8 Reasons Your Local Business Needs Yelp

Yelp, the company that relies on crowdsourcing for reviews and user recommendations, is most closely associated with diners and local eateries. It might surprise you, though, to find out that Yelp’s biggest category isn’t restaurants, it’s shopping. In fact, with over 20 categories of businesses and services, Yelp is a great platform nearly any company to find and engage customers.

Is your local business listed on Yelp? Here are eight reasons why it should be.

1.    Remember your roots. No matter how big or widespread they are now, all businesses got their start somewhere. Yelp keeps you connected to your local community and the customers who helped you get started. Listing your business on Yelp lets them know you still feel a sense of hometown pride.

2.    You’ll get instant feedback. Focus groups, evaluations, questionnaires, and customer surveys take time and money. Yelp reviews give you quick, no-cost feedback on how you’re doing right now, allowing you to make adjustments in near real-time.

3.    Yelp will help. The company offers a whole set of free tools businesses can use to connect with customers and Yelp users. You can gather analytics, track visitor engagement, add important information to your profile, and even respond to customers — all right within the Yelp ecosystem.

8 Reasons Your Local Business Needs Yelp


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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