6 Simple Ways to Tap Into the Power of Influencer Marketing

Did you know that just 3% of people generate 90% of the impact online? Considering this alarming statistic, it should come as no surprise that leveraging the power of this select group of influencers serves as a highly valuable strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach. To help you get familiar with the concept […]

Five Local SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We are now seeing dozens of businesses sign up on Bizyhood each day to “claim” their business listing on our site. We are thrilled to see that number growing, but this has also alerted us to many local SEO mistakes that people make. These misconceptions make efforts to improve Local SEO more difficult! We’ll clear a few […]

Why Social Media Marketing Is Not A 9-5 Job

As Social Media Marketing goes mainstream, companies finally understand the value of a Social Media presence to their bottom line. Chief Marketing Officers, steeped in traditional marketing philosophies, have been forced to reckon with this new type of marketing.  Many are now on the hunt for Social Media Marketing professionals. The problem is that many […]

10 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing isn’t a new trend. It’s been around for years. In fact, Amazon Associates, which is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, has been in use since 1996. However, with advances in technology like the rise of mobile devices, affiliate marketing is evolving extremely quickly. This means that if you haven’t considered […]

Is Video the Future of Social Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some have called 2015 the year of video marketing. As experts have predicted, video is assuming a vital role in social, as a seamless part of email blasts, and as the main mode of young apps like Snapchat and Vine as well as livestreaming apps like Periscope. Plus, the big social sites like Twitter and […]

5 Content Marketing Myths To Correct Now

The content marketing opportunity is accelerating, according to a survey by PQ media. The survey tracked all digital branded content and predicts that content marketing is expected to more than double by 2019 to a $54.25bn market. And now everyone is a content marketer, right? At least that’s the trend we’re seeing on LinkedIn, as […]

How user generated content is changing content marketing

Instead of creating content, we should be creating opportunities for content creation: instagrammable moments, inspiring experiences. And instead of broadcasting, we should create opportunities for conversation. Audiences are in control of their own digital story. Businesses are no longer in the driving seat but instead must adopt the role of navigator, cleverly guiding the user’s […]

How to Learn SEO: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

“How can I learn SEO?” is a deceptively simple question. The standard approach is to attempt to appeal to anyone who’s interested in SEO without any idea of your previous experience or the actual reasons you want to learn SEO. That’s fun. Especially the part about weeding through tons of information that might not even […]

6 Quick Tips for Using Social Media to Boost SEO

You’re probably heard some version of these statements before: social media and SEO go hand in hand. Social media can boost your SEO. A better social presence makes for better rankings. But what’s often missing is the part that comes after these statements: how? Let’s start with the basics. What is SEO and why should […]

How to Boost Your Content Strategy with HubSpot Social Inbox

Developing social media content is a great way to boost your content strategy and drive traffic to your website. There are many tools for managing social media, but perhaps one of the most dynamic isHubSpot’s Social Inbox. This features allows you to cut through some of the noise of social media by connecting to your […]

31 Sensational Social Media Marketing and PR Stats and Facts

Business and consumer marketers are nearly unanimous in their belief in the importance of social media to marketing activities. As noted below, the money is following that belief: social media now accounts for about 11% of all digital marketing outlays, and spending on social media marketing will total nearly $10 billion this year. Still, marketers […]

The Most Common Insights That B2B Marketers Use and Their Drawbacks

There’s no shortage of companies that now view insights as a pivotal component of provocative selling. A recent survey by my company, Corporate Visions, found that 81% of companies believe they use an insights-based approach as part of their selling strategy. That figure says a lot about the popularity of insights. What it doesn’t tell […]

How Marketing Can Contribute to Revenue Generation [Infographic]

Do you look at Marketing as a cost center or as a revenue center? If you said “cost center,” you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Don’t feel bad, though; for a long time, Marketing has been seen as just that—a necessary but costly part of doing business. Revenue? How could Marketing actually contribute to […]

Five Steps You Need to Take Before You Spend a Dime on Advertising (Article 1 of 2)

Usually, advertising doesn’t come cheap, but it can be cost-effective—if you do your homework ahead of time and follow some best-practices. Step 1: Set the benchmark for performance for each campaign If you do not know what you are aiming for, you will hit it every time… Before you spend your first dollar, ten dollars, […]

How Businesses Choose and Use CRM Software

The most important factors that influence the purchase of customer relationship management (CRM) software are functionality and ease of use, according to a recent report from Capterra. The report was based on data from a survey of 500 CRM users in the United States from B2B and B2C companies. Some 24% of respondents say functionality […]

The 5 “Must-Do’s” For A Profitable B2B Social Media Strategy

Would you like your social media strategy to help increase website traffic, leads and sales? These five things can help make that happen. Despite social media’s ubiquity and adoption by people, there are a lot of B2B companies that have not done much to leverage its power. Most of those companies want to do more, […]

Visual Content Marketing: A Resource Guide for Marketers

Do you want to discover how to better market yourself and your business with visual content? Are you looking for a resource guide for your visual content marketing efforts? This article will help you find tools to create the perfect image, drive traffic and engagement with your images and use visual content to improve your […]

Top Free Tools To Jumpstart Your Content Creation

Businesses need to create new content at an unprecedented rate.Seventy percent of B2Bs are creating more content than they did just one year ago, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report. With this growth in demand comes a unique set of problems. How do business owners continually create new, original content? How […]

15 Tips to Build a Social Media Presence

On the surface, social media marketing seems like a fairly simple concept. Just create your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, then post some links and you’re done right? Not necessarily. Setting up profiles and tweeting links is easy. Building your brand to the point where you have significant reach and influence in your industry is […]

Content: The Show That Never Ends

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends   We’re so glad you could attend   Come inside! Come inside! I was visiting with a mid-sized company this week. I was brought in to help them sort out their content marketing strategy. In the discovery part of our conversation, they showed me some of their […]

A UX Lesson for Content Marketers: Your Invisible Advantage

The morning after, she was a mess. Wrinkled dress, cookie crumbs in her hair, and big bags under her eyes. My 2-year-old’s first whiny words after waking: “I wanna go back to the party!” Delighted by the music, dancing, food, and people, she remembered the experience with glee. Just like a well-thrown party, user experience […]

Engage With Instagram Followers From Sprout

Sprout Social recently added Instagram to our supported social networks. This development helps our customers manage their social efforts more holistically—putting all their social media messages in one central place. Getting started is easy: Just connect any and all of your Instagram profiles, and give your colleagues permission to manage the account. Comment on & Interact With […]

10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know to Achieve Success

D you keep up with the latest digital marketing trends? Or are you still using old techniques that no longer work? Social platforms, search engines and the devices we use to connect to the internet are constantly updated with new features and algorithms. If you use them as a means to get your business in […]

The 3 Key Steps to Awesome Content Marketing That Works

We have been drinking the content marketing cool aid for years. We understand how content attracts traffic, engages and builds trust….and we get it. Or do we? There is a conversation we need to have that is often avoided. But before we have that conversation let’s take a little look over our shoulder. In 2008 I […]

7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that landing pages with video can have an 800% higher conversion rate? Or that tweets containing video can generate 28% more retweets? When used correctly video can add some real oomph to your marketing strategy. It’s no secret that people prefer visual content over text, but video is one of the more […]

5 Proven Ways to Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns

Image credit: Damien Roué | Flickr If you’re only utilizing email marketing to simply send out your corporate newsletter, you’re missing out on a potential revenue stream. There are emails that everyone dreads and others that customers get excited about seeing in their inboxes. What’s the difference and how to you get your brand to […]

Why Interactive Content Marketing is the Future

You probably know a thing or two about creating good content. Perhaps you dabble on your own blog or write for your company. There’s a good chance you’re already creating more content in 2015 than you did in 2014. That’s the challenge. We’re all content creators trying to reach an audience. To stand out from […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a standard in brand marketing strategies as more brands are beginning to see it as a viable consumer acquisition channel with low costs and strong returns. Brands are also realizing how influencer marketing improves campaign reach by allowing marketers to target niche consumer groups with native ad content that resonates more […]

6 Pinterest Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

Interested in a new marketing outlet? How about a social network that drives sales with an average order value of $123.50? I hope that I have your attention at this point! Good. In case you didn’t guess it already (or the title of this post didn’t give it away) I am of course talking about Pinterest. Ready […]

7 Tips For Gathering Content From Your Team

Often, the hardest part of launching a new website or getting a marketing plan off the ground involves getting content from different members of the team or organization. Having multiple perspectives and ideas is helpful, but it can also turn something that seems simple into a herding exercise. There’s a good reason getting content from […]

Lead Nurturing Activity Your Sales & Marketing Team Can’t Afford To Miss

It’s the era of engagement. B2B Marketing is no longer about marketing and selling on a business-to-business mind-set; we’re marketing and selling to humans. On the flipside of this though, B2B prospects themselves are becoming faster and more independent in their research. Up to 90% of the buying journey is complete before you even know […]

Betcha Didn’t Know About These Web Site Tools

WordPress. Stock photo collections. Design magazines. These are the kinds of resources on which web site owners rely heavily to do the work of building and maintaining their online content, and heaven knows we’d all be lost without them. They get web site owners started, teach them the basics, answer questions and help  them make […]

Social Media Apps the Most Commonly Checked “First App of the Day” – Report

What’s the first thing you do every morning when you wake up? For many of us, it’s checking-in with our social media networks, as evidenced by new data from mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks. Utilizing insights from their client base of over 1.1 billion users (including 90% of the top Ad Age Global Advertisers) across […]

3 Mega Marketing Lessons From 3 Companies With Strong Brands

Image credit: Nike Basketball | Youtube If there is one theme that shines through in my first marketing book, The Experience Effect, it is that “marketing is a spectator sport.” We can learn a lot from each other by observing the marketing activities of other brands and businesses. It’s a theme I carry out at the […]

How to Develop an Event-Based Lead Nurturing Email Marketing Program

Lead nurturing programs allow you to move customers along the buyer’s journey by educating, entertaining and anticipating the buyer’s needs. Event-based lead nurturing creates a real-time approach to connecting with prospects, by sending information and taking action based on a lead’s activity (event) on your website. How do you build a program like this?… How […]

How to Write Networking Emails That People Can’t Ignore

A lot of things have changed in our professional lives. How we get jobs, the tools we use, the roles that are popular.  But there is one thing that has remained constant and will continue to remain constant:   Relationships matter.   Relationships are still the driving force for how professionals get the jobs they want, […]

Find Email Addresses – 60+ Tools and Tips to Find Someone’s Email

In business, finding email addresses is often an important first step in building relationships or getting sales leads. Email outreach can be used for any of the following: Content Promotion Media Coverage Increasing Sales Growing Your Network of High Value Contacts However, finding email addresses can be a challenge. Some people don’t have their direct […]

Five Brands That Successfully Tapped Into the Power of Bloggers Outside Their Industry

Influencer marketing has tons of room for creativity, which makes it one of the most unique forms of marketing today. Brands that employ influencers strategically can knock their campaigns right out of the park and into the laps of their target demographic. One recent influencer marketing trend is brands’ partnering with bloggers and social influencers […]

Which B2B Content Types Deliver Great Leads?

Product brochures are the most common content type created by B2B marketers, but whitepapers deliver the highest-quality leads, according to a recent report from the CMO Council and the NetLine Corporation. The report was based on data from a survey of 213 senior B2B marketing leaders (primarily located in North America), with 46% working at […]

B2B Mobile Marketing for Demand Generation? Yes! Examples and Quick Tips

When you think of mobile marketing, visions of searches for store hours, maps and getting tips from Facebook friends about good restaurants probably come to mind – all consumer focused. But what about B2B marketing and mobile? Why mobile marketing for B2B demand generation: In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place […]

Change Your LinkedIn Profile From A Resume To A Reputation Destination

What does a good craft beer bar have in common with a great LinkedIn profile? Both are great destinations that get more visits based on their reputation! If you’ve ever walked into a great craft beer bar, the bartender, or cicerone, can provide you an excellent customer experience by asking you a set of questions […]

How to Create a Promoted Pin Campaign on a Budget

Do you want to add Promoted Pins to your marketing mix? Are you wondering how to budget for a Promoted Pin campaign? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Promoted Pins for them to be effective. Because they have long-term visibility, they’re a sound addition to your Pinterest marketing. In this article, […]

5 Signs You Don’t Know Your B2B Customer

Do you remember the board game Guess Who? You and your opponent would try to guess which character each other selected by confirming various features such as eye color, hair, hats, glasses, and more. As you narrowed down your choices by asking characteristic questions, the winner made the best guess, first. For a board game, this strategy works […]

The Best In Energy Content Marketing

Editor’s Note: Much of our work in content marketing strategy consists of defining content marketing best practices. And then showcasing brands and sites that act as examples of great content marketing. This help us demonstrate what best practice content marketing looks like in real life and helps our customers to really see what is possible. […]

How Good is Your Social Strategy? This 7 Step Checklist Will Tell You

How effective is your social media marketing strategy? Do you want to audit your current efforts and identify areas you can improve? Whether you’re just starting out with social media, or you feel you’re already a social media guru, you’ll always be able to find areas of your strategy that you can refine and improve […]

7 Ways to Inspire Trust from Ecommerce Customers

Getting people to spend money online is easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. There are still plenty of consumers out there who aren’t comfy passing along financial information, no matter how secure the transactions get. One small slip, and you could turn them off of shopping with you for good. […]

8 of the Best B2B Publisher Email Newsletters

Producing email newsletters for B2B markets can be a vital part of your inbound marketing. Producing one, week after week, which actually gets read isn’t always so easy. Luckily, publications of all shapes and sizes can create great newsletters—you just have to know your audience and what they will find most engaging. To get your […]

The Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Better Blog Graphics [Infographic]

You may not be a designer by trade, but as a content marketer, it’s your job to make sure you’re creating content compelling enough to hit your traffic, lead generation, social sharing, and engagement goals. Adding images to your blog posts is one of the most important ways to get more readers, subscribers, and leads out of the […]

What to Do When Your Prospect Takes a Strange Turn in the Buyer’s Journey

[Cue Twilight Zone Music] There is another dimension beyond which is known to most marketers. It is a dimension that is vast and chaotic and as timeless as the sales process itself. It is the middle ground between the introduction and the close, between engagement and disengagement, it lies between the deepest of our marketing […]

13 Businesses With Brilliant Global Marketing Strategies

Thanks to the internet, global reach is no longer reserved for deep-pocketed brands, nor is it an incredible hassle for already over-burdened marketing managers. In fact, a global presence is possible for any business with a creative strategy and an understanding of world markets. To give you an idea of what a great global marketing strategy looks […]

How to Increase Visibility With Google+

Interested in ideas to get more visibility for your real estate business? Use Google+! With a few simple tactics on Google+, you can extend your reach on the network and attract additional followers. In this article you’ll see four ways to increase your visibility on Google+ and in Google search results. 1. Include links in your […]

Why Marketers Need to Be More Like Tour Guides [PODCAST]

Your design should guide your visitor to conversion. Image by Vanessa via Flickr In this episode of Call to Action, Unbounce’s Art Director Denis Suhopoljac shares how marketers and designers can work together to create landing pages that actually serve your campaign goal. Then, we talk to full-stack marketer Vincent Barr about what exactly a […]

Costly Branding Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Business

Your brand is everything about your business’s identity. It’s the way you act with your customers, the graphics and words that you choose to represent your company, and the processes and methods that you choose to succeed at your business. The trick of branding is that you create a brand, whether you do it deliberately […]

What To Do When Content Marketing Fails To Improve SEO Performance

You had big dreams for your content marketing initiatives — but unfortunately they’ve fallen flat. Columnist Derek Edmond shows how to assess why your content marketing isn’t positively impacting your SEO.   Let’s face it: Content marketing is a bit overhyped. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, at least 86% of B2B marketers and […]

A 5-Point Guideline for Non-Writers in Creating Awesome Content

As search engines favor the creation of high-quality content, writers and publishers have become more important than ever. According to serpIQ, all pages that rank on the first page of search results have an average of at least 2,000 words. The ability of writers to communicate ideas in well-written articles is critical for pages of […]

4 Questions to Help You Generate Epic Content Ideas

In today’s content-drenched digital world, marketers are more hesitant than ever to fill out a lead gen form because they know subpar content often sits on the other side. That means creating standout content is vital to any marketing campaign. If you want to reach consumers, you have to give them content they crave. (highlight […]

How Technology Is Transforming The Structure Of The Marketing Organization

This article is by Phil Fernandez, chairman and CEO of Marketo, a marketing-automation company. Technology is no longer the tail that wags the marketing dog – it is the entire dog, nose to tail. There was a time in the not too distant past when digital was an add-on function in the marketing equation. Today, […]

5 Tips for More Efficient & Effective Content Curation

Content curation is the icing on the cake of your content strategy. It can help fill out and bind together your content mix, while increasing your brand’s visibility. Similarly, when you curate from credible sources, it increases your brand’s credibility and gives you a strong voice in industry conversations. Like the process of icing a […]

Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on November 28, 2012. We’re republishing it today to remind you how to protect your digital marketing efforts as social media sites continue to encourage you to publish original content on their platforms — platforms you don’t own. We have a great bookstore in my […]

Customizing Your Content To Appeal To All Generations

The generational gap in using the Internet has gone far and wide — from children below ten to our grandparents and seniors. An online content about the newest Rihanna video or David Letterman’s final show: will that interest Baby Boomers or earn a “like” by Gen-Xers or maybe a retweet from millennials? How will marketers […]

The Only Metric That Matters For Content Marketing

At Pixable, we — like almost every digital property — are in the eyeball game. We are one of thousands of media companies competing for attention, and, in our case, we seek the attention of young, highly social readers with seemingly infinite interests. It goes without saying that attention grabbing begins with a catchy headline […]

Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Business Insider estimates that Americans spend more of their time on social media than any other online activity, including email. Because of this user engagement, using social media to promote your business can be one of the lowest cost channels in your marketing toolbox, but realizing business benefit demands that you have a plan. Here are the key steps to […]

11 Conversion Friendly Designing Tips For Small Online Stores

Websites for businesses fill up the Internet but very few are providing profit to the business. Web resource is only working if it has a good conversion rate meaning that the ratio of visitors who have bought a product to the total number of visitors. Conversion rates provide information about how your business may grow. […]

The Holy Grail of Startup Marketing: Search, Social and Content

Image credit: Shutterstock Where do you start, with marketing, when you’re about to launch your product or service? This is possibly the most asked question when it comes to startup marketing, and one Guy Kawasaki once famously weighed in on, saying, “Sales fixes everything.” Related: The Psychology Behind Why We Like, Share and Comment on Facebook (Infographic) Certainly, in today’s […]

The Throwback Theory: Nostalgic Marketing At Its Best

Why exactly does the past look so good to so many of us? It’s not because it was perfect or even better than the present – in many ways, actually, it was worse. Yet when we look back, it’s often through a pair of distinctly rose-colored glasses. And here’s why… It happened long enough ago […]

Case Studies Have Real Value: Seven Tips for Writing a Success Story That Succeeds

Most enterprises understand the value of effective corporate and product brochures and a compelling website, but many enterprises underestimate the value of success stories—also known as case studies. “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example,” Mark Twain once quipped. In a business context, managers and technical professionals […]

Marketers’ Biggest Challenges With Social Influencers

Marketers say competing with other brands for the attention of social media influencers is their top challenge with the tactic, according to a recent report from Software Advice. The report was based on data from a survey of 37 B2C marketers who use brand advocates as part of their strategy as well as 74 social […]

What You Need to Know About Playing High Stakes Content Marketing

The game of poker is filled with many complexities, opportunities and luck of the draw. Content marketing follows a similar theme and can lead to big winnings or high losses. If you want to be a key player in the content marketing game, it’s time to up the ante. In 2015, only 30% of B2B […]

5 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Do you struggle to keep up with your Twitter activities? Interested in tools to improve productivity? Managing your Twitter account doesn’t have to consume all your time. There are tools that can make the work easier. In this article you’ll discover five Twitter tools to boost your productivity… 5 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Productivity

15 Resources To Help Improve Your Personal Branding

Strong personal branding will help you sustain a solid career, develop a deeper relevant network and help you advance your agenda. You probably are not doing it as good as you could. You see, the biggest barrier to your personal branding success is the lack of planning, strategizing and goal-setting. You need to do a […]

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

Are you thinking of adding Snapchat to your social media marketing mix? Interested in ways to use Snapchat to strengthen your brand? With Snapchat, you can increase community engagement and brand awareness through innovative marketing campaigns. In this article you’ll discover five ways to use Snapchat for business. Why Snapchat? With over 100 million daily […]

10 Marketing Over Coffee Podcasts You Should Check Out

Podcasts (And Coffee) Are Hot! Recently I was interviewed by Marketing Over Coffee podcast host John J. Wall. So I checked out some of their episodes and found some really great stuff I’d like to share. What is Marketing Over Coffee? According to their site, Marketing Over Coffee is “audio on demand” that covers both […]

Want More Leads But Don’t Have A Blog? Here’s How To Get Started

Did you know companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors and get 70 percent more leads than those that don’t blog? Here’s how to get started. Content is the fuel that drives successful marketing. Marketing analyst Rebecca Lieb from the Altimeter Group puts it this way: “Content is the atomic particle of all […]

17 Dos & Don’ts To Get Website Visitors To Subscribe To Your Email List

Are you looking for ways to convert more website visitors into email subscribers? Want to know the dos and don’ts of creating forms to capture information? If you blog frequently or run special offers growing your email list should be a priority. Make sure when visitors land on your site you have a clear call […]

Social Media Optimization for Marketers

Most marketers are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on some level. Using the reach of search engines such as Google, Bing or more recently Duck Duck Go to fuel your marketing campaign has been a strategy that’s been successful for years. But as social media has grown to become one of the top platforms to […]

The Top 10 Google Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Are you looking for help in reaching your target audience on Google? Perhaps you’ve heard of SEObut feel the whole process is too confusing? Google and SEO is actually fairly simple. All they want to do is ensure that they serve helpful and user friendly search results from authoritative sources – otherwise people would stop […]

Blogging Tips: 10 Proven Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

Do you want more people reading and sharing your blog articles? Do you want to achieve the ultimate bloggers goal of “going viral”? If you’re a blog owner you will no doubt monitor two stats religiously; the number of readers your posts get, and the number times they get shared. But other than “creating great […]

4 Ways to Get Over the Barriers to Reach Tough Prospects

Reaching top-level prospects can be an exercise in frustration. The barriers to delivering your message (voice mail, spam filters, administrative staff, etc.) are great. How can you get your content onto the desks – and desktops, laptops, and tablets – of qualified customers? You could carefully post content onto your company’s website in the hopes […]

How to Design An Irresistible Facebook Page

11 million people use Facebook every 18 minutes… 7,246 new users are added to the social media mammoth every 15 minutes and 936 million active users login into the site on a daily basis. Do these Facebook facts make you wonder? “Am I missing out?” Even large businesses are gradually distancing themselves from traditional forms […]

5 Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value

Marketing your ecommerce site is only one way to increase your revenue. There are other things you can do on a daily basis that just might convince buyers to order more products. You won’t even need to increase any of your prices to increase the order value. As an added bonus, these tactics will delight […]

How to Generate More Leads & Customers Using Social Media Videos [Free Ebook]

Did you know that the use of video content for B2B marketers jumped from 8% to 58% in 2014alone? More than that, the number of videos brands publish on Facebook has increased by3.6x year over year. But does all this video really help marketers succeed? The short answer: Yes… How to Generate More Leads & Customers Using […]

3 Lessons From MozCon That Will Make You Rethink Your Content Marketing

Source As content marketers, our goal is to engage readers. We want them to stay on the page and consume the entire piece. We want them to be so bowled over by our content that they can’t help but share it with everyone – and then take action. But we also need search engines to notice […]

Calculating SEO Impact To Get Things Done

Columnist Chris Liversidge reminds us that it getting buy-in from clients or the C-suite often depends on your ability to demonstrate the value of your recommendations in terms of revenue.   The most frequent question I receive when discussing SEO recommendations with clients is, “What impact will that have?” The questioner might be referring to […]

7 Reasons Your Website is Not Working at its Full Potential

The value of your website is dependent on the number of visitors you receive, how many stay, and ultimately, how many convert. Website metrics are a great way to determine how your website is performing. With a good analysis tool, you can track page visits, bounce rates, repeat visits, the number of newsfeed subscribers, internal […]

Google’s New Manufacturer Center Will Be Used To Improve Ad Relevancy For Product Queries

A more complete source of product details offers potential benefits for both retailers and manufacturers.   Last week, Google debuted Manufacturer Center, a tool that enables manufacturers to provide detailed information about their products. Here’s a look at what we know and some considerations for manufacturers and retailers. The data built up in this new repository will be […]

6 Top Tips for Website Conversion and Driving Traffic

After reading a great article from Simon Kemp on We Are Social along with a recent article from Jeff Bullas, I noticed the significance on website conversion and driving traffic. Businesses are struggling with this and like Jeff, I am someone who wants to share knowledge and experience wherever possible. I have written this blog […]

Marketing to Baby Boomers: A Boon for Business

Baby boomers represent more than 80 million U.S. consumers and hold a whopping 70 percent of the nation’s disposable income. So one would think that marketers typically spend a large percentage of their advertising dollars targeting this powerful segment. They don’t. Surprisingly, baby boomers are pretty much overlooked, with less than 5 percent of advertising […]

9 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Remember how in elementary school science you learned about the physical laws that ordered the universe? And how, once you knew about the underlying rules of energy and matter, the details of a lot of things just made more sense? Susan Gunelius has applied the idea to social media marketing. She’s asked the question: What […]

Influencer Marketing: The New Black

Everyone loves being a part of the “Next Big Thing”. Whether it’s the newest, sleekest iPhone to replace the new one you purchased only 10 months back, “going green”, or bulletproof coffee, we can’t get enough of shiny, bright, new. In many ways it doesn’t matter if the “new” is re-created from something old, like […]

Optimizing Email Marketing for Mobile: 6 Things You Need to Consider

Mobile continues to account for a greater share of email opens. A study from Movable Ink found that in Q1 2015, 67% of all U.S. email opens occurred on a mobile device. This trend will continue, therefore optimizing your email campaigns for mobile is no longer optional. The staggering growth in mobile usage—and the opportunity […]

What Does a Successful Landing Page Look Like?

So, what does a successful landing page look like? I’ve put together my top tips for creating a landing page that will have maximum impact and get your campaigns converting. 1. Make sure it’s consistent with the source your click came from If someone is clicking through from a PPC ad, email, SMS or direct […]

10 Tips to Shave Hours Off Your Social Media Marketing

According to recent research by LinkedIn, 94% of all SMBs in the United States leverage social media for marketing themselves to their audiences. And a lot of them are pretty good at it, too. 60% of SMBs that embraced social media claimed that social media marketing got them new customers. In fact, the more successful […]

3 Resources that Will Help You Craft Smarter Landing Pages

Chances are, it hasn’t been too long since you’ve had a miscommunication with someone — possibly a spouse, child, parent, or coworker. You thought that person understood what you said, but he interpreted your message in a different way than you intended. Miscommunications on landing pages occur when you think you’ve explicitly stated why a […]

7 Google Analytics Reports That Turn B2B Marketers Into Superheroes

B2B marketers gain invaluable information about their audience by usingGOOGLE ANALYTICS reports. Previously we shared advanced reports in Google Analytics. In this article we cover a range of out-of-the boxGOOGLE ANALYTICS reports you should use for both high-level reporting and granular level optimization. Websites are the hub of demand generation programs andGOOGLE ANALYTICS (GA) reports provide acquisition, […]

Don’t Get Left Behind: The 8 Most Effective Link Building Tactics For 2015

Do you ever wonder if you’re wasting your time building links? Google has aggressively looked for ways to devalue links in its algorithms for quite a while. At first, you could just hop on to the next link-building tactic, but now, Google has a pretty good handle on how to factor links into its algorithm. That […]

10 Actionable Growth hacking Tactics with Proven Results

When people ask me what I do I say that I find unconventional, out of the box, scalable and repeatable ways to gain new users, I hack growth. Scalable meaning you can easily expand the reach of this campaign without having to spend too much extra resources. Repeatable meaning you can either automate parts of […]

Defeating The Dog Days: 5 Tips To Boost SEM Conversion Volume During The Summer Slump

Summer is a slow season in many industries — which makes it the perfect time to review your PPC accounts and conduct some experiments, according to columnist Susan Waldes.   If you happen to be in the sunglasses, summer camp or air conditioning repair business, congratulations on a great last few weeks for your SEM program. If […]

How Successful Companies Engage Customers During the New-Product Development Process

The marketer’s perspective on the customer has changed significantly over the last decade. Brands used to gaze from above on a faceless sea of prospects; now, brands come face-to-face with customers daily in social and digital channels. Accordingly, we no longer talk at customers; we talk with them. This new normal is changing not just […]