3 Copywriting Tips To Avoid At Your Peril

BMG Badge MemmaToday I have a lovely guest, Memma Seilosa Clare, who’s going to share with you her top 3 copywriting tips to avoid at your peril!

Memma is a copywriter with her own content marketing agency. She also offers entrepreneurs the chance to pick her brain so that they can write their own copy without going into complete meltdown.

Describe yourself in 3 short, fab and fun sentences

I absolutely love my life. I LOVE the word “crackalackin’” and try to use it wherever possible. My superpower is to see the positives in every situation.

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I kind of fell into copy and content writing by accident. I simply needed to pay the bills and I couldn’t go out to work in a “normal” job – I had just moved to a different country and couldn’t speak the language. I started working as a content writer. I instantly fell in love with what I did and found that I had some kick*ss copywriting skills.

Over the years of writing for different agencies, I learnt that writers often got a bad deal. I decided that I wanted to set up a company that would pay writers what they’re worth and still give clients amazing value for money when it came to awesome copy. So I set up with my brilliant friend and that’s how we roll now.

3 Copywriting Tips To Avoid At Your Peril


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