Content Curation Strategies

Curating content is one of the ways you can easily sustain yourcontent marketing activities. It involves sorting through existing relevant content on the web about a specific topic, and then organizing and packaging the information for its intended audiences. It’s more than simply collecting links, though.

It also involves annotating the found content and determining how this ought to be packaged and delivered to the public. This is pretty much how a museum curator curates works of art to include in an exhibition, hence the term.

Content curation is in itself a science that calls for skill in spotting and organizing information, and also an art that relies heavily on the intuition of the curator. Here are a few tips on how to curate content for your blog and online marketing initiatives.


There is a ton of existing information on the web covering all conceivable topics. Much of the existing research can be consolidated to provide fresh, new perspectives and insights on the subject. Try your hand at research consolidation, and shed new light on your topic by presenting the information in brand new ways, such as through infographics or a video summary.


Content Curation Strategies


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