Digital marketing: experts reveal their trends and predictions for 2015

As we look ahead to the new year, we asked five marketing professionals for their big trends in digital marketing for 2015. Here’s what they came up with: Uriel Alvarado, chief marketing and public relations officer, Saxo Capital Markets Consolidation of the semantic web: This year, the most effective marketing campaigns were content driven, multi-channel, […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Using Conversion Psychology

This past weekend, I went to a dueling piano bar in San Diego. What I quickly learned while watching this show was that the people performing were very talented musicians, but even better businessmen. This particular duet consisted of a male and female, who used their genders to garner a sense of rivalry in the […]

Top 10: The marketing news that made the biggest waves in 2014

Brand failings, clever PR and new products drew the attention of the marketing masses this year, as shown in this top 10 countdown to our most viewed articles of 2014. Earlier this week, counted downMarketing’s top 10 industry op-eds published this year. Now it’s time to reminisce about your favourite news events of 2014. Scroll down […]

5 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips That’ll Boost Your Business

Social Media Marketing is a slow and time consuming process, which aims to build a community of loyal customers (fans, followers…), and friendly relationships based on trust. Gone are the days when brands themselves dictated how much they are worth; today every brand/product is only as good as its customers say it is. It is […]

3 Ways to Rev-Up Your Marketing Campaign as the Holiday Season Hits

Here come the holidays. For some businesses, this is the time of the year that will define the income statement. Gift oriented companies will make the most of their money between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Marketing professionals will want to capture the greatest market share possible. In our Internet-driven world, social media technologies are a powerful […]

Visual Marketing Tips for Your Business

Visual marketing grows out of one basic human principle – seeing is believing. Information delivered in visual form generally resonates with a target audience at a far higher level than plain text alone. Here, according to content marketer James Scherer, are some statistics to support this claim: A video on a business website landing page […]

Top 10 LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is the sexiest thing since Justin Timberlake’s song “Bringing Sexy Back”. It’s so sexy, and such a useful business marketing resource that it has more than doubled its membership in the last year and now grows at a person every second. If I were forced to choose between using only one social networking site […]

3 Things You Need to Master Mobile Content Marketing

You know your customers are on their phones all hours of the day and night. Is your content there when they need it most? Mobile is not just another channel. It is arguably one of the best ways to reach potential customers through content marketing. But understanding consumer behavior is even more important. Unlike desktops […]

Are You Missing Out on These? 5 Often-Ignored Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media

Social networks is a great tool for promoting your brand. But you can do way more than that with social media. Here are five ways to use social media you might be overlooking 1. Make a Splash in the Newspapers (Public Relations) Want to make a splash in the media? Getting your business featured in […]