5 Myths About Content Marketing

5 Myths About Content MarketingMajor brands like Coca Cola, Disney, Lego and McDonald’s are using content marketing to adapt to a new world where consumers are in control. Smaller businesses are also using content marketing to stand out in their markets. Content marketing has evolved from a buzz word to an accepted marketing principle. At the same time, myths persist. Let’s take a closer look at some of these myths and the real truth.

Content marketing Is Inexpensive and Easy to Implement

Due to the proliferation of digital content, some marketers believe that content marketing does not cost much money. They’re more than happy to use the lowest cost provider to develop their content.

However, according to the Content Marketing Institute 2014 B2B Content Marketing report, nearly 60 percent of marketers plan to spend more money on content marketing in the next year than they did the year prior. They realize that content is an investment, and to provide quality, valuable content requires reasonable spending on content strategy, production, implementation, monitoring and testing.

Content marketing is really the art of building relationships. No matter what communication method you use, relationship building has always been a difficult endeavor. Valuable content strengthens your relationships.

5 Myths About Content Marketing


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