5 Ecommerce Marketing Staples Overshadowed by Coupons

When you’re desperate to spread the word about your ecommerce site and get visitors clicking on products, your first thought may be to blast out a coupon to everyone on your contact list. While coupons definitely work, they’re not the only marketing tools you have in your toolbox. Several other techniques exist and have been proven to work. Try some of the following tactics and watch your conversions grow.

Free Shipping

Giving customers a chance to save money is a great way to reel them in. If you’re inundating them with coupon offers, however, the power is diminished. Because the cost of shipping is thenumber one reason for cart abandonment, it’s easy to see that consumers would love a chance to get the products they love without tacking more money onto the total…

5 Ecommerce Marketing Staples Overshadowed by Coupons


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