3 Ways Businesses Are Ruining LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn used to be an exceptional way to network with others in your industry or potential clients through a powerful business-to-business social media platform. Being able to connect with other business professionals in your city through a simple LinkedIn message asking to sit down for coffee was simply incredible.

The result of this method? More business.  Even if that person was not interested in hiring your company, you now have a much larger network and if the meeting went well you have someone who will tell others about your business.

Today, many business people are simply avoiding LinkedIn because it has slowly but surely changed from being a platform to grow your network to a platform that key influencers are starting to avoid.

In short, businesses are ruining LinkedIn networking – and here’s how.

3 Ways Businesses Are Ruining LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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