A recipe for shareable content

As a digital marketer, you’re doing all the right things for your brand, including investing in content marketing, right? Of course you are.

And the difference between brands that are doing content marketing well and those who do it brilliantly boils down to one question: is your content being shared, commented on and discussed?

And apologies for the tired old phrase, but has content you’ve produced gone viral?

At Wednesday’s Festival of Marketing, the CMA explored the issue during a session on shareable content: how to make your content travel further.

I was joined on the stage by Kim Townend, formerly of Gov.UK, and Bob Fear from Virgin to discuss the recipe for share-worthy content.

It turns out we agreed that there is one role you must have on staff to give your brand the best chance: a community manager.

A great community manager needs to be your platform expert, your audience research specialist, the definitive voice for your brand and the litmus test for any social concepts or creative you want to launch.

Will an idea work? Will it flop? Your community manager, constantly monitoring the conversations around your living brand, can help you

But since we’re talking about sharing, there were a few other points made during the session that are worth repeating.

The public sector view

Kim Townend kicked off the session. As the former head of social media for Gov.UK, she found that functional, practical, informative pieces got people sharing.

Their most-shared piece of content to date, an elegant visual reminder to set your clocks, is a perfect example.

A recipe for shareable content


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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