5 tips for better startup content marketing

It’s been nearly eight years since elMejorTrato launched, and from the first moment we focused on content marketing as a main strategy for growth.

With time and experimentation, we learned several lessons to share. We also made lots of mistakes.

Following are the five most important lessons for you to use in your own content marketing.

The content must focus on the customer

With a new startup, it’s totally understandable that all the founders’ energy is focused on the product, how people feel about it, its advantages against the competition, and more that eventually helps an organization bring in sales .

However, the content marketing strategy should not be focused exclusively on products. It’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make over and over again.

When you think about startup content marketing, you should consider content that talks about how spectacular your product is as well as content that addresses all of the uncertainties, inquiries, curiosities and doubts potential customers may have.

For example, a company such as Kissmetrics—a tool for analyzing website traffic—doesn’t focus only on the tool. It provides valuable tips, such as “psychology to close an online purchase” or “techniques to improve your sales in the social networks.”

Start-up content marketing should help potential customers (those people who aren’t users yet, but could become so in the future) better understand the industry they are exploring or working in. While the subject matter doesn’t directly relate to the product, it is directly related to the customers the organization aims to reach.

5 tips for better startup content marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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