10 Data-Driven Reasons on Why Your Company Needs A Blog

10 Data-driven Reasons On Why Your Company Needs A Blog | Social Media TodayPaul Jun of HelpScout claims that everything hinges on the narrative of your work.

It is human nature to tell stories. From Hamlet to The Hunger Games, narrative is the lifeblood of the human condition. To this end, knowing what you do professionally and how you do it is important, but knowing the story you tell yourself about what you do is evermore meaningful.

If Jun’s claim is true – which I believe it is – then how do you take what’s good, helpful, and customer-focused within that narrative and communicate it to your website visitors? Your products and services may be great, but to be meaningful that value must be understood by people who want what you’re offering. For that reason alone, your business needs a blog. But don’t take my word for it, there’s plenty of hard data to back that up.

HubSpot publishes a yearly report that covers everything from marketing to sales. Here’s what they found…

10 Data-Driven Reasons on Why Your Company Needs A Blog



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