5 New Ways to Promote Your Content

Ready to get more exposure for your content? Add these effective tactics to your content promotion strategy.

promote2By now, you know that content marketing isn’t just the process of creating a piece of content and hoping for the best. It’s a process that starts with content development and promotion. Of course, you need to share your content with your social media audience, your email list and so on. But what else can you do to get more exposure your content?

Here are five new ways to promote your content for maximum impact.

1. Reach out to influencers who share similar content.

BuzzSumo is the ultimate resource for content marketers. You can use it to find the most popular content on a particular topic. For your content promotion strategy, BuzzSumo can help you discover the right influencers to reach out to help you promote your content.

Let’s say that you’ve just written a great post about the top upcoming online marketing conferences. BuzzSumo will show you the most popular articles about that topic.

5 New Ways to Promote Your Content


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