5 Ways to Turn Failure into Massive Success


Here are 5 ways to look at every time failure comes into your life.

Here is a brief outline of what I cover in the video.

1. Ask the right questions

What can I learn from this? What is this trying to tell me? What can I do now? These are all more productive questions than why did I fail again?

Don’t be the victim and say why did this happen to me. Say instead…why did this happen FOR ME.

2. Wake Up Call

If the failure is really life-crushing, think of it as an opportunity to start fresh and do what you’ve always wanted to do. It’s not like you have anything to lose.

When people hit rock bottom, it usually is a huge opportunity because there is no fear…because there is no fear of losing anything else…you are already at the bottom!

We you let go whatever you have been holding onto…success becomes inevitable. You need to cross over into uncertainty…which is outside your comfort zone…where all growth happens.

5 Ways to Turn Failure into Massive Success


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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