5 Lessons from B2B LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing case studyLinkedIn is traditionally seen as a job searching, recruitment and networking tool. But it can also be a valuable platform for B2B marketing. Between the finite targeting, thought leadership opportunities and transparent communication, LinkedIn is the place to be as the face of a company.

With a mixture of calculated connecting, contributing and publishing, we used LinkedIn to get a client into bigger, better sales meetings.


James Calvetti Meats is a family owned, B2B meat processing company that relies on clients like airlines and hotels. Meat packing is an old school industry that happily lives in the confines of traditional marketing, so past marketing efforts revolved around tradeshows, WOM/personal connections, cold calling and expensive advertising/directory listings. Our challenge was to produce and nurture leads using a B2B marketing platform…

5 Lessons from B2B LinkedIn Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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