4 Essential Pieces of an Awesome Content-Marketing Strategy

It wasn’t that long ago when marketing simply meant radio, TV and print ads to promote awareness of your business. Within the last 10 years marketing has been drastically changed with the widespread use of personal computers, the Internet and smartphones.

With all the websites for consumers to visit, marketing had to keep pace and digital ads started popping up online. As personal email was adopted by everyone around the world, newsletters also came on the scene as another important marketing tactic. Then came social media and mobile ads shortly thereafter. With all these outlets for marketing online you might be tempted to think that’s all there is, but the truth is that the newest essential ingredient in your holistic marketing campaigns is content marketing.

What is content marketing? You know that you need great, well-written content that’s valuable to your clients. However, it’s no longer enough to just have great, valuable content. You content also needs to be sharable. That’s what content marketing essentially means: exceptionally executed, valuable and sharable content.

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Here are four essential pieces of a content-marketing strategy:

4 Essential Pieces of an Awesome Content-Marketing Strategy


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