How to Turn Your SaaS Lead Nurturing Efforts into Lead Optimization Wins

If there’s one thing I see many SaaS companies do wrong, it’s focusing only their website and signup page. What they fail to consider is that both elements form just one cog of a bigger machine; optimizers often forget the entire funnel has to be optimized. True, it makes perfect sense to optimize your signup […]

How to Get Credit for Your AdWords Conversions

If you think you don’t receive the credit for all of your AdWords conversions,you are probably right. In any account, there can be hundreds of conversions that are incorrectly attributed to other sources, when in fact PPC played a significant role. The reason your paid search campaigns do not receive the full credit they deserve is […]

A Step-By-Step Process to Tell Compelling Stories and Improve Conversion Rates

I’ve noticed that there’s something that scares most marketers. We love our data. Most marketers find it fun to review their traffic, engagement, and subscriber numbers. It allows them to test new things and measure their effect. Data is logical. But when it comes to content marketing, there’s a component that doesn’t always seem logical:storytelling. I’m […]