5 Google Plus Posting Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

googleplus5thingsGoogle Plus is a great content marketing and relationship building platform (even though we may be uncertain about its future).

I’ve had lots of success connecting to people on Google Plus and building additional exposure to my content. Over time I’ve discovered some less known Google Plus posting tricks which I am sharing today!

1. Tag with the user ID

Social media tagging is extremely essential (when it makes sense). Whenever I mention anyone in the article, I make sure to @tag those people on Twitter and Facebook as well as +plus-tag them on Google Plus when sharing the article.

Twitter is the easiest to tag: You just type @username in any Twitter app. Facebook is trickier but it’s usually smooth as well: You start typing the @Name and you choose the one you need in the suggestions.

Google Plus is the hardest because it won’t always show the correct person or company in the drop down.

To overcome this, simply tag the user’s Google Plus ID instead of the name.

5 Google Plus Posting Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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