21 of the Best Social Media Articles This Year

With tons of articles published online every day, it isn’t always easy to separate the sublime from the mess of cheap clickbait content threatening to swallow the web.

However, great content should be recognized, which is why I’m bringing you 21 of the most popular, highest-value social media articles of the year! These articles are fan favorites that definitely deserve a second look – lots of great knowledge here!

1. 5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

Adweek shares several awesome social media “hacks” that can help you do some pretty powerful marketing maneuvering on different social platforms. From cinemagraphs to Snapchat promos, this post has some great ideas to throw your way.

2. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting to Social Media

This Venture Beat post by Cara Joyner reminds us that the common adage to “think before you speak” is just as important on social media as it is IRL. Consider asking yourself these 5 questions before publishing on social media to ensure that you’re always posting with purpose and not falling victim to social narcissism.

3. Mark Cuban: The Biggest Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making on Social Media

In this popular Inc. video interview, Mark Cuban talks about the biggest mistake users make on social media (at least in his opinion) – letting posts and status updates live permanently on the web and not fully considering the repercussions of disintegrating online privacy.

21 of the Best Social Media Articles This Year


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