50 Blogging Tools That Every Serious Blogger Needs

If you think that blogging is only about scribbling down your thoughts and then just hoping that one day someone will come along and read them, then you’re wrong. If you’ve decided to become a serious blogger, then you need the right tools to save time, publish more, and maximize your overall efficiency.

At one point or another, all bloggers have struggled with generating blog ideas or promoting their posts successfully, besides various other challenges.

Thankfully, we now have access to hundreds of blogging tools, free and paid, that you can use to solve these problems and blog better.

To help you wade through all the noise, I’ve come up with this list of the 50 most useful blogging tools and guides that I regularly use.

I would recommend that you bookmark this article just in case it gets lost under “things to read” (yup, we all do it).

For clarity, I’ve segregated them into ten main categories:

  1. Courses and eBooks
  2. Unique and Beautiful Themes
  3. Blog Ideas Generation
  4. Grammar and Proofreading
  5. Blog Titles Generation
  6. Faster Blog Writing
  7. Amazing Blog Visuals
  8. Social Media Promotion
  9. Tracking and Analyzing Blog Statistics
  10. Blog Monetization

So let’s get started.

50 Blogging Tools That Every Serious Blogger Needs


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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