10 Simple Web Copywriting Tips for Increasing Conversions

typewriter-6Web copy is often the difference between visitors and leads, and leads and customers. It plays an integral role for consumers at every stage of the buying cycle, from awareness to decision making and advocacy.

Most marketers can identify poor web copy when they see it. Why? Because poor web copy doesn’t read smoothly, stir emotions, influence behaviors, or make explicit calls to action—it feels purposeless—and that’s just bad marketing. And yet, web copywriting is a strategy that sometimes falls by the wayside, overlooked for other site priorities like gated content, video, design, and functionality.

Perhaps you’ve spent a good deal of time and money on all that other jazz, but don’t rest on your laurels. If it’s time to step up your web copy game, the ten following tips will help you increase conversions on your website and ultimately close more business…

10 Simple Web Copywriting Tips for Increasing Conversions


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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