33 Top Blogging Tips By Spectacular Bloggers

One of the best things about the blogging community is its generosity. Even the very top A-listers understand that they were once exactly where you are today. The only things separating them from you – are time, great information, hard work, and persistence. But while there are plenty of blogging tips out there, sometimes it can […]

Web Copywriting Tips for Busy Bloggers

This is a guest post by Yuwanda Black, operations manager for InkwellEditorial.com. Yuwanda is a freelance writer and self publisher. Find her on Twitter @InkwellEditor Bloggers who operate sites for profit tend to be extremely busy. Content rules on the web and to keep a competitive edge, busy bloggers are producing more of it than […]

The biggest mistakes you are making with online advertising (and how they’re costing your business)

Digital has become such a pervasive layer in our lives, it’s hard to extract ourselves from it – much harder than television advertising (thanks to PVRs!), radio (you can change the channel with a flick of your thumb on the steering wheel) and hard-copy flyers (that more often than not go straight to the bottom […]

You Need a Modern SEO Strategy. Here’s How to Shape One. (Infographic)

You probably know that search engine optimization (or SEO) can help more people find your company’s website when they search for businesses like yours online. But when’s the last time you ensured your SEO strategy is following best practices — and getting the results your business really needs? Here’s why you need a modern SEO […]

Create Amazing Landing Pages with Ease

WE’RE TALKING AMAZING LANDING PAGES! Have you seen some of these amazing landing pages? Until recently, you had a few options, if you were selling online and wanted truly stellar landing pages. You might get an unbounce account You might get a LeadPages account You might try to do it on your own using WordPress […]

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page For Your Site?

Landing pages can be powerful, if used effectively. The first page visitors see when they land on your website is the landing page, so by definition, a simple static homepage or content page can be a landing page too. Customized landing pages sure help users in some cases, what do search engines think about? Today, […]

23 Hints for Creating Content that Google Loves – Infographic

Since starting this blog I have focused on two key activities. Creating content that is relevant and adds value. The other was building tribes on social networks. I didn’t focus on optimising my site for search engines also known as search engine optimisation (SEO) and playing games with Google’s search algorithm. Begging for links from other websites was not […]

10 Customer Service Tips for Businesses Leveraging Social Media

Customer service has rapidly progressed on social media. Gone are those days when your customers would write a letter or pick up the phone and wait in queue for the customer service executive to solve their problems. Now your audiences take to social platforms immediately to voice their displeasure and expect an instant reply. You […]

6 Essential Social Media Lessons From Top Executives

Previously, right here on this blog, we’ve written about the importance of company leadership getting involved in social media. After all, there are some major benefits to doing so — an improved company reputation and increased consumer trust, among others. Despite the upsides of social media involvement, the vast majority of c-level executives remain absent […]

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