3 Inbound Marketing Strategies For Improved Landing Page Conversion

landing page conversion tips inbound marketingAs inbound marketers, we live and die on the quality of our content. While we are fixated on copy quality when it comes to content offerings we create for lead generation, such as e-books, white papers or blogs, landing page content is an excellent, often overlooked place where we can apply tried and true inbound marketing principles to improve our performance metrics.

How? Its simple. We use the same guiding principle that we do for other content – Am I generating valuable content that can be found and wanted when target customers are searching?

If we continue delivering the information that visitors want in the manner that they want to digest it, well see our leads from landing pages increase.

1. Use Origin Specific Copy

Origin specific copy is the first element we want to focus on with our landing page text. We can drive increased lead numbers with landing page copy that acknowledges where a visitor came from. Maintaining a consistent message down the conversion funnel lets them know that theyve hit the correct landing page that corresponds with the link they clicked. We can even use the exact language from an ad, call to action, or email, on the landing page.

Lets look at an example. If I send an email that invites readers to Transform Your Life!, Ill also place a headline on the landing page that reads Welcome: Transform Yourself Now!. The body content will also make use of the word Transform.

3 Inbound Marketing Strategies For Improved Landing Page Conversion


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