6 Simple Landing Pages That Perform Like Charm

Like mac and cheese. Or gin and tonic. Or crisp white shirts with classic blue jeans. Some things are beautiful in their simplicity. What ups their fab quotient a notch higher is that these are things that combine their undisputable beauty with great functionality.

Landing pages have their version of the PB&Js as well. Here’s a look at some landing pages that take care of all the key principles of a good landing page and yet manage to pack a punch aesthetically and functionally.

1. Geico Auto Insurance

Geico has a knack for getting their marketing frustratingly right nearly all the time. Here’s an example of that same marketing flair at work.

This simple but totally functional landing page borrows its striking, yet completely self-explanatory headline from Geico’s commercials (+1 for brand consistency) and does away with the need for any accompanying copy.

6 Simple Landing Pages That Perform Like Charm


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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