Big Picture Thinking: Measuring Content Marketing Beyond Sales + Leads

Acting on the content marketing industry’s growing need, and inability, to truly understand and measure the impact of their craft, the Altimeter Group has developed a new report entitled, “Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact.” With their content marketing maturity model, the research and advisory firm urges marketers to practice seeing beyond sales, leads and vanity metrics and take in the much bigger picture of the ever-expanding field that is content marketing.

Altimeter Content Marketing ReportAltimeter reveals that a recent survey found that, “67% of marketers named measurement as the top area in which they needed to invest this year.” Not surprising, considering how difficult it is to constantly find and keep up with new ways to track and understand audiences. We all know the benefits of meaningful metrics; what many companies cannot grasp is how to track them or what to do with them. A majority of companies still don’t implement a documented content strategy, which makes it all the more difficult to keep track of goals and achievements in an orderly way and make better decisions for the future…

Big Picture Thinking: Measuring Content Marketing Beyond Sales + Leads


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