How To Improve Your Keyword Research With Latent Semantic Indexing

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “latent semantic indexing”? The answer is probably, “uh, what?” It’s okay if that’s the case. Fortunately, it’s a simple concept to get a grip of (scary-sounding technical language aside). In fact, you’re probably familiar with the concept, even if you’ve never heard of the term. So, what […]

How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies

Looking to step up your Amazon strategy? Columnist Benjamin Spiegel offers some effective keyphrase techniques to help you to optimize product pages and grow results. Amazon is not only one of the top digital shopping destinations, but it also has become a major search engine for product-related searches. In a previous Marketing Land article titled, […]

The 4 Steps to Keyword Analysis: How to Prioritize Your Resources

Don’t you love that feeling that comes with keyword research? You’re left with hundreds, often thousands, of opportunities you can target to grow your business. If you do your keyword research well, you can even identify several relatively easy keywords to go after. I know you’re excited. But there’s a problem… The 4 Steps to Keyword Analysis: How […]