How Can Marketers Improve Landing Page Optimization?

Lack of in-house skills, conversion-worthy content and strategy all present LPO challenges Landing page optimization (LPO) is critical for any marketer looking to turn site visitors into leads—and eventually, customers. Indeed, increasing conversions ranked as the most important objective of an LPO strategy among marketing professionals polled worldwide by Ascend2 earlier this month by a […]

Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with a One-Page Plan

As CMI research shows, marketers with a documented content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don’t have a written strategy. Yet, only 27% of B2C and 48% of B2B marketers have developed a plan. If you lack a written strategy, a one-page plan is a great place to begin. If you have a […]

5 Huge Mistakes Brands Make With Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There’s no doubt about it, influencer campaigns are the hot topic in the world of brands. When matched with the right brand campaign, a blogger with a highly engaged audience in a specific niche can increase a brand’s visibility with as much force as a killer Super Bowl commercial. However, without the right strategy and […]

How to Use Wikipedia for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most basic skill in the SEO’s repertoire. When you’re creating a website, shaping your eCommerce strategy, tracking your growth, or launching a content marketing campaign, you always come back to this:  keywords. Basic as keywords are, we could all use a little help sourcing and researching keywords. I want to introduce […]

How to Keep Your Team Focused on Purpose, Identity and Alignment During Growth Spurts

Q: As a startup, we started as a small team but as we grew, I feel like our team’s efforts are siloed and there is a disconnect. How can we boost teamwork? A: Your question speaks to a universal challenge felt by rapidly-growing companies: As you expand, how do you preserve the sense of shared […]


One of the best ways to get ahead in business is to get a good old foot up from somebody more influential than you. Whether it’s a share of a blog post or a shameless plug of your services the results can be massive and long lasting. But how to you get someone more influential […]

Blogging: Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Does your business have a blog yet? What about a Twitter account or a Facebook page? If you’re still not sure whether social media is worth it, consider the costs if don’t bring your marketing efforts into the digital age. The Numbers One of the great advantages of blogging and email over printed newsletters and […]

Improve Conversions on Your Social Media Ads With Landing Pages

Landing pages are an inseparable part of the web browsing experience: we have all visited one at some point, whether or not we were conscious of the fact. Whenever you click on an online ad, register for a webinar, download a survey or a white paper, it’s likely that a landing page facilitated your experience. […]


How long does it take for your website to load? Are you making your visitors wait and getting them all frustrated? A slow loading website is a great way to make people leave your site and visit a competitor instead. It’s also a great way to lower your rankings and destroy your SEO as Google […]

Google: Online Video a “Must” For Mobile Marketing

According to Google, online video is a must-have component for your mobile marketing strategy, stating: “Mobile viewers are in fact more likely to watch, share, and feel connected to ads and branded video.” Google’s latest research indicates that 50% of global viewership on YouTube comes from mobile devices. Apparently, attention spans are also better on […]

Create Branded SEO Reports With WebCEO [Sponsored Post]

This is a sponsored review. WebCEO provided access to an enterprise-level account for SEJ to review. WebCEO provides an accurate description of their services simply through their company name. Their platform can essentially run your SEO team, complete with white labeled automatic reporting in any language and a robust system that not only shows you what to fix, but […]

The Future Of Marketing Automation

Editor’s note: Vik Singh is co-founder and CEO of Infer. Prior to founding Infer, he was an entrepreneur in residence at Sutter Hill Ventures. He has filed 13 patents in the areas of search, social networking, systems, and content optimization. According to industry expert David Raab, almost 70 percent of marketers are either unhappyor only marginally happy […]

How Age, Gender, and Education Can Affect Your Email Marketing

Have you ever thought about how the age, gender and the level of education of your email recipients affects your email marketing strategies and success? If you haven’t, shame on you! But if you have, pat yourself on the back! There are so many different factors that can affect you email marketing, and being neglectful […]

8 SEO Trends Every Website Owner Must Pay Attention To In 2015

Do you know what SEO trends will affect your website in 2015? Want to make sure you’re keeping up with Google’s latest guidelines? It’s essential for any website owner wanting to be found online to understand what Google is looking at when they crawl their site and, perhaps more importantly, what makes them decide who […]

SEO for Images: Why We’re Trying to Rank for the Term ‘CEO’

This post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Image-based search is becoming more and more common. Pinterest and Instagram have conditioned people to use and trust this form of discovery, and oftentimes, I find it produces even more relevant results than text-based search. With images, you […]

9 New Facebook Features That Will Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Last summer, we did a roundup of Facebook features you may have missed in the past couple of years. In mere six months, however, Facebook marketing has seen even more changes, with some designed specifically to address the demands of advertisers on the network. We have discussed the most drastic of those changes, the potential decline […]

7 Brilliant Video Marketing Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching

Riddle me this — why do people buy quarter-inch drill bits? While there are a million possible answers to this question, Leo McGinneva offers perhaps the most interesting explanation. “They don’t want quarter-inch bits. They want quarter-inch holes,” he explains. This notion suggests that as consumers, we aren’t after all the bells and whistles as […]

How Optimizing Your Email Marketing Will Save Your Bottom Line

In today’s digital landscape, businesses, websites and analytics firms are inundated with data. The good news is, data—the concrete reality of what’s actually happening—is the key to moving your business forward. Data allows you to understand consumer behaviors, customer habits and client motivations. The bad news is, data paralyzes. Sure, you might have data coming […]

LinkedIn Marketing Tip: This Clever Lead Generation Strategy Works

How much are you paying for your leads? When you figure in the time it takes to pull together your free offer, the cost of the hosting software, and even the physical amount of money you shell out for marketing services, your cost can be pretty hefty. In addition, you are not even guaranteed that […]

How to Make a Distinctive Mobile App That’s Totally Worth It

Now let’s get down to the steady-win mobile app strategy. The things I write about here will work for the superstar apps I discussed in the previous post, but you should remember that creating a superstar app is usually a viral game, and you will still need luck to become excessively popular. The steady-win strategy is […]

Humanizing Your Brand: 8 Tips for Making Your Voice Real (and Heard)

What’s the one thing business owners and their employees, partners and even customers all have in common? Well, at the most basic level, they’re all human.  So why is it sometimes so challenging for businesses to showcase this in their marketing efforts? Perhaps some people don’t want to show any biases that might deter any […]

14 traits every successful social media manager should have

IMAGE: STUART KINLOUGH/IKON IMAGES/CORBIS The days of getting by with simple knowledge of how to schedule tweets in advance or research hash tags are long over. Competent social media managers not only need to be on top of current events and trends, they need to understand what works and what doesn’t, have an in-depth understanding of […]

5 More Tips on How to Choose a Content Marketing Agency

About this time last year, I wrote about how to choose a content marketing agency. Revisiting the topic this time, a few things have changed. The seven points are still relevant, but the agency landscape has evolved greatly in the last 12 months. Spending in the sector has accelerated significantly as the skill set of […]

#CMOFail: How to Avoid Being “That Guy” on Social Media

Etiquette may seem a tad old-fashioned, but it’s never been more important now people are allowing big brands directly into their homes and lives via social media. Whether you look after an official brand social media account or use a personal account to broadcast professional information, it’s important to get it right. Execute it correctly […]

We’re Doing Responsive Web Wrong, But We Can Fix It

For nearly a decade web designers have concentrated on transitioning websites to more responsive designs, but many have failed to take into account the rapid increase in screen size. From 2007 to 2011 screen size only changed by a half an inch, then at the end of 2011 screen size exploded. In the past 3 […]

Don’t Forget to Recycle…Your Content

As people all over the world celebrated Earth Day this week, it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about recycling. No, not that kind of recycling, though that is clearly important too. I’m talking about recycling your content on social media. Many brands and individuals are wary of re-posting the same content, fearing that […]

The Top 14 Skills In The Red Hot Market For Marketing Jobs

Has the market for marketers heated up? Short answer: Yes. Slightly longer answer: Yes, absolutely! For a more complete answer, read on… We all know that the marketing industry is changing quickly — so quickly that most organizations are having a hard time keeping up. So it’s no surprise that companies everywhere are looking to […]

Top 25 Content + Digital Marketers in Enterprise Software: The East Coast Edition

Almost every marketing leader working at an enterprise organization recognizes the need to make additional investments in marketing technology. Studies from Gartner, IAB, and more prove CMOs are increasingly purchasing new technologies to make their strategies sing. A recent report from venture capitalist Ashu Garg predicts marketers will spend 10 times what they currently do […]

Applying The Principles Of The 2016 Election To Digital Marketing Campaigns

For both presidential and digital campaigns, the same message holds true, says columnist Soo Jin Oh. You need to deliver the right message to the end user.   The 2016 presidential campaign season officially kicked off last week when news broke that Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio were putting in their bids for America’s vote. […]

5 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy in place to cater for people using mobile devices? If not, your business could you be losing customers! In light of Google’s recent mobile friendly algorithm update a mobile marketing strategy has become more important than ever before so take the time to review how your business is catering […]

Top 6 Components Your Facebook Marketing Procedure Must Have

Social media is everywhere these days. And among the large number of social platforms that are all in a fierce competition to share traffic, Facebook surely rules the roost. In 2014, it had 1.4 billion active monthly users. So, Facebook has naturally become one of the most coveted platforms for a majority of businesses. They […]

How to Analyze Your Blog Posts: A Beginner’s Guide

How do you decide which topics to write about on your blog to attract the most traffic and leads? What about which types of blog posts to write? How many to publish in a week? How to promote them? These are just some of the questions you might have when creating your blog strategy — and knowing a thing or […]

8 Super-Simple Tools You Can Use to Create Better Content

With so many advances in smart technology these days, marketing professionals,content creators, and their teams need to keep up with the availability of tools that help reduce their workload and maximize their output. Yet, many don’t have the time to investigate which tools will help them the most. To help you thrive in this era […]


Are you struggling to understand the concept of content marketing? Not sure how to implement a strategy that works? Content marketing is a very broad subject which makes it fairly difficult to fully understand, but in a nutshell a successful strategy involves creating content that people will naturally want to share and link to. For […]

Driving Traffic with Interactive Content

Content as we know it is shifting. The types of content that we have grown familiar with such as audio books, e-books, vlogs, blog posts, and even infographics, while powerful, are primarily designed to be consumed passively. Audiences listen to, read, or watch such content.  While readers might share or add comments, passive content does […]

Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business

Columnist Matthew Barby shares this handy primer on local search engine optimization.   If you own (or do online marketing for) a local business, you understand the challenges that come with this kind of campaign vs. that of a non geo-specific brand. Local SEO is a lot different from your average SEO campaign, and the local search […]

SEO: You Can’t Game Google. Here’s What to Focus on Instead.

Of all the new skills marketers have been asked to master in the digital age, one of the most intimidating is SEO. Organizations know what it is and they know they should be doing it, but the ever-changing algorithms and techniques often strike them as foreign and incomprehensible. As a result, many skip it altogether […]

Hashing Out the Almighty Hashtag [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many people, hashtags have become a bit of a satirical addition to social media posts. But when used correctly—and in moderation—they’re a great tool for brands to enhance marketing campaigns. Hashtags, which started out on Twitter, can now be used on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Google search, and other platforms. An effective hashtag allows people […]

Demand Marketing: Keep Your Marketing Efforts Afloat With Content Marketing, PR And Social Media

When it comes to making the most out of your marketing budget, there’s a sea of options. However, none are as tried and true as demand marketing. Onboardly has created an infographic entitled “Keep Your Marketing Efforts Afloat with Demand Marketing”, giving you an insiders look at how demand marketing can work for you. Demand […]

#SEJSummit Panelist and Nationstar VP of Marketing Warren Lee on SEO, Retargeting, and More

Our SEJ Summit Dallas event was held on March 31st, and we were happy to have Warren Lee, VP of Marketing at Nationstar Mortgage, on our AMA panel. Warren spoke at length about paid and organic search, a common (and useful!) topic at our SEJ Summits so far this year. Which reminds me: our next […]

4 Tools to Drive Conversions From Your Social Traffic

Do you want to increase your conversion rate? Are you looking for tools to help turn traffic into conversions? Social media can be a powerful tool in conversion rate optimization if used correctly. In this article you’ll discover four tools to help you optimize social traffic conversions… 4 Tools to Drive Conversions From Your Social […]

The Critical Role of Sales Development in Inbound Marketing

It sounds so promising. Create compelling content (consistently). Share and promote the content. Prospects engage, download stuff and become qualified leads. Those leads are passed on to the sales team, who instantaneously reach out and are immediately welcomed into the prospect’s world. The meeting quickly turns into a bona fide sales opportunity. Proposals are requested, […]

Content Marketing Minds: Quizno’s Startourage and Toasty.TV Video Marketing

You had me at Star Wars. (Full geek bias disclosure up front.)   If you truly want to tap into social media marketing, and video marketing on YouTube is certainly that, then you need to be timely. You need to anticipate trends. Sending out a new video that links up with one of the most […]

Marketers Embrace Influencer Marketing: New Research

Have you considered reaching out to social influencers to win more credibility and sales? Do you want research to help make the case that influencer marketing works? In this article you’ll discover the most recent findings about marketers’ perception of influencer marketing and its ability to boost social media marketing efforts. Influencer Marketing Defined Quickly, […]

It’s not a pitch, it’s a person. The super powers of influence marketing

I’m going to tell you a story about food but make a point about content, influence and service. Ready? In theory, I love Whole Foods. I love the vision, the philosophy and the concept, and I love getting really good food. So far so good, but there is one thing that I don’t love: The […]

Top 5 Examples and Tools To Succeed in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique of converting your visitors into customers. I have seen webmasters getting concerned as to how they can get more and more traffic on their site without thinking much on converting the existing traffic in order to reach their desired goals. The need is to turn visitors into customers and […]

Periscope or Meerkat? The Marketer’s Guide to Live Video Streaming [Free Ebook]

The live video streaming app Meerkat was the talk of the town after its appearance at SXSW in March 2015 — but its popularity was short-lived. Just a few weeks later, Twitter released Periscope, a similar live video streaming app. Although Meerkat kicked mobile video streaming off with a bang, you’ll see in this Google Trends graph […]

How to Create Buyer Personas With Google Analytics

Do you want to learn more about your social media followers? Have you created social media buyer personas? You have to know your audience before you can serve them on social media. In this article I’ll show you how to create buyer personas for your social media audience using Google Analytics. Why Buyer Personas? A […]

A Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Creative Folks

I promoted my business the wrong way for a long time. Just like many designers and artists, I focused on building my portfolio, posting my work around the web, and waiting for feedback. I quickly realized this approach wouldn’t take me very far. Why? Because that’s what everyone else does. And you’re assuming people who […]

The irresistible business case for blogging

The content team here have received a couple of pieces of good news recently. Last week, this blog won the Digital and Tech category at the UK Blog Awards. We’re also currently battling it out with Moz for top slot in Hubspot’s list of digital marketing blogs in the UK and Ireland. So, I thought this would […]

How to Get Started Blogging in 10 Minutes Per Day

It’s no secret that blogging is more difficult than shooting out a tweet or snapping a photo to share on Instagram. It takes five seconds—maybe thirty if you’re particularly fastidious—to create a tweet. It takes far longer to put together a smart, well-crafted blog post, marshaling your points into a cogent 500-to-800-word article. But for […]

Do Larger Brands Really Have It Easier With Content Marketing? [New Research]

A few weeks ago, an article on our blog generated a small debate in the comments. The article, by Neil Patel, shared eight content marketing innovations from the world’s best brands. Most of the companies featured were large, which led to a conversation about whether big companies have an advantage over small ones because they […]

30 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires daily effort and involvement. This means it is definitely not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. The social media landscape is constantly changing, and what worked a year ago may not work today; this is why it is SO important to always be testing and trying new strategies. To help you […]

Email marketing automation: are you aware of the benefits?

The proportion of companies that are unaware of the benefits of marketing automation continues to drop as technology adoption increases. Meanwhile the number of companies stating that they are ‘very’ or ‘quite’ clear on the benefits of marketing automation has increased by 6% to 88%. This comes from our brand new 2015 Email Marketing Industry […]

Anatomy of a Social Media Post

How is it that some blog and social media posts seem to gain more traction than others, even if they contain equally awesome content? Let’s assume that the content for two similar posts are equally informative, the grammar and spelling for both posts is excellent and, finally, the same ‘tone of voice’ is used. Why is […]

Marketers Embrace Influencer Marketing: New Research

Have you considered reaching out to social influencers to win more credibility and sales? Do you want research to help make the case that influencer marketing works? In this article you’ll discover the most recent findings about marketers’ perception of influencer marketing and its ability to boost social media marketing efforts. Influencer Marketing Defined Quickly, […]

Copywriters Or Content Writers: Who Can Best Help You Achieve Your B2B Marketing Goals?

White papers…ghost blogging…sell sheets… Different marketing tactics require different writing skills. If you have limited resources, will a copywriter or a content writer help you achieve the best results? As a B2B marketer, you’re likely tasked with producing a ton of content. According to the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, B2B marketers […]

8 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Like any other topic, social media marketing also has its own set of myths. As an entrepreneur, knowing the truth is crucial. Here are 8 myths about social media marketing which have been debunked. 1) Google+ Is Useless Google+ is one of the best social media platforms today. Others may say that it’s useless but it […]

28 social media management tools rated, scored, and reviewed (study)

Global hotel chain Hyatt tweets 1,600 times a week. Chevrolet tweets 4,300 times each week. But American Airlines makes that little blue bird sing loudest, tweeting an astonishing 6,400 times every single week. How do they do it? And why? To answer those questions and find the best social media management tools for big, medium, and growing brands, we […]

Should We Create Shorter Content for Google’s Mobile Update (or Not)?

Google’s mobile algorithm update is rolling out! Webmasters must have their sites up to par with accepted mobile optimization standards. Since this announcement from Google came out in February 2015, professionals that use the internet have been trying to figure out exactly how much of a change we’re likely to see here. Whilst the regular desktop […]

Using PPC Marketing to Make Content Go Viral: Here’s How It Works

Still spending hours upon hours pitching journalists and influencers the old fashioned way? Stop! Columnist Larry Kim outlines a better way to get your content out there using PPC.   Last year around this time, I wrote a column showing marketers how you can move beyond newsjacking and actually make the news, instead. Well, another […]

Is SEO Simply Good Writing?

I have been running my own business for about seven years now and creating online content about the same amount of time. The genesis of my business — 2008 —  probably represented the apex of the traditional notion of SEO – elaborate schemes for backlinks, keyword stuffing, and jamming links into every cranny of the […]


As a product marketer, you have three responsibilities: Connect your company’s value proposition to your customers Ensure that your customers are empowered Help your entire organization learn as much as possible from the communities you influence It’s an exhilarating role that requires you to cultivate powerful, 1:1 relationships. By getting to know your customers, prospects, […]

Creating a Transactional Email Campaign? Check Out These 15 Excellent Examples

When most people think about email marketing, they picture one-off emails sent to targeted portions of their database. While those emails are certainly a very important part of a healthy marketing strategy, there’s another type of email that can be a powerful addition to your mix: transactional emails. What is a transactional email? U.S. law defines it as any email with a primary […]

Mobile Marketing Automation: Everything you need to know to choose the right platform

Join us for this live webinar on Wednesday, April 30 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free.  Ignoring mobile marketing now is to risk certain death in a world where giants like Starbucks, Walgreens, and Macys are able to turn mobile users into more valuable customers. Automating that process is how they get it done. […]

Maximize Your Marketing Campaign’s Potential With Multi-Step Funnels

Optimizing your online marketing sales funnel is a constant effort of testing and tweaking, long hours spent creating content for every lead segment imaginable, A/B tests that confound you, and open rates that boggle the mind. Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone. This article will take you through the steps of a cohesive […]

Using Research in Your Content Marketing Strategy: A #CMWorld Chat with Lisa Murton-Beets

When executed well, original research can be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy (it is at CMI). Lisa Murton-Beets, CMI’s research director, joined our #CMWorld chat to share her insights on how to help you get results from original research. Were there tweets you wanted to retweet, respond to or favorite from this week’s […]

How a Simple Shift in Focus Can Improve Your Conversions Many Times Over

Scores of articles have been written about improving conversions—articles that discuss seemingly mundane details like button size, headline length, brand color and even typography. Yet even after testing these suggestions, you may not see a lift in conversions. In fact, tables may turn and you could actually see lower conversion rates. (That’s why you need to […]

How to Actually Get Found in Search in 2015 [Infographic]

SEO is constantly evolving, leaving marketers to either keep pace with the updates or run the risk of falling behind. While this is stressful in and of itself, these constantly changing tides lead to a ton of questions when it comes time to actually optimize a web page. Do social signals carry any weight? Should I […]

9 Smart Ways to Measure Your Sales Enablement Efforts

Any marketer can tell you that marketing has become a data-driven discipline. Most of us can tell you what metrics we track for our efforts at the top and middle of the funnel. Traffic? Check. Leads? Check. Opportunities? Check. But as our efforts fall further down the funnel, measurement gets much harder. When it comes to sales enablement, […]

Are Your Copywriters Good Story Tellers?

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy Ogilvy was most likely speaking about a one-page flyer, slogan or another form of display advertising that existed long before the internet. Yet he understood that content was key to success in advertising even then. I […]

The Essential Cheat Sheet of Cover Photo Dimensions for Facebook, Twitter & More [+ Pre-Sized Templates]

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect the latest social media cover photo dimensions for 2015. Having a social media profile without a cover photo is like having a brick-and-mortar business without a store sign. Although brands could technically do without either, I wouldn’t recommend it. Social media cover photos are great for communicating brand values, […]

4 Time Saving Content Curation Tools

Content curation services, which had been one of the choice tools of marketing experts for some time now, are finally entering the mainstream. Some research done by the guys over at LikeHack showed that this service is now often used not by marketing consultants but by ordinary people. This is due to information overload and […]

Your social media cheat sheet for perfectly sized images

IMAGE: FLICKR, R. NIAL BRADSHAW Images are a vital element of social media. Set a photo with screwy dimensions as your profile Images are a vital element of social media. Set a photo with screwy dimensions as your profile pic or cover photo, and you’ve immediately set the tone all wrong. But don’t worry — […]

3 Ways Marketing Automation Boosts Business Efficiency

“The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.” — Brent Leary I remember Brent Leary, a partner at CRM Essentials and a well-known subject matter expert on CRM, making that bold assessment a few years ago, and it still rings true today. The battle for […]

‘We Rule B2B Marketing Automation, We’re Salesforce’

Salesforce officials are confident about their marketing technology. “The thing that distinguishes us most is that we’re Salesforce,” said Adam Blitzer, senior vice president and general manager for Salesforce Pardot. When you work on the massive CRM platform that is Salesforce, it’s OK to be a little confident. Salesforce integrates its CRM technology with its Pardot […]


Did you know that 90% of snap judgements about products can be made based on colour alone? With colour affecting how we feel about something so much the colours you choose for your brand identity should be something you pay particular attention to. The guys over at HostPapa have put together their take on colours […]

3 Marketing Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Stores Going Digital

Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce published their figures of ecommerce sales in the U.S for 2104: an estimated total of $304.9 billion. This is an increase of 15.4%(±2.3%) from the previous year. (source)   Brick-and-mortar shops who want to launch an online store should absolutely get in the game now. Moving your physical store […]

Why Marketing Agencies Should Add Call Tracking to Their Services

“She just hung up!” My colleague dropped her headphones to her desk. Her jaw went with them. Her eyes scanned the room for affirmation. “Can you believe it? One of them just hung up on a customer — I heard it!” That day, we got used to hearing the sound. Our team sorted through hundreds of new […]

Why Content Marketing Is Both an Art & Science [Infographic]

Content marketing takes both creative and scientific skills which every marketer must possess. The success of a content marketing campaign is both an art and science. Not convinced? The folks at and Kapost created an infographic that describes why content marketing is both an art and science… Why Content Marketing Is Both an Art & Science […]

Setting Yourself Up for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media marketing is an excellent way to reach and engage with your customers, clients and patients. It can be low cost (but do not delude yourself or believe anyone who represents that it is free – even if you do it yourself, your time is money!) and can be an easy addition to your […]

Content as a Bridge Between B2B Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales should be closer disciplines. Too many organizations manage them separately and end up engaging prospects in very different ways. There is a lot of wisdom in using very similar content in integrated marketing programs as in your sales engagement. Each connects with prospects and customers at different phases of the journey. By […]

Is Automating Your Marketing Saving You Time, or Losing You Customers?

The modern marketer – or business owner, for that matter – has to wear multiple hats at any given time. There’s a lot of work involved and automation is absolutely necessary to maintain your sanity (and your work quality, too). But as customers get more and more overwhelmed with information and more businesses automate their […]

4 Ways to Research Your Competition With Social Media

Are you wondering how your competitors are using social media? Have you explored what works for other businesses? If you analyze the social media efforts of other businesses you’ll find insights to improve your own social media marketing. In this article you’ll discover four ways to research what your competitors are doing on Facebook, Twitter […]

How to Pick Blog Categories and Tags That Grow Traffic and Rankings

Blog content is typically organized by publication date, categories and tags. The meaning of publication date is self-evident. Categories and tags, not so much. This post defines blog categories and tags. It recommends best practices for their implementation and use and draws a link between blog categories and tags and search engine optimization (SEO). That link will help you avoid […]

Content Marketing Tips: 5 Cues Every Cool Content Marketer Should Take From Rap Music

Regardless of your musical preferences (or biases), you have to give credit to the wordsmiths dominating the hip-hop industry. While some may pay more attention to high-end models and bottles than to major world crises, gifted rappers have the ability to communicate even the most mundane–sometimes even inane–messages to their respective audiences. But once you sift […]

Finding Your Own Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

If you could test your way to a better conversion rate, you’d be a hero. The challenge is, there’s no single way to improve conversion. Each industry, each business, each website, each user, even each day has unique aspects of how to motivate a transaction. Don’t worry. The good thing is, there’s an abundance of […]

Is Your Web Marketing Team Irrelevant? 12 Red Flags to Look For

So you’re either looking for an agency to handle your web marketing or you’re already working with a team. Question: How do you know they know what they are doing? Sure, you can read their articles and blog posts, talk to some clients they preselected as references, and see that they are members of some acclaimed […]

3 digital marketing strategies for making ads more relevant

IMAGE: MASHABLE COMPOSITE IMAGE ZOO/CORBIS Relevance. In digital marketing, it’s what brands covet and what publishers strive to provide. Relevance is the driving force behind behavioral marketing, contextual advertising, native — and virtually everything in between. A recent study from Cisco on shopping behavior found that the majority of consumers welcome — and even expect […]

Recover From Bad PR With Digital Marketing in 5 Steps

Reputation has always been important, but perhaps never more so than in the digital age. Now, we have access within one click to more options than ever more–and more information concerning any company we might be interested in doing business with. Everyone, and every business, makes mistakes, whether it’s a “bad apple” employee, a product […]

3 Marketing Hacks for the Struggling Startup

Growth hacking is the biggest “easier said than done” of all time. Just because something is a “hack” doesn’t make it any easier, simpler, or worry-free. Still, there’s something to be said about the raw power of a brilliant marketing hack. When you pull off a successful marketing move, you get an incredible rush. If […]

14 Awesome Free Resources to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Congratulations, you’ve started a blog for your business. Content Marketing is one of the key ways to drive online leads to your business, so you’re off to a good start. But how can you find the best topics to write about, the best design tools and the best ways to distribute your content? Just as […]

5 Ways to Use Data to Inform Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As illustrated in last week’s post, being data focused can help support your intuition as a marketer and ensure your efforts are reaping results for your business. The same logic applies to your social media presence as data can highlight what’s working and what isn’t on each channel you’re active on. These tips will by no […]

6 Cool Company Blogs Everyone Will Enjoy Reading

When I need inspiration for content that delights, email campaigns that actually work, and social media interactions that are genuinely fun … I turn to one source: an online clothing store called ModCloth. My closet is proof that their marketing works. (Perhaps a little too well.) And watching them grow has been a master class in what a customer-driven […]

Four Content Marketing Tips To Use When Marketing On Reddit

Marketing on Reddit. Three words that invoke fear and aversion. As marketers around the world scream that Reddit is a place that brands need to avoid – it sounds to me like it’s the perfect opportunity. As brands are rushing in herds to chase the latest apps like Periscope andMeerkat, a handful of brands are sitting back […]