5 Ways the White House Kills It at Content Marketing

Barack Obama’s mastery of the Internet has been evident since 2008, when he won what some call the first “Facebook election” by using social media to generate donations and organize phone banking.

Though the strength of Obama’s initial campaign came from a self-created social networking site and a somewhat primitive use of Facebook (at least by today’s standards), his team has since proved itself adept at creating and distributing compelling content across our fractured media landscape.

For evidence of the White House’s talents for content marketing, look no further than the administration’s online ownership of Tuesday’s State of the Union address, which generated 2.6 million tweets and was discussed by nearly 6 million Facebook users.

Before, during, and after the speech, the Obama team pushed content to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reiterate the president’s legislative goals and keep citizens engaged.

The White House’s multi-pronged attack serves as a great example of how content marketers can, and should, capitalize on the opportunities presented by web 2.0.

Here are five tips we can take from the Obama administration’s content strategy.

5 Ways the White House Kills It at Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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