The Importance of Marketing in Annual Planning

It is not possible to overemphasize the importance of the marketing in the annual planning process. This is because annual planning facilitates exceptional financial results while driving transformative improvement – and Marketing can provide the overall roadmap. Business Planning Versus Annual Planning At the beginning of each fiscal year, companies have an opportunity to take […]

4 Quick Wins Until Your Content Marketing Kicks In

You may already know that the reality of effective content marketing is that it takes time. But what you may not realize is that there are things that you can do in the short-term that will drive more traffic, more leads, and more business until your content starts to kick in. That period where you […]

The Biggest Mistake Brands Make When Trying to Tell Stories

As brand storytellers we’re trying to engage consumers and convince them to buy our products. Yes, that’s the bottom line goal. The challenge (and most often, failure) of brand storytelling is that we rely on flash, but not on resonance. Too often brand storytellers attempt to extol the virtues of their product — the HERO […]

9 Must-Have Visual-Marketing Tools on the Web

Image credit: Barn Images Visual marketing is a primary source for customer engagement in the modern age. A necessary component for competing online, visual content is the best way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The question is, how do you make your content the best when so many others are pushing to do the same thing?… […]

19 Ways to Build Your Website, Online Store and Mobile App [Infographic]

About a year ago I wrote Website Builder Platforms: Best Options for Small Businesses, which offered guidance on developing websites and selecting the best website builder platforms and tools. As I noted then, the days of having to build a website “brick by brick” (i.e. code it line-by-line) are long behind us. For small businesses and “single shingle” professionals […]

5 Ways That Podcasting Is a Powerful Marketing Weapon

Podcasting is quickly morphing from an emerging phenomena to a powerful and commonplace marketing weapon. Early adopters started podcasting only about a decade ago, but podcasting has seen a meteoric rise over the past several years, boosting many entrepreneurial personalities such as Pat Flynn,JOHN LEE DUMASand many others into the national spotlight. So what can […]

7 Reasons Why Social Media Artists are Disrupting the Advertising Industry

Want to reach millions of young millennials with amazing content in a cost-effective way? Contact social media artists, brief them, let them do their thing and they will rock your world. Social media artists, are young creative people who have managed to get big number of followers (ranging from 10k up to more than 8 Million), solely […]

An Updated Guide to the Marketing in the Big 6 Social Networks

Everyone likes to talk about “the Big 6” as if you could go into a job interview and say, “I’m proficient in the Big 6” and walk away with the job. But what does being proficient mean? What exactly do you have to understand about the Big 6? And is the Big 6 a static […]

5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Source: GE The words “inspiring” and “B2B” may not seem like they belong together in the same headline. B2B companies have gotten a bad rap when it comes to marketing campaigns, and that rap isn’t entirely undeserved. Our products and services usually aren’t very sexy, and trying to make them sexy with marketing can be […]

6 Ways to Gain Trust from Customers Through Influencers

While celebrities have always been viewed as influencers, savvy businesses are now making room for a more organic endorsement model. The idea is to adopt a broader definition of what makes someone influential for your brand: a defined voice in your niche, a strong online following, an engaged and ready-to-act set of followers, success working […]

How to Turn Bloggers (and Other Influencers) Into Your Brand Champions

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and grow your brand online. That’s because people tend to trust bloggers they follow more than they trust you or your marketing. So, bloggers and other influencers can have a huge impact on your potential customers. However, getting bloggers to become your brand […]

Why Apple Watch Rings the Death Knell of the ‘Mobile’ Marketing Channel

The addition of the Apple Watch to the customer’s pile of devices (or the “Internet of the customer” to be trendy) is not a radical change in itself. However, it signifies the need for dramatic change in the way we market to customers. What’s changing? As technology has evolved and new marketing channels have been […]

What Marketing Can Learn From User Experience

For some people, the worlds of marketing and user experience (UX) design seem to be at war because of the old misconception that marketing necessarily means attempting to sell at any cost, and therefore dishonesty, whereas UX means caring about your users and doing what’s best for them. But Marketing, like a movie villain that […]

8 Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

Do you use Google+ Hangouts? Interested in ways to use them for your business? Google+ Hangouts are a great way to hold group meetings, interact with customers, interview people and share your expertise. In this article you’ll discover eight ways to use Google+ Hangouts for your business… 8 Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your […]

The Cure For The Common Cold Call Is Social Selling

Are you coughing up excuses why you missed your sales quota? Are you working at a feverish pace to get through your call list with no luck? Or, are you feeling depressed and alone since your calls and emails go unanswered? If you are experiencing these symptoms which prevent you from making a successful connection with a […]

The Change In B2B Marketing – 4 Rules To Live By

According to the latest B2B Buyer research published by DemandGen Report, the world of B2B marketing is continuing the get more complex and our buyers more sophisticated. Some of the results from the 2015 B2B Buyers Survey Report, are as follows: 53% of buyers say their time to purchase has increased with 80% of those saying […]

How to Get Twitter Followers Who Matter

As the saying goes, it’s quality not quantity that matters. But on the noisiest network there is, how can you expect anyone, let alone a quality audience, to find your great content? Luckily, Twitter is a perfect place to experiment, network, analyze, learn and repeat. And there is more than one way to attract a quality audience. […]

Social Hospitality: How 8 Hotels Engage Guests On & Offline

Customer experience is key. While this can be said of any business, it’s especially true within the travel and hospitality industry. Travelers turn to social media throughout every step of the their journey, from start to finish. For hospitality brands—hotels especially—your work starts even before a trip is booked. This industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth […]

The Ultimate Google Search Cheat Sheet for Website and Marketers

How often do you use Google to find something you need? How much time could you save if you used somehandy shortcuts? If you’re a website owner, blogger or marketer you’ll no doubt spend a large portion of time sourcing content to link to, and finding other websites who may be able to help promote […]

Twitter for Beginners: How to Make the Most of your Business Profile

Are you just getting started with Twitter? Want to know how to complete your profile, engage with your followers and tweet effectively? The first step is to complete your profile, nobody wants to follow an egg! Once you’ve added your logo and bio, it’s time to get tweeting. The key to Twitter is to use […]

The Best WordPress Plugins for bloggers: 30 Pros Reveal Their Favourite

Are you looking for plugins to improve your WordPress blog? Want to know what plugins the pros use and how they can help? The guys at Mad Lemmings reached out to 30 pro bloggers and asked them which plugins they recommend. They were asked to choose one free plugin and one premium / paid plugin […]

12+ Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

Bounce rates, referring links, time on site, page views – the availability of data about your website visitors can astound even the best content marketer. How do you know what data is important to your content marketing and how do you turn it into a treasure trove for your content marketing success? Some of the […]

How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business

Despite the ever-present advice that long-tail keywords are king, many businesses still struggle to strategically use them to get content to the top of organic and paid search results. The truth is, tackling these long-tail keywords feels hard when you know you’re up against the giants. I know. I worked with many startups before I joined HubSpot, and scouring Google […]

Why Negative Reviews Are Still a Big Ecommerce Win

There is no doubt that ecommerce companies need social proof to survive. Part of that proof comes from reviews, whether right there on your site or on third-party review sites like Yelp. Getting great reviews can feel like a celebration every time, while bad reviews make you question why you ever started your ecommerce business […]

5 Reasons No One is Clicking on Your Banner Ads

If you’ve been noticing that you’re just not getting any click-throughs on your banner ads, you’re not alone. People have grown weary of ads that don’t speak to them or interrupt their reading activities. But there’s hope. Along with outlining some of the most common reasons why banner ads are ignored, we’ve included food for thought on how […]

Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score

When most people start implementing inbound marketing, they’re primarily worried about getting enough new leads in the funnel. But once you have a lot of leads, you need to figure out who’s really interested in your product and who’s just starting to look around. That’s where lead scoring comes in. Lead scoring lets you assign a […]

10 Tips for Making Online Forms that Convert

If online forms are an afterthought for you, you’re not alone. However, the reality is that they play a crucial part of any business’s operations, you might just not know it. Poor performing forms can absolutely sink an otherwise great company because they aren’t getting the information, leads, or even payments that they need to […]

How Blog Commenting Can Really Boost Your Business

Online marketing isall about being seen. Many businesses go the traditional route and use social media, blog content, online reviews and videos. While these tactics work well, there is one marketing method that often gets overlooked: blog commenting. Yes, the simple act of commenting on other blogs has the power to increase your exposure, bring […]

10 Habits Highly Successful Social Media Marketing Leaders

There’s a clear separation between true social marketing business leaders and those that are sliding along with status quo. Many new and seasoned marketers and business leaders hop into the world of digital and social media marketing thinking they can send a few tweets, learn how to optimize visuals and social profiles and they will have a […]

Why Marketers Need to Rethink Influencer Targeting

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way brands utilize social media. It’s no longer simply about brand awareness, or even community building, though those elements remain foundationally important. As companies have built out their social media teams, the tools those teams use mature, and best practices have been honed. […]

The Most Commonly-Used in High-Ranking Title Tags

Ever since Google has started rewarding a lack of optimization and opened up to an emphasis on CTR optimization in title tags, I’ve had some theories that some words in particular seem to give a “boost” – either correlative or causative, in the ranking of websites. While I don’t think there’s really any magic bullet, I’m fairly […]

The Guide to Ecommerce SEO

  If you want to run a successful ecommerce site, you can’t ignoreSEO. Organic search is a vital channel for delivering customers and growing your revenue. As the internet and ecommerce has gotten more competitive, being found on Google for your brand name isn’t enough. You need to outperform your competitors for categorical searches to […]

Here’s How to Make Sure Your Company Is Ready for Online Marketing

Image credit: 10 FACE / Shutterstock Q: What do you suggest to make an online brand known aside from social media and marketing? A: The truth is, when it comes to social media and marketing, a lot of companies put the cart before the horse. In my experience at early stage venture-backed companies, no amount […]

Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?

That is the question. It’s the question I’m asked as soon as someone discovers that I manage the editorial team for Copyblogger. You see back in March, there was a sudden influx of audio content here on the pages of Copyblogger. We launched our podcast network — Rainmaker.FM — and (of course) wanted to share […]

Marketing: You’re Doing it All Wrong

Image credit: Shutterstock You know that feeling you have when you’re considering a big purchase from a salesperson who’s practically salivating at the prospect for the sale? It’s as though you can actually see this person trying every way possible to get you to buy, and buy big, without any regard to what you want or need. […]

LinkedIn Ads Rolls Out New Campaign Management Tool (And I Love It)

It was with great interest that I took LinkedIn’s new ads campaign management tool for a test drive this summer. After all, I was pretty critical of their ad platform last spring. In writing my SMT column 8 Things I Hate About LinkedIn Ads in March, I was really hoping we’d see them begin to […]

Six Simple Steps for Aligning Sales and Marketing to Boost Conversions and Fill Your Pipeline

Is your company spending thousands of dollars on demand generation? Are you continuing to spend handsomely without seeing the ROI you expected? Are Sales and Marketing at each other’s throat, pointing fingers and blaming one another for the breakdown that they can’t quite identify somewhere between demand gen and sales? It’s a harsh reality, but […]

Three Powerful Forces Changing the Marketing Landscape

Industry disruptions are like New England snowstorms—more frequently forecast than felt. This past winter, though, the meteorologists’ predictions came true, and for my hometown of Boston, the Nor’easters were unrelenting. The marketing industry faces simultaneous storms of disruption in mobile, video, and programmatic advertising. These three forces will reshape the platforms, the pixels, and the […]

The Golden Age of B2B Marketing: Peter Isaacson of Demandbase on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Peter Isaacson is chief marketing officer at Demandbase, a leading targeting and personalization company for B2B. It offers a subscription-based ad targeting and Web personalization solution that enables marketers to connect campaigns directly to revenue. Peter has more than 25 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, ranging from branding, advertising, corporate communications, […]

The Current and Future Role of Visual Media in Marketing

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of senior marketing executives say visual assets (photos, video, illustrations, and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated, according to a recent report from the CMO Council and Libris. The report was based on data from a survey of 177 North America-based senior marketers (52% from B2B companies, 18% […]

3 Examples of How Partnering with Influencers on Content Creates a Winning Combination

“Influencer Marketing” is a phrase that has gained momentum over the past few years. It seems that everywhere you turn, marketers are telling you that you need to incorporate influencers as part of your integrated digital marketing strategy. But the question is, does it really work? Many companies may not have the staff or resources […]

How to Tell Stories With Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads

Want to make sure your ads stand out on Facebook and Instagram? Have you tried Carousel Ads? While many businesses use Carousel Ads solely to promote products, the ads also provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique narrative. In this article, I’ll share how to use storytelling in carousel ads to promote your […]

If You Blog And No One Reads It Does It Really Matter?

If you write a blog post and no one reads it, did you really write it? Hmmm. Now that’s a question for a content marketing guru, ninja or king to answer. Many marketers have met the challenge of finding and motivating co-workers, internal thought leaders and executive leadership to write blogs. These subject matter experts […]

6 Things Your Website Must Have To Get Found Online

Despite Google’s updates that make on-pageSEO less important forSEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS, there are a few things that remain vitally important. Have you noticed there are a shrinking number ofSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO) firms these days? Or that some traditionalSEO agencies are diversifying into other services as quickly as possible? That’s because Google has dramatically changed […]

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Why You Should Stop Selling In Your Content Marketing

We often get asked by our customers to help them create content that is more promotional, or that has a direct product tie-in. Or as I’ve heard some executives huff: “we are in the business of selling stuff ya’ know.” Stop promoting products in your content marketing for these reasons: Content marketing must help the buyer. And […]

SEO Tips for Social Media Managers

The connection between social media and SEO has been debated for years. Marketers continue to argue over whether or not social media activity influences search rankings and while there’s evidence to support both sides, the truth is that there’s no concrete answer. What we do know is that social media can be used as a part of […]

Social Media Automation: 6 Dos & Don’ts Plus 3 Tools For Success

Are you looking for ways to be more productive on social media? Have you considered how much time you could save by automating some of your tasks? More time means being able to be more productive elsewhere in your business so it’s a no brainer for most. Don’t go gung-ho with the automation though, make […]

Want A More Effective Website? Follow These 69 Tips For Success

Are you considering creating a new website? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to improve an existing site and make it more effective? From design and layout through to content and usability there are a number of factors to consider when creating an effective website. You’ll find a load of them listed in the infographic […]

7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do Instead

Are you blogging as part of your online marketing strategy? Are you efforts helping your business or could you be wasting your time? Blogging done the right way will assist your marketing strategy, there’s no doubt about that. Not all bloggingactivity will help you though, there are many common mistakes you need to avoid to […]

Native Advertising Is Not Content Marketing

When you see the phrase “native advertising,” what do you think? Do you think of content marketing? Well, a lot of people do … so much so, that I felt compelled to write an article about it. Before I go through the differences, let me explain why it’s essential to make the distinction. The words […]

5 Social Media Mobile Apps That Make Your Life Easy

Social media marketing doesn’t always happen at your desk. There are times when you want to update your status, send out a tweet or reply to a fan while on-the-go. This is when you rely on social media mobile apps to make it all possible. Social media mobile apps give you the flexibility to work […]

How to Create Facebook Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Facebook

When setting up a paid Facebook ad, there are a lot of boxes to be checked. Are you targeting the right people? Are your image dimensions to scale? Are you running the right type of ad? If we’re being honest, it can get a little confusing. With more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook and over 900 million […]

Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?

Google has stated multiple times that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration, leading many to speculate that responsive sites might get a rankings boost. Columnist Clay Cazier explores this idea to see if it has any merit. Whether we cite the statistic that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers […]

4 Tips To Dramatically Improve Social Outreach

No matter the size your business, a solopreneur, a small startup looking to expand their brand, or well established businesses with many customers, social media and social outreach has many benefits: Wide audience to reach Engaged users who can be word-of-mouth brand advocates Public nature of social media It’s free! As we’re all well aware, […]

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

Every two years, Moz surveys the opinions of dozens of the world’s brightest search marketers and runs correlation studies to better understand the workings of search engine algorithms. We gather this data to gain insight into the factors that may help—or hurt—a website’s visibility in search engines. This year, Moz surveyed over 150 leading search […]

25 List Building Strategies: From Zero to 4,476 Email Subscribers in 10 Months

Robbie Richards

Building an email list should be your number one priority. Period. Why? It allows you to generate traffic and REPEAT customers on demand. Think about it… An email list is something people opt into. They actually want to hear from you. You can build a relationship with your readers. People buy from those they trust. […]

How Online Customer Reviews Help SEO and Drive Sales Growth

Image credit: Shutterstock Small businesses have always lived and died by word of mouth. Even before the Internet, a business was in trouble if too many people said bad things about it. Related: 8 Creative Ways to Rustle Up Online Reviews Fast-forward to today, when any customer can say almost anything about your business, and all the […]

Best Practices to Align Sales and Marketing

According to a Benchmark Report study, aligning sales and marketing makes businesses 67% better at closing marketing-generated leads. This is because while everybody has an opinion on what works best, determining what really helps sell and what doesn’t only happens when the two groups work together as one. The same study found that businesses are […]

The Science of Storytelling: How to Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

During the Civil War, on May 12, 1863, a young Martha stood on her front porch as a battle raged nearby. A bullet passed through the scrotum of a soldier, travelled at least 100 feet more, then hit the reproductive tract of Martha, who nine months later gave birth to a baby boy. Incredible isn’t it? Almost […]

The Top 10 Tools and Apps for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an underutilized tool for business – only 28% of marketers currently use Instagram. With the image-based platform on the rise, now’s the time to get started with Instagram marketing. These Instagram tools and apps will help you make the most of your Instagram effortts, whether it’s creating captivating posts, monitoring your Instagram analytics or coverting your Instagram followers to customers. […]

Why Pinterest should be part of your marketing strategy

Social sharing goes beyond your friends list. Even ultra-social apps like Pinterest can work wonders for marketers with the right approach. It’s been described as a ‘guide for brides’ and a ‘pasteboard for patterns’ but Pinterest is going places you never suspected. Which means it may now be a worthwhile addition to your marketing cloud. Not […]

5 Ways to Recycle Your Content and Reach More People

Enter Content Repurposing The idea behind content repurposing is simple – you take one piece of content and rework it for a different purpose. If done correctly, content recycling will save you time, increase your brand’s exposure and help you to reach people at different stages of the buying cycle. 5 Techniques for Content Repurposing So Kevin, repurposing sounds […]

Content Marketing Is Easier When You (Partially) Delegate These 12 Tasks

You might believe that it somehow gets easier — or requires less time — to market your business as your online presence grows. You’d be wrong. Instead, you switch from working your tail off to get known to working your tail off to keep up with being known. Even if you stairstep the number of […]

Actionable Ways To Improve Website Usability

So, you’ve developed your site and done what you can to improve its search engine ranking, but what about website usability? You might have come across the term “website usability” in a number of online articles. You probably know the role it plays in making your site a success. A usable website can result in […]

Top 10 SEO Tactics That Will No Longer Work For You

The SEO landscape has changed. Are you implementing out-dated SEO strategies that will hurt yourSEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS? Link-building and keywords aren’t as effective as they use to be. As marketers, we must stay updated with the most effectiveSEO practices so we can drive more traffic to our sites without being penalized. With that said, here’s […]

Why you should consider marketing via Google Street View Trusted

Street View Trusted, formerly known as Google Business View, is a tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour hosted on the world’s leading search engine. Utilising the same technology as Street View, the platform allows businesses to show their ambiance, décor and style to online users in a visually engaging manner. […]

How Companies Build their Marketing at Unfathomable Scale

With aggressive growth on the horizon, it’s time to make the transition from start-up stage to an established brand. But how can you make sure your marketing keeps up? Successful companies use these four steps to scale their marketing. You’ll be on the right track by following these four tried-and-tested steps to scale your marketing. […]

Build Your Brand by Separating It From Product

Sometimes the hardest thing—conceptually—for marketers to do is to separate their brand from their product. “Product is king.” “All people really care about is the product.” “Price and product—that’s it.” “Our brand is our product—they’re one in the same.” I’ve heard it all before, and from some very successful people. But it’s all an illusion. […]

What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Netflix About Customer Engagement [Infographic]

You know a business is doing well when it becomes a verb like “Netflix-binging” has. So, how has Netflix captured its audience’s attention and kept it? Here’s a look at some marketing lessons from the onlineVIDEO STREAMING provider. One lesson is that consumers want to engage with content at their own pace. “Scheduled marketing forces […]

How 3 Mega E-Commerce Websites Approach Title Tag & Meta Description Optimization

Here’s a test: Google “fairy wings” right now. Your job is to quickly find which result will sell you a set of glitter fairy wings and preferably include free shipping. Now that you’ve begun your search, how do you know which result will bring you to the most qualified products? One way is to visually […]

6 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business

Want to use mobile live-streaming to market your business? Have you tried Periscope? Periscope is already proving to be an incredibly powerful social tool, and savvy marketers are using it in innovative ways to grow their businesses. In this article you’ll discover six ways to use Periscope for your business… 6 Ways to Use Periscope […]

Blog More To Sell More

86% of customers say they would engage with vendors if they provided insights or knowledge about their industry, states LinkedIn. Blogging is an excellent selling strategy and platform to provide these insights. You are in charge of your personal brand and your sales success. You don’t have to be an expert content marketer. You don’t […]

The Best Way To Convert New Buyers Is To Help Them First

I often participate in interviews with people all over the world who are looking to understand the shift happening in marketing today. This latest conversation reflects some of the biggest challenges in content marketing. Which one of these questions and answers resonates with you? How do you build an effective content marketing strategy? A successful […]

Mobile SEO: How To Ensure Your Website Gets Found By Mobile Users

Has your website been optimised for mobile search? Did you know that Google shows different results to mobile users? With Google introducing mobile friendliness as a ranking factor, mobile SEO is something all website owners need to consider. Just having a mobile website may not be enough, there are some additional technical features that may […]

How to Make Your Video Rank Number One on YouTube (Case Study)

You know it and we know it – being visible on YouTube has become essential to any company that wants to promote their brand through video marketing. The problem is that being found by your potential customers on YouTube isn’t that easy – you have to beat millions of competitors with larger budgets and brighter […]

The Most Popular Social Logins Globally [Infographic]

Social logins give marketers the opportunity to increase conversion rates on their forms, on both landing pages and checkout pages, by decreasing the number of fields a consumer must fill out while still gathering valuable information. And social logins do more than just reduce friction on forms. They also reduce the need for comment verification, […]

11 Great Landing Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: getting website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buying journey. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually creating a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing. Regardless of what your business is selling or the conversion action you hope to instigate, […]

Agility in Digital Media: 6 Steps to Follow

Publishing is a traditional industry, and much of what happens on a day-to-day basis is grounded in routine. At the same time, the economics of the media landscape are changing. Price points on direct-sold ad revenues are declining, and costs per acquisition (CPAs) for new eyeballs are rising. Change needs to happen, but it doesn’t […]

28 Graphic Design Terms Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]

“Could you take a look at the wireframe and let me know if I need to adjust the leading and the kerning so there’s enough white space? Thanks!” … Come again? Sometimes, designer-speak can seem like gibberish. But marketers work so closely with designers on things like website design, infographics, and other visual content, it’s important that we […]

Facebook Introduces “Donate Now” Button For Nonprofits: 3 Tips to Make the Most of It

While a strong social following on Facebook is already an immense advantage for nonprofits, those fans are about to become even more valuable. Thanks to the introduction of Facebook’s “Donate Now” button, it’s easier than ever for nonprofits to turn online engagement into meaningful monetary contributions.  About Facebook’s “Donate Now” Button The titan of social media has always been […]

10 Signs Your CEO Has an Outdated View of Marketing

We’ve all been there — stifling a laugh or trying not to look horrified when the CEO puts forth an opinion any modern marketer would find abominable. However, it isn’t necessarily the CEO’s fault. After all, many chief executives simply don’t come from a marketing background, and even if they do, their knowledge is unlikely […]

Clicks Are People: 3 Tactics For Creating More Human-Centered Marketing

Every marketer has goals, whether for their latest campaign or for the quarter. “Get me 30x the clicks/impressions/conversions!” is a phrase I’m betting a lot of you have heard from a dictator director of some kind, and the struggle is real when you want to deliver. But when you’re heads down trying to score more […]

Want to Engage With Millennials? Don’t Forget to Email Them

There are many myths and misconceptions floating around these days about Millennials, and many of them are downright negative. They’re entitled. They have been coddled by their helicopter parents. And they are tech-obsessed to the detriment of all else in their lives…okay, maybe that one’s true! Millennials are definitely tech-natives. Having grown up with gadgets, […]

Four Ways You Haven’t Considered Working with Influencers – But Should

Everyday we see more and more content around Influencer Marketing. How to find top social influencers, how to connect with them, case studies on brands who rock Influencer Marketing. This tells us that Influencer Marketing is no longer a trend on the horizon, it’s a reality. What’s exciting for us as Digital Marketers is learning […]

Overcome Cross Channel Marketing Barriers (Infographic)

Image credit: Shutterstock While your team wants to maximize every relevant channel, that’s no easy feat. Recent research from Experian finds that marketers are stymied by everything from siloed departments to irrelevant technology when it comes to harnessing the channels for brands. Luckily, automating data and orchestrating efforts between departments can give you access to the all-too […]

5 Content Type You Need To Increase Lifetime Sales

Post-Purchase Content: Keep Your Customers Happy And Buying   When a customer buys from your firm is a pivotal marketing moment. P&G considered it so important that it coined the phrase: The Second Moment of Truth. Does your offering still work the way your customers expected when they get it into their office or home? As […]

How to Amplify Your Content ROI

These digital days, content has taken on a new meaning. Over the years, it has gained significance and become one of the key drivers of significant growth. However, while everyone might be talking about it, not everyone knows how to use their content marketing strategy effectively, despite the cliché saying, “content is king” echoing throughout the business industry. Content plays a vital role […]

Growth Hack Your eCommerce Store With Dynamic Content

Shopping on Amazon is always a fun experience for me. Every time I visit the ‘Everything Store’ I see new content, and that means no two visits are ever the same. It keeps me coming back for more, even if I don’t buy something most of the time. Of course, Amazon has advantages. Tremendous advantages […]

Is Social Media Marketing Worth It for Small Businesses?

A survey released by Manta shows that nearly 50% of businesses have increased their time on social media channels in the last year, according to Michael Fertik at Forbes. Another 55% of businesses surveyed are actively using social media marketing for lead generation and customer engagement. Yet, 60% of small businesses reported no return on […]

Five triumphant content marketing campaigns from the automotive industry

Pull on your leather driving gloves, load some Toto into the cassette player and for goodness sake check your oil and coolant (it’s been over a year!) in preparation for these road-tearing campaigns, each with genuine ROI. If you are also responsible for a terrific automotive campaign enter it into the Automotive category at The Masters […]

Motivating Millennials: Understanding the New Generation

It has been general consensus that millennials are selfish, narcissistic, self-obssessed generation with a sense of entitlement. While undeniably these issues are present, the whole generation can’t be entirely rotten. We must remember, when it comes to technology, innovation and thinking out of the box, no one can do better than this generation. So let […]

Busting the Exit-Intent Myth (+ Our Superior Solution)

“Exit intent technology” sounds really cool, a lot of fanfare has been made about it and there are entire businesses that are based on creating exit-intent opt-in forms for your site (in some cases at an extremely high price)​… and we’re about to show you why it’s completely overrated. Exit intent is probably the most […]

Improve Your Marketing With Hashtags

Hashtags are such a prominent part of online culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. Yet even as most people have come to know what they are, many people still don’t understand how to use hashtags to improve marketing for their business. The proliferation of hashtags is truly incredible. What […]

The Advanced Guide to Startup PR

It’s no secret that in order to grow, your startup requires effective promotion – and there are few things that will give your company the boost it needs as effectively as press coverage. Here’s why: PR converts. In fact, it generates conversion rates of 10 to 50 times that of advertising. And that’s probably because […]

The Future of Content Marketing: Integration, Optimization and Participation

In 2015 the world celebrated the 126th birthday of Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower. This important piece of history is comprised of over 18,000 individual pieces and was built by nearly 300 people participating in the project. Developing content for content marketing programs can be approached with a similarly participative framework and in a way that satisfies some […]

5 Facebook Ads Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you curious about the latest Facebook ad changes? Wondering how to take your Facebook ads to the next level? Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools and targeting options to connect with customers and prospects in the moments that matter. In this article I’ll share the five biggest things to happen […]