9 tips to propel your personal brand

If you’re like many PR people and other professionals, you’re treating the boosting of your personal brand like you’re treating the filing of your tax return: putting it off. Barbara Findlay Schenck, co-author of the latest edition of “Branding For Dummies,” says that’s a massive mistake.

“With more people than ever checking out people online and within their business and social circles before ever arranging in-person meetings or even considering personal contact, a well-projected personal brand has ever had a bigger impact on personal success,” Schenck says.

Quit thinking it’s somehow self-centered or unnecessary to work on your personal brand, she says, and commit to doing it.

With that mission in mind, here are nine tips to get your personal brand in gear.

9 tips to propel your personal brand


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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