Blogging Mistakes, Traffic and Content Ideas

Here’s another list of useful and interesting links I found while browsing the web over the past couple of weeks. If you are looking to boost your traffic or to learn more about promotion and SEO, you’ll like the links below.

1. How to fix these 100 blogging mistakes and build a successful blog

Very useful article from the BloggingFever guys. It lists 100 blogging mistakes you should avoid, and I am sure you’ll find at least a couple that you are still making! Here’s a quotation:

Back in the high school, it is always a plus point that you can demonstrate complexity because it shows how intelligent you are.

But in the blogging world, this is not the case because the simpler you are, the wider your audience is.

If you had been writing super high tech articles just for intelligence like Albert Einstein to read, you probably ended up Zero visitors.

Blogging Mistakes, Traffic and Content Ideas


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