4 Ways Content Marketing Must Change in 2015

The four big moves content marketers must make to stay alive in 2015.

I’m not a big fan of content marketing prediction posts.

It’s not that they aren’t informative or intelligently written; it’s just that instead of data-driven analysis of upcoming trends, predictions usually amount to that author’s wishlist, stocked full of noble aspirations for marketers around the world.

There are things we already know, based on survey data from the Content Marketing Institute:

  • Content marketing budgets will keep on growing (59 percent of B2C and 55 percent of B2B marketers will increase spending in 2015).
  • More businesses will hop on-board and make even more noise (about 69 percent of B2C and 70 percent of B2B marketers create more content now than they did a year ago).
  • Apple made a wristwatch and somehow Google Glass isn’t totally dead yet, so wearables are (eventually) on their way in—we think.

And so on.

I’m no soothsayer. I think you deserve better than a laundry list of clichés like “mobile content will be big” and “content will become more HUMAN!” (whatever that means).

So I’ve got something different for you.

Almost exactly a year ago, I took content marketing to task with a list of five grievances that I saw as inhibiting the ability of content marketers everywhere that needed to change in 2014.

4 Ways Content Marketing Must Change in 2015

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