21 Simple Blogging Tips

I just drank 2 cups of oatmeal.

Drinkable oatmeal.

We have weird snacks here in Ubud, Bali. Don’t get me started on Thai snacks. Or Cambodian snacks. I’ve dined on Stereo cookies in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (like Oreos). I’ve feasted on hot dog buns filled with strawberry cream and raisins in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Kelli gags at my snack selection.

I’m just sampling what the world has to offer. Confectionary-wise.

What in the hell does weird, sweet snack consumption have to do with blogging tips?

Nothing. And everything.

The relation may be a stretch or it may be a direction correlation. I could relate my weird, sweet snack lead in to:

  • How good blogging requires story telling aka recounting your day
  • How good blogging requires you to go out on a limb aka not give a rat’s ass what people will say about you making bold moves
  • How good blogging requires you to hook readers instantly (through your intro)
  • How good blogging can be fueled by bizarre, sometimes unorthodox, sweet treats purchased from some of the most exotic spots on earth

21 Simple Blogging Tips


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