Twitter Introduces New ‘Insiders’ Brand Feedback Panel to Help Maximize Performance

In an effort to boost brand use of the platform, Twitter has today unveiled a new research tool called ‘Twitter Insiders’. In essence, Twitter’s ‘Insiders’ are a group of more than 12,000 Twitter users, aged 16 and up, from across the UK and the US. This user group – chosen specifically by Twitter – will […]

Twitter Researcher: Customers Will Pay More to Brands Who Respond to Tweets

It’s easy to understand that customer service in social media, as in any other channel, is conceptually a good idea. Assigning a quantifiable ROI to it, however, is another story. That’s what Wayne Huang, a researcher at Twitter, decided to tackle with what began as a pet project to examine that “electrifying moment of happiness” […]

A Deeper Look at the Twitter Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Businesses focus a lot energy on creating content that not only builds a Twitter audience, but also drives engagement with customers. And why not? According to Dragon Search, 61% of customers’ purchasing habits are decided by companies that deliver custom content. While content and engagement are critical components of a successful strategy, another component—Twitter metrics—shouldn’t […]