5 Landing Page Tips: Landing Page Critique Round 3

This is round 3 of landing pages overviews. In my previous landing page overview posts I discussedAdobe’s and Shutterstock’s landing pages. I discussed the important elements of landing pages and how to use them correctly. Landing pages have the potential to convert many users as they are the first page your visitors see and therefore they give the first impression of your product. You can read more onlanding page optimization in our blog.

In this post, I decided to focus on Vertical response’s Landing Page. Known and used by several marketers, they allow you to create free email newsletter templates. So it will be interesting to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the page and discover 5 quick landing page tips.

1. Above the fold

Marketers always talk about “above the fold” but what does it actually mean? The fold is approximately the top 400 pixels of your landing page (this changes across devices). The majority of visitors see only this part of the page without needing to scroll, a minimum of people actually make it to the bottom parts of pages. Therefore you should keep all your crucial elements above this section.
In the case of Vertical Response, the fold is marked below.

5 Landing Page Tips: Landing Page Critique Round 3


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