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If you want to start a blog, you’re not alone.  Providing website development and makeovers, I work with many people who will start blogging and find the process confusing, overwhelming and frustrating.  It gets better with practice – just keep reading.

Why blog?

Maybe you are hoping to be able to earn money on the side, bring more feet into the door of their bricks and mortar business, or even replace your current employment. Blogging can boost your business by bringing more feet in the door due to the increased awareness your business will enjoy due to your blog. Blogging can also be a good business idea to start on the side while you keep your day job. There are some tried and true tips to create a successful blog.  Let’s get started!

Define Your Goals for Blogging

It’s important that you understand what your goals are for the blog. Some potential goals are to teach your clients, to get the word out about your services and / or products, or to create an industry niche blog that earns money through promotion of products like your books and services. What are your goals? We know the Steven Covey quote, “Start with the end in mind.”  Your goals for your blog should be written down and well defined. If you have a real goal to reach you’ll be able to get there easier if you can name it.

Blogging Beginners Authors, Speaker & Entreprenuers


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