10 Ways to Succeed in the New Age of Mobile Content Marketing

There is a seismic shift in media.

The old guard is ignoring it and new upstarts are embracing it. The eyeball domination that made TV “the” media for the last 50+ years is now moving online. Digital is doing to TV what television did to print and radio. Disrupt and disturb.

Digital mobile media is redefining how we read, view and are entertained. This is not a fad but a trend that will be a generational change. Mobile is becoming the default device of choice not the laptop. This device shift will be most prevalent in emerging nations including Asia and Africa as 3 billion more people go online on mobile devices. Not tethered personal computers.

For many people the way they consume is not when they use a PC but when they grab their phone from their pocket or purse or swipe their tablet screen.

This has major implications for content marketers and the future of content marketing.

10 Ways to Succeed in the New Age of Mobile Content Marketing 


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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