How Innovation Fuels Content Marketing

Embrace what’s unique about your brand and commit to it with a high level of quality and consistency. credit: getty images Years ago, marketing leaders might have heard of a new platform or tactic–social media, for example–that could enhance their brands or strengthen their marketing efforts and given it a try. Being the first player […]

7 Email Marketing Best Practices

image credit: The content of your email message is important, but your design is the first element that recipients will see. If you want readers to see your message instead of clicking to the next email, it’s essential to please their eyes and pique their curiosity. Here are a few keys to a winning […]

4 Ways to Start Relationship Marketing

Relationships are the basis of our connections with consumers, existing customers, potential clients, fellow employees, and peers. If there were a way to distinguish your marketing technique from one relationship style to the next, would you take advantage of that? Of course you would. To better understand what relationship marketing is, put yourself in the […]

100+ Fascinating Social Media Facts and Stats [Infographic]

Did you know that Facebook has 1.55+ Billion monthly active users who collectively generate 4.5 Billion likes each and every day? What if I told you that more than 2.1 Billion people have social media accounts? That Snapchat users watch 4 Billion+ videos per day? That Pinterest has 100+ Million monthly active users, with an average session time of 21 minutes? […]

5 Home Page Copy Fails that Drive Prospects Away

Your website’s home page is a lot like an online dating profile. You painstakingly pore over the copy and design, making sure each element shows your company in the best possible light. You strive to capture all of your most attractive qualities. It’s a balancing act: You need to appear capable and enthusiastic, but not […]

3 Tips To Make Your Content More SEO Friendly (And More)

If you’re a nonprofit, association or a small shop with a website and you create your own content, you’re likely also doing your own SEO. Or you should be. SEO is a moving target because search engines often change their algorithms (daily, in the case of Google.) You already know that to rank higher in search, you […]

The 5 Most Common On-Page SEO Issues And How To Fix Them [Infographic]

Fixing search engine optimization issues can lift websites in search results. Here are the 5 most common on-site SEO issues based on data Raven Tools’ Site Auditor has collected since 2013. Infographic courtesy of: Raven Tools… The 5 Most Common On-Page SEO Issues And How To Fix Them [Infographic]

7 Keys to Creating a Successful WordPress Plugin

If you want to build a software business, there are a lot of advantages to the world of WordPress plugins. To begin with, you have a built-in audience of committed users. That audience is massive — around a quarter of the planet’s websites use WordPress. And that number is growing every day. But we all […]

11 Landing Page Optimization Case Studies to Read Now

An idea for an A/B test can come from anywhere, but there’s nothing like a stack of case studies to inspire you to attack your own landing pages to see what you can accomplish. Are you really happy with the conversions you’re getting from your pay-per-click campaigns, or can you squeeze out a little more […]

7 Types of Emails to Send Customers to Keep Them Coming Back

As everyone says… You need to build an email list. Email marketing provides the highest ROI for most businesses at $40 for every $1 spent (on average). I’m sure you see a ton of content on a regular basis that shows you different ways to build that email list. Great. But how much do you […]

10 Free SEO Tools That Can Your Website Rank Higher On Google

Are you on the lookout for tools that can assist with your SEO strategy? Want to know what the experts use to get websites ranking higher on Google? Whether you want to analyse your website for errors and broken links, research and track keywords, or need help reaching out to other sites for links, there […]

49 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media

Everyone wants to get noticed. And everyone wants attention. Well, why are we trying the same old, tired techniques? When you’re trying to gain media attention it’s important to standout. If you’re exactly like everyone else, why would anyone care to cover you? Find your unique voice and own it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]

Snickers Manages a Brilliant Marketing Campaign

An ad agency says let a cranky internet set prices. It’s genius. create: getty images  Marketing has gotten a lot tougher and more complex with multi-channel — the coexistence and integration of many marketing venues at the same time. With online marketing interacting with broadcast media, print, and social media, just to name a few […]

Digital Disruption Demands Marketing And It Departments Come Together

In the past, marketing meant taking out print ads in the local newspapers, running billboard and commercial spots, and embarking on well-intentioned email and mailing campaigns. But the one-way street of physical marketing has now given way to a new reality, with the customers holding the reins like never before, connected and empowered by technology and […]

How To Make Your LinkedIn Feed Worth Reading In Just Two Steps

The news feed of any social network, whether it b Twitter, Facebook, G+, you name it, is the place where we spend most of our time. We read and post news, interact with shares from our friends/colleagues. We’re networking. But for some reason, most of us don’t want to spend our time on LinkedIn feed. Why is that? […]

How to Use Customer Journey Mapping to Shape Your Content Strategy

Many content marketers make the mistake of creating content solely to attract and support new customers, forgetting about the rest of the customer journey. Instead of focusing on the different stages their customers will go through on their buying journey, they direct all their attention to a new audience, meaning they are missing a huge […]

Instagram’s Analytics Tools Are Coming

Earlier this month, Instagram management tool (formerly Latergramme) provided a first look at the new Instagram brand profiles which are currently being tested among a select group of users. The new brand profiles include a prominent ‘Contact’ button, which allows you to directly e-mail the business or get directions to their store, a business categorization […]

6 Things Every Publisher Needs To Know About Facebook’s Instant Articles

Despite the growing number of mobile users, the mobile user experience is still often overlooked by many brands and publishers. It can take forever to load some websites on mobile, and once they have loaded, the user interface isn’t optimized for mobile, making it impossible to navigate and access the relevant information.Poor user experience like this leads to […]

3 Trends You Need to Know for Your Mobile Advertising Strategy

Seeing people with their eyes glued to something as they go about their day isn’t new, but these days that something is the screens of their smartphones. Perhaps they are checking their email, browsing social media for the latest news, or searching for deals on their favorite shopping app. Today more than ever consumers are […]

How to Calm Your Content Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps

It was an early morning of coffee, loud music, and blasting the internet with everything I could muster. I had already published a few articles on my website, skipping the draft process. Then I scrambled to share them on every social media network and group chat that I could think of. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Slack channels, Facebook groups, […]

Common Writing Mistakes that Distract from Your Message

We’ve all done it: you spend time crafting a thoughtful blog or social media post, you feel satisfied with the end result, and joyfully push send. Then, you review your content once published and realize there is a mistake! It feels awful, but fortunately, most posts are editable and you can quickly fix the error […]

How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer

By now you’ve most likely joined Twitter (and if you haven’t, you need to, pronto!). Twitter is not only a great place for businesses and marketers, but it’s also a great place to spruce up your writing skills. Yes. You read that correctly. Twitter can make you a better writer. Here’s how… How Twitter Makes […]

3 Signs You Need to Audit Your Sales Content

With more companies investing cash into creating content, it’s easy to clog up your content management solution over just a few months of content creation. For some marketers, that might not seem like a particularly big issue. After all, you made it, you know what the purpose is, and you know where to easily find […]

11 Ways to Accelerate Page Load Time Before Your Prospects Bounce

The creative is stellar. Headline and value prop impactful. Hero image delightful. But peeps ain’t converting. Because the single biggest conversion killer is lurking behind the scenes, completely untouched. Which is a shame, because speed (or lack thereof) often has a bigger impact on campaign conversions than any of that other stuff… 11 Ways to Accelerate Page […]

The future of voice-related SEO for local business

Google’s recent developer event revealed details about how the search giant is thinking about the future. Columnist Chris Marentis shares tips on how local businesses can learn how to be found in the environment that’s taking shape. On May 18, Google brought hundreds of developers together for Google I/O, its annual developer conference. Hot topics […]

9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account

The social landscape today looks a lot different than it did last year … or even last month. As soon as your figure out a successful strategy on one channel, another one shows up and begins to demand your attention. Sound familiar?  For a lot of marketers, determining exactly where and when to spend your precious resources […]

The Silent Landing Page Conversion Killer

When creating a landing page, you’ve likely wondered, “How much copy should I include?” — a question to which copywriters usually reply, “Well, that depends…” And it really does depend on the complexity of your offer and about a billion other factors… The Silent Landing Page Conversion Killer

7 Infographics Every Digital Marketer Needs to See

I love infographics as a marketing tool, don’t you? They can convey a huge amount of information in a compact form. It’s an easy way to hit the highlights of your chosen topic without losing the reader to text fatigue. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so it makes sense that infographics […]

26 Tips To Create Visual Social Media Adverts That Generate Results

Do you use visual aids to advertise your services on social media? Do you want your ads to stand out and generate more interest? Bannersnack have put together an A-Z of rules you should follow when creating visual ads for social media. They start with the basics (ABC) of capture attention, use your branding, and […]

16 of the Best Website Homepage Design Examples

You never get a second chance to make a first impression — that’s why your homepage is undoubtedly one of the most important web pages on your website. For any given company, the homepage is its virtual front door. If a new visitor doesn’t like what they see, their knee-jerk reaction is to hit the […]

How To Send An Email to Me (Or Anyone) And Guarantee It Will Be Read

So I did a little math this morning, while waiting for my plane from Sydney to Canberra. (Pronounced “Can-bra,” as I learned.) Between 2005 and 2015, I’ve sent close to two BILLION emails. Now granted, a ton of them were HARO emails, going out three times a day, five days a week, to a quarter […]

The 10 Commandments Of Content Marketing

Marketers often confuse content marketing with engagement. Just because you get someone’s attention doesn’t mean your audience actually cares. You spend all of this time following the work of others, listening to experts who preach soundbites and executing against a programmatic calendar only to miss the very thing that connects with people…relevance. It’s hard to […]

On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page (2016 Update)

When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll love this infographic. It’s a simple checklist that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece […]

Facebook’s New Conversion Pixel: Pain-Free Migration & Set Up

It’s the final countdown, folks. Facebook’s new pixel is officially ready for primetime, thanks to some recent custom conversion changes Facebook is slowly rolling out. The new Facebook pixel is extremely powerful… in fact it’s one of the greatest advancements from Facebook since they rolled out their ad platform. But with the enhancement has come […]

Understanding The 4 Pillars Of Omnichannel Marketing

By now the term omnichannel marketing isn’t breaking news to any marketer. Every publication, blog, industry event, and Twitter influencer has had their say about the rise of omnichannel. (In case you’re still a little fuzzy on what omnichannel really means, you can find out here.) According to the 2016 State of Marketing report from Salesforce, high-performing […]

How to Grow Your Email Subscribers via Social Media

Us marketers know that there are many ways to get in front of our target audience, but social media and email marketing are two channels that definitely work well together. The benefits of using social media and email marketing are that they are low cost, highly personal, trackable and measurable. The average UK social media […]

4 Essential Elements Of Video Content Marketing Success

With video content becoming increasingly popular, it’s become the perfect complement to online marketing. Regardless of whether the video is produced simply for fun, to distribute information or it’s intended to be instructional, video content can play an important role in any brand’s marketing strategy. A report published by Demand Metric indicates that 70% of marketers are now using videos in their […]

10 Facebook Video Marketing Tips For Brands

YouTube has long been king of online video content, social or otherwise. But for anyone who hasn’t noticed, there’s now a serious challenger for that title: Facebook. For the past few years, Facebook has been making huge and consistent strides in gaining market share in the video space. And although the a huge amount of […]

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Content-Marketing Strategy

image credit: shutterstock User-generated content is the riskiest of all marketing strategies because of the obvious potential for negative comments. But if done right, it will pay off more than any other type of content marketing. A tech-savvy and social-media-focused audience appreciates the realism, the contributions of their peers, and the opportunity to be part of the […]

7 Superb Tips For Instagram Marketing

As Instagram advertising was introduced by its parent company, Facebook, about half a year ago, many companies jumped onto the bandwagon of Instagram marketing. However, to be good in Instagram marketing, you have to play a totally different ball game from Facebook marketing. Here are some tips to succeed in your brand’s Instagram marketing campaign!… […]

7 New Twitter Features You May Have Missed

In an industry fixated on rapid growth, any slowdown in user acquisition or monitization sounds alarms. And Twitter, whether it likes it or not, has been sounding a lot of them lately. Not only is it facing stagnant monthly active user growth, but the revenue generated from those users has disappointed a market accustomed to steady tech […]

Why Your “Why” Is Critical for Successful Inbound Marketing

Every organization on the planet knows what they do. Some of them understand how they do it—their USP. Very few are able to articulate why they do it—their raison d’ȇtre. Yet, people don’t purchase because of what you do—they purchase because of your why. In one of the best TED talks of all time, Simon […]

One Skill that Will Take Your Writing from Good to Great

Halfway through the writing course, our instructor — not known for being one to sugar-coat — threw out a challenge: “Send me a favorite piece of your writing and I’ll critique it; I’ll tell you whether or not it’s any good. The only catch is, I’ll be critiquing it in front of the entire class.” […]

How to Design and Validate CRO Experiments [Free Template + Calculator]

Creating new content on a regular basis isn’t always easy — especially when you’re on a small team. That’s why conversion rate optimization (CRO) is such a valuable practice for marketers to master. Because with the help of CRO, you can optimize the content and pages you already have to generate new leads. Just how […]

Why Adaptive Content Is A Must In B2B Inbound Marketing

In today’s B2B digital marketing landscape, it’s increasingly important to provide information that is both timely and relevant for your prospects and clients. Time is critical for everyone and it is vital that your message grabs your readers attention and encourages them to engage with your content, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions. So, what is […]

[eBook] Easy-as-Pie Guide to Content Planning: 3 Recipes for Success

Ever been to a busy restaurant and waited what seemed like forever for your food to arrive? Or, bought a loaf of bread only to bring it home and realize it was stale? It’s not easy to run a restaurant, or churn out dozens of perfect pastries. Cooking up quality content isn’t easy either. Much like crafting a […]

Find Your Readers: 6 Marketing Channels (and which ones to pick)

Creating great content is pointless… …unless you’re getting it in front of your target audience. You do this by using any one of a number of promotional tactics to reach your target audience on a variety of platforms. Most of these platforms can be grouped together, and that’s where we get marketing channels. A promotional […]

Is Predictive Intelligence the Future of B2B Marketing?

In the last century, the world saw a massive revolution of innovation. Beyond modern marvels such as digital advancements and the evolution of the smartphone, artificial intelligence is gradually changing society and how people navigate their lives. Machine learning is gradually being integrated into nearly every aspect of life. It’s already used in machine translation, […]

3 User-Generated Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Customer photos are the purest form of earned media. When real customers endorse your brand by posting photos of your products online, they are recommending your brand to their peers. It’s simple, customers prefer and trust visual content that comes from real people over other forms of advertisements. It’s a no-brainer to use customer photos […]

The 11 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

If social media is the fun and unpredictable uncle of the marketing family, then email is an old, reliable grandparent. Sure, it might not be as cool, but it has been proven effective and addresses a very important need. Besides, they’re more similar than you might think. No matter what’s hot or if new marketing […]

25 Words that will Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers

Do you want to improve the conversion rate of your website? Want your calls-to action to stand out and convince your visitors to take action? You’ve done the hard work getting people to visit your site, but it doesn’t stop there. Now it’s your opportunity to convince them to take your next desired action. That […]

A Simple Guide to Mastering the Basics of Effective Social Media Advertising

Have you ever had any formal or informal paid advertising training or education? If you have, you’re one of the lucky few. Most marketers are presented with a chunk of their company’s marketing budget one day and told to “run some ads.” Don’t let the costs scare you, paid social advertising is incredibly measurable, and […]

When to Hire a Copywriter

Knowing when to hire a copywriter can make a big difference in the impact of your web copy and marketing materials. Good design can draw people in, but it takes professional copy to grab people’s attention and convince them to take action. If your marketing efforts have been stagnant, it may be time for a […]

The Top 5 Content Marketers and What You Can Learn From Them

image credit: bloomberg | getty images As content marketing continues to dominate discussions and the steady increase in the use of content marketing continues across all disciplines, you may be asking yourself, “Where are we going next?” What I foresee is a confluence between ever-evolving contentmarketing and influencer marketing. The momentum for both continues to […]

How to Find Budget For Your Marketing (Referral Marketing) Initiative

Allegory of a marketing budget If you have never read Plato’s Allegory of a Cave or even if you have, you may have not connected it to business today. But when you’re trying to get budget for new marketing (referral marketing) initiatives the Allegory of a Cave resonates with the predicament that many marketers are […]

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing

Sometimes we all need an easy way (read a browser extension) to publish content to multiple social media accounts, find and contact influencers, check spelling, collaborate on projects, adapt links we publish on social media… For a digital marketer, the list can be endless – the greatest benefit of using any Chrome app is accelerating these […]

5 Reasons To Consider Podcasts In Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is everywhere, but it’s not often that you see a new marketing opportunity come up in a different form to the ads and placements we’re used to. In this respect, podcast advertisements are changing it up. Since most podcasts don’t have a “commercial break”, the messaging just becomes part of the show – here are five reasons […]

8 Ways To Have More Success With LinkedIn Publisher

How many views, likes and shares did your last LinkedIn Publisher post get? Did it draw in your connections and inspire them to share, or did it get lost in all of the noise like many other posts on the platform? There are so many people publishing long-form content on LinkedIn now that you have to catch your readers’ […]

5 Tips That Will Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing

You’re passionate about your business. You’re an expert in your industry. But when it comes to sales and marketing, the thought of “selling” stresses you out. After all, you’re the best in your biz, so shouldn’t your products sell themselves? The truth is, even if you have a great product, it’s tough to cut through […]

3 Reasons Why No One Is Sharing Your Content

Sixty percent of B2B marketers say producing engaging content is their biggest challenge for 2016. As such, understanding engagement metrics and determining what kind of content resonates with your audience is more important than ever. One such engagement metric is social shares. Generating a high number of content shares on social media is key to […]

How To Retain Customers Using Social Media

Businesses are increasingly using social media and digital marketing to connect with potential customers. But with social media becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, using it to retain your existing customers is also an important practice. Engaged and happy customers are great assets – they typically become repeat customers and will also help spread the good word about your […]

3 tips for success from today’s marketing rock stars

With marketing evolving at a rapid pace, what does it take to shine? Columnist Mary Wallace gathers some insight from three industry veterans. Approximately 76 percent of marketers feel that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the previous 50. What a mind-boggling thought. Among the many changes, we’re seeing: a plethora […]

21 Social Media Facts You Should Know Right Now

Millennials are still on Facebook. Images get shared more. Digital ad spending is increasing. People will unfollow your Facebook page if you overpost. Yes, these are things you need to know – and there’s proof to back it up. Earlier in 2016 I wrote a post with 16 marketing and social media facts you needed […]

What Content Marketers Can Learn From Journalism with The Daily Dot’s Amy Vernon

I first met Amy Vernon when she attended our SEJ Summit last year and was one of the most epic live tweeters there. Now, I’m so excited to learn from her as she speaks on Lessons From the Newsroom: Why Search and Social Should Utilize Principles from Journalism.  Her new(ish) position at the Daily Dot as […]

10 Lessons from Brands Who Are Winning on Snapchat

Snapchat has overtaken Instagram as the most popular social network among U.S. teens (ages 14 to 19) and video traffic on the app has caught up to Facebook’s staggering 10 billion daily views. The platform that’s defined by disappearing content is here to stay. At the Social Media Marketing World 2016 conference in San Diego, California, everyone was talking about […]

How to Create Profitable WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More

A business powered by digital products is ideal. It’s still hard work (naturally), but you don’t have the particular headaches of dealing with clients or shipping physical goods. If you’re considering building a digital business (or adding to your existing one), the premium WordPress market is definitely something you should consider. WordPress powers more than […]

Pitch Perfect: How to Get Any Writing Pitch Accepted

There’s no way around it: pitching editors can be intimidating. You want to put your ideas out into the world and have lofty, pie-in-the-sky dreams of seeing your byline in one of the biggest and most trusted publications in existence. You know your story is gold, it’s just finding the right wording to sell it. […]

5 brilliant headline hacks for crazy high organic click-through rates

Just say no to low CTR! Columnist Larry Kim explains his tactics for improving click-through rates on organic search listings. What is the most important ranking factor? Ask 1,000 SEOs, and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Getting links and creating great content would definitely be two of the more popular answers, and for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing

“Mobile marketing isn’t magic. There’s a science to it.” When you hear growth stories about startups scaling to billion dollar valuations in just a span of few years, you attribute their surreal growth to a lot of internal factors like platforms, market timing, etc. But the truth is that none of it would have been […]

Breaking Down Virality: An Analysis of 4 Posts That Went Viral

Trying to go viral? It seems like everyone is these days. That’s because having a post take off can benefit your brand’s reputation tremendously — just look at how the blue and black dress (or was it white and gold?) affectedBuzzFeed’s traffic. While the success of a viral post often hinges on chance, my team […]

What Twitter’s Change in Character Count Could Mean for Social Media Marketers

Last week, Bloomberg gave digital marketers everywhere a reason to celebrate. Citing a source close to the matter, Bloomberg reported that Twitter will soon stop including photos and links as part of their 140-character limit—giving users the ability to craft longer messages. While Twitter Inc. declined to comment,Bloomberg’s source reportedly said the change would be […]

How to Run an Actual Engaging Twitter Contest

Marketing fads come and go, but a tried and true tactic for driving engagement is a Twitter contest. It’s an easy way to reward brand loyalty and pick up some new followers or leads along the way. Similar to Facebook, Twitter’s low barrier to entry makes it a popular platform on which to hold a contest. […]

How to Segment Keywords Into Relevant Groups Using Topvisor

This post was sponsored by Topvisor. Every internet-based business has a pool of keywords they focus on when targeting their website to get conversions. Researching keywords and picking up the relevant keyword ideas from different sources is undoubtedly a time-eater and a resource-consuming task. But how can you be sure these keywords play into the […]

Getting Scrappy With Your Digital Marketing With Nick Westergaard

On this episode of Ask Me About Email Marketing, we chat with writer, podcaster, speaker and brand strategist Nick Westergaard to get his take on the current landscape of digital marketing. Nick shares with us actionable insights on how to build a strategy, connect your digital dots, and get the most out of your limited […]

Starting A New Business? Here’s The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you considering starting up your own business? Want to know the common pitfalls you need to avoid? Starting a new business is an exciting time, but it’s important you don’t let your excitement get the better of you. Bad decisions could cost you money, your reputation, or even worse lead to failure of your […]

10 of the Best Brands on Twitter (And Why They’re So Successful)

When it was first created, Twitter was designed mostly for individuals. It was a place for people to share succinct versions of their thoughts and ideas with the world. As it grew in popularity, brands jumped on board and began using the platform to communicate with consumers. Over the past decade, it’s become a go-to platform for […]

How Does Psychology Affect Web Design?

User psychology is the driving force behind any great web design. Getting into the mind of potential visitors is the only way to develop a compelling site that draws people back for more. As complex as it may seem, each element on a web page can evoke different feelings, which forms the overall user experience. […]

Inbound Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Inbound Marketing has become a pivotal business growth strategy because it’s less expensive to generate leads and acquire customers. To grow your business in the current internet era, you either adopt these strategies or fall by the wayside as your customers flock to competitors. When you embrace inbound marketing, your business will be the one […]

7 Reasons Why You Need to Take Your Facebook Page Seriously

Many business owners think that just setting up a business page on Facebook and posting a few updates here and there is adequate. 71% of online adults use Facebook. (Pew Research Center) Facebook is an important tool for marketing and advertising. Paid advertising on Facebook generates great results, but daily marketing on the business page […]

7 Company Founder’s Growth Hacking Tips

I went through the interviews on my site and collected 7 great insights and tips from company founders who have been in the trenches, growth hacking their way to the top!   1. Sophia Solanki Co-founder of DrumUp.IO “Include lots of people and companies in your blog and other content, let them know that they […]

Increase Traffic For Free With These 9 Amazing Actionable Ideas

Did you know that there are over 2 million blog posts published every day? With all that noise and competition, it’s difficult to create interesting content that will stand out in the crowd. If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the search for new ways to get more visibility to your website and brand. “How do […]

Growth Hacking Tactics That Every Startup Needs To Know

Ever wonder how startups with no marketing budgets pop up overnight? Old people would tell you it’s through sales and marketing. Shane Snow would call it smartcutting, and Sean Ellis would say they growth hacked. All of the above are correct, but growth hacking has become the popular term; therefore, we’ll stick with growth hacking. […]

13 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Today

Want to know the most underrated and not-talked-about skill of successful SEO practitioners? It’s not knowledge of the newest SEO tips…, site speed best practices, or AMP. It’s not important but less-groundbreaking SEO techniques like link building, CTR optimization, or technical SEO… 13 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Today

7 Social Media Marketing Secrets No Marketer Wants to Admit

image credit: dennizn | shutterstock Talk to professional online marketers, and they’ll likely tell you about the raw power of social media marketing. Talk to business owners from an older generation, and they’re likely to tell you how social media marketing is a useless fad. Related: Social-Media Marketing Is Not Dead: 10 Companies That Are Still […]

5 Musts Before Launching Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

image credit: quka | When you decide to pursue a social media campaign, it’s natural to get a bit excited. You’ve been thinking about the potential returns of social media marketing for a long time, and you want to start earning the rewards as soon as possible. For this reason, many new entrepreneurs and […]

13 Simple Questions to Help You Draft a Winning Content Strategy [Free Worksheet]

Welcome to the year of adaptive content. The choose-your-own-adventure era of content marketing. The age of the customized customer experience. We’ve already tipped our hand by publishing two podcasts on the topic: Adaptive Content: A Trend to Pay Attention to in 2015 and Behind the Scenes: 2014 in Review and the Road Ahead. And 16 […]

How to Conquer the 6 Most Pressing Content Marketing Challenges [Exclusive Video]

Whether you want to admit it or not, there are probably some things about content marketing that you just don’t feel like you have a solid grasp on. But rest assured, you are not alone. As part of our annual Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research, we ask content marketers to reveal the components of the job […]

5 Tips to Building a Successful Sales Team

Every business is different, but one thing that they all have in common? They need a successful sales team to survive. But, how do you go about building a successful team? Follow these tips: Adjust your hiring process. Sales positions should not come easy to new hires. There should be multiple interviews that put sales […]

Cut the Crap and Write Better Now

“Composition is a discipline; it forces us to think. If you want to ‘get in touch with your feelings,’ fine — talk to yourself; we all do. But, if you want to communicate with another thinking human being, get in touch with your thoughts. Put them in order; give them a purpose; use them to […]

6 Reasons Influencer Marketing is Beneficial

The year 2016 will be known as the beginning of the rise of influencer marketing. In a world where everyone is a minor celebrity through Twitter, YouTube, and blogging, anyone can use their clout to direct their audience and make smaller voices heard. But what is influencer marketing? And why should small businesses try to […]

8 Benefits of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing [Infographic]

In this modern world and age where technological advances in communications are readily available to consumers, many expect to interact with businesses and organizations in different ways that they may find convenient to their specific situations. Using a single channel to reach out to customers is practically an insufficient strategy – it is no longer […]

12 Ways Facebook Can Utilize Emotional Data From Reactions

Facebook Reactions debuted as the ad tech industry looks more seriously at emotional analysis. Eventually, consumers will only see the ads they want to see when and where they want to see them. But for Facebook specifically and ad tech broadly, it’s early days in emotion. Facebook still has to figure out how to get more […]

8 Essential Concepts Every Digital Marketer Should Understand

There’s an old story about a reporter who visited a skyscraper construction site. He approached one worker and asked what he was doing. “I’ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don’t bother me,” was the reply. The reporter asked another man the same question. “I’m setting this rebar, don’t bother me,” the man […]