social media. Nor is it a synonym for social deployment.

“Marketing communications” seems to be the term with which nonprofits are most familiar. Does this sound like you: “We’re the best kept secret around.” “No one knows what we do.” “If folks understood the depth and breadth of our work they’d want to support us.”

You may have put in place a “marketing communications program” to address this problem. I’m going to suggest that you dump it.

Say what? You heard me.

You might have a “Marketing Communications” director or department, with someone assigned to focus on different mediums – some print and some digital. Someone to churn out a newsletter. Someone to create an annual report. Someone to post to Facebook and Twitter. Someone to write your fundraising appeal. Someone to write an e-appeal. Someone to count “likes” and “follows” to prove the merit of your social media choices. You may have only one person desperately trying to accomplishall these things, or several people working in silos.

I know you’re simply trying to (1) create greater awareness and (2) inspire people to become engaged and invested with you.

Content Marketing and Social Media: What Nonprofits Must Know


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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