5 Content Marketing Trends to Fuel Your 2015 B2B Marketing Plan

According to a Right Source Marketing study (based on survey responses from a whopping 11 B2B-oriented companies) conducted in November 2014, you, Mr. or Ms. Marketing Leader, either have not finished your 2015 marketing plan, or… gasp…have not even started it.

If you’re not interested in building such a plan, or think it’s a waste of time, please stop reading. You and I are not meant to have an author-reader relationship, or for that matter any relationship at all. In my world, planners rule. Planners who can also execute are legends. Those who don’t think they need a plan? Destined for a career filled with mediocrity, probably with a good deal of complacency mixed in.

For those of you still seeking legendary status, you still have 19 business days to nail that 2015 B2B marketing plan, which, in today’s world, ought to include a heavy dose of content marketing. To help, I’ve assembled the B2B content marketing trends you should be paying special attention to as you build your plan.

1. Content Marketing Plan: Get One, or Get Out of the Game

Speaking of planning…

This is the proverbial no-brainer on the list. Frankly, it shouldn’t even be considered a trend at this point – it’s a necessity.

This is the year you should stop talking about building a content marketing plan, and start doing it. I could tell you story after story after story about watching companies stumble in the absence of a plan, but instead, let’s look at the cold hard facts.

5 Content Marketing Trends to Fuel Your 2015 B2B Marketing Plan


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