4 Simple, Beginner SEO Tips for Bloggers by @rachelccool

Search engine optimization. Those three words can be daunting to some bloggers, but SEO can actually be your best friend. When you understand how you can use SEO on your blog, you will benefit from more site traffic and a bigger following, both of which can add a lot of value to your business.

1. SEO Doesn’t Bring Immediate Results

SEO is not a quick fix and it doesn’t bring immediate results. While you can definitely start optimizing your blog and getting it in shape to earn rankings right away, it could take several weeks or months before you start seeing results.

Search engines crawl and rank sites periodically, and when you update your site often you are inviting them to crawl your site. Be patient and willing to wait to see if your actions are bringing rankings before you change strategies or give up altogether.

Also keep in mind that SEO is only part of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful blog, but it can complement other promotional efforts.

4 Simple, Beginner SEO Tips for Bloggers by @rachelccool


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