3 Creative Marketing Ideas That Your Business Needs

Creative marketing ideas are needed desperately today to not only survive as an entrepreneur, but thrive!

Today it is creative advertising ideas that makes one business wildly successful over another business that is just barely making it.

There are a ton of advertising ideas, but as an owner looking to be successful you need to look at your marketing funnel and attack it at all ends.

I’m a huge advocate of guerilla marketing ideas. These are typically low-cost marketing strategies designed to give your business massive exposure for your product or service. The key being low-cost :)

Regardless of what type of creative marketing campaigns you run, you need to make sure to hit each of the 3 area’s of the customer experience.

The 3 main area’s are:

  1. Driving the Initial Contact through your Creative Marketing Ideas
  2. Purchase or Introduction of your Product or Service
  3. Relationship building and nurturing after the Purchase

Your time as an entrepreneur looking to be successful should focus on each of these 3 area’s. Each has tons of creative marketing ideas under them and lets go through a few of them now.

3 Creative Marketing Ideas That Your Business Needs


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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