As I started creating this blog, it became clear I needed to break these 12 blogging lessons down into two posts. There’s a lot to be said, even after just two years of being in business.

Here’s to a great 2015. Take in these lessons, and let me know what you’ve learned in 2014 in the comments! Part one starts now…

1) No posts, no traffic.

Yes, I’ve learned that blogging every single day isn’t needed, but if you want consistent traffic, you have to post more frequently or market your old posts better.

I haven’t optimized my old posts for SEO, even though I have a fabulous plugin to help me! This’ll be a 2015 goal.

2) Don’t take e-mail list stuff personally. 

This year, I doubled my email list thanks to a guest blog post I did for Be a Freelance Blogger. It was wonderful and very affirming, until I decided to start deleting people because they weren’t opening my emails.

Needless to say, the experience was pretty crappy. I let my emotions take over my business sense. Not. Good.

While I again hope to double my list again in 2015, I won’t hastily remove people unless they ask.

3) Write within your emotional means.

I finally read something recently that affirmed “writing every day” includes social media, email and blog comments. It truly is, especially in a professional setting.

I had some awesome responses to my post on not writing every day. But I do admit, writing skills suffer when you don’t keep at it. But if you have mental health issues, it’s really important to take a break and focus more on journaling for therapy purposes.

4) The small and silent community is still everything.

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