10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Blogging from Paradise

It was a cool, dry evening in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kelli and I casually strolled into Thamel as we did each night during our stay in this ancient city.

The traffic was heavy. Motorbikes, cars and pedestrians littered the streets and sidewalks, the line between the 2 blurring ever so more as we worked our way into the city.

I crossed one particular corner where a few of the local homeless men congregated from time to time. As I cruised through the area I instantly heard a recognizable plea; one of the more colorful characters on the block yelled at me.

He wanted money for a roll.

As was my custom, I ignored him and moved forward.

Only today was a little different. I felt him reaching around to snag my arm. In an instant, everything changed. He went from harmless homeless man to nutzo Wildman.

This once nice Nepali sunk his teeth into my arm. I couldn’t believe it. Homes went Jaws on me, placing him chompers onto my right bicep.

He was a fool for that; gotta really dig deep to cut into my pipes.

The point is, after this bizarre episode on the streets of Kathmandu, I learned how to become a better blogger……

10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Blogging from Paradise


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