5 Writing Habits that are Killing Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is certainly the golden child of 2014. Google has been slamming thin content for the last several years, but they cracked down even harder in 2014. Today, you need better content, some times longer content, and definitely more useful content.

Digital marketers are getting into the groove of producing higher quality content with real value. It is a beautiful thing – except when your content marketing strategy isn’t working. If you are following the top content marketing best practices and still not seeing results, the problem might actually be your writing.


Just because Google decided it wanted better content doesn’t mean we are all magically great writers. Take a look at these five writing habits and see if they might just be the culprits behind your lagging content marketing strategy.

1. The Double Space

Should you place one space or two at the end of a sentence? The arguments for and against the double space remain divided, so let’s look at where this practice started.

Before computers, all letters took up the same amount of space when typing – for example, a thin I and a much wider M were allotted the same space. Thus, the additional space was needed at the end of a sentence to show the difference between the space between words and the end of a sentence.

5 Writing Habits that are Killing Your Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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