8 Free Google Advertising Tools For SEO

First, Google makes no money off of organic search results, it makes money from paid advertising shown in those search results. Google does not care that if your website is ranking #2 or #1 in organic search results, but it does care how much you spend on your advertising with Google AdWords for that keyword. Google provides awesome free tools to help you create ads for Google Ads. Google made these tools to make ads, but being an SEO you can utilize these tools for optimizing your website.

Google actually loves SEO, it just does not admit it and tries to play Google is not evil mantra. Because if it wasn’t for organic search results people would not be using Google, they be using Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo. What makes Google better at search results is relevancy, indexation and frequent updates to its search algorithm. So far Google is winning with almost 70% market share of the search industry, Bing is at 19% but getting popular slowly, Yahoo has been losing on this ground after strategic partnership with Microsoft to leverage its search technology with Bing (which it regrets now).

8 Free Google Advertising Tools For SEO


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