4 Facebook Advertising Tools To Improve Ad Results

4 Facebook Advertising Tools (portrait)Do you use Facebook Ads to promote your business online?

Facebook’s advertising platform is not only easy to use, but it also includes some great tools that could help you reach a hyper-targeted audience of quality leads.

However, using Facebook ads through their main platform (known as Ads Manager) has a few limitations.

The best way to make the most out of your advertising campaigns is with Power Editor.

In fact, some of Facebook’s best features for advertising are currently available only on Power Editor. At the date this article was written, the most interesting ones were:

  • Bulk editing
  • Dayparting
  • Duplication of Campaigns/Ad Sets/Ads
  • Excluding Audiences
  • Hidden posts
  • Targeting by device and connection

But, is Power Editor enough?

There are some third party platforms in the market that offer additional features not available directly through Facebook. And although you can certainly use Power Editor for your advertising needs, I can assure you that once you have tried some of these tools it will be hard to go back.

The following are the most interesting options available.

4 Facebook Advertising Tools To Improve Ad Results


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