8 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

Imagine that you need to dig a hole in your back yard. Okay, that doesn’t seem too hard.

Oh — except that you won’t be able to use a shovel. Instead, all you have at your disposal is a toothpick. The job that once seemed so easy now feels like your own personal hell.

Similarly, employees who don’t have the technology necessary to complete their jobs efficiently and correctly get frustrated, and rightly so. Especially in Sales, having the right tools in place can create significant productivity or visibility advantages. If a rep doesn’t think they have the systems they need to close deals, they’ll go close them somewhere else.

So just how many reps feel they’re getting toothpicks instead of shovels? Nearly 30% of the sales reps surveyed in AA-ISP’s 2014 Inside Sales Top Challenges report. Tools and technology was ranked the third most pressing issue out of 15.

But managers aren’t intentionally withholding technology from reps. According to Bob Perkins, AA-ISP founder and chairman, many leaders are confused as to which tools their sales forces truly need.

8 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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