3 Content Marketing Strategies that Build Trust

You are asking your website visitor to hand over money. On what grounds? In e-commerce, trust is the key to any effective long term content marketing strategy.

People need to believe that you are a legitimate business, that you are able to solve customer or client problems and that you will handle their financial information, the personal details and their purchases with integrity.

Because you don’t ordinarily meet the customer face to face, where first impressions are three dimensional, you have to recreate an environment where visitor trust can still be cultivated through the content you put out.

Marketing Strategy Example from the Real World

Meet Katie DeCicco of Celebration Sauna’s.

I enjoy sharing content marketing strategy examples that have been successful success of other small business and I enjoy being part of that success. Celebration Sauna’s is one such success story that’s worth mentioning.

It’s a one-woman show that has utilized the talent of freelancers to grow it’s online store through a content and web marketing strategy that generates user trust. It’s also a small business online that is already turning over a very good profit in the first twelve months.

3 Content Marketing Strategies that Build Trust


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