Chrome Extensions: The Big List For Growth Hackers & Marketers

Why Chrome Extensions Are A Must

Growth Hacking is all about the mindset and the process behind how you do things. Being a growth hacker isn’t an easy duty, whether you’re trying to find your startup’s traction channels, optimizing your B2B funnel, your eCommerce store or even if you’re just outreaching for guest bloggingopportunities and organizing a webinar.

I can’t even imagine what my daily routine would be like without any tool or chrome extension. Since my colleagues always make fun of me about this addiction of mine and I’ve already covered the tools I use in a previous article, I thought that it would be great to lay down a list of all the chrome extensions I use – almost on a daily basis, in order to unlock growth…

 Chrome Extensions: The Big List For Growth Hackers & Marketers

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