The Art of Awkward Copy: 3 Tips for Uncomfortable Advertising

Have ads on uncomfortable subjects ever caught your attention? There are reasons why – and you can learn from them. credit: getty images You’ve seen those awkward ads. You know – the ones calling your attention to topics that can make most people feel uneasy: “Bladder Mesh Alerts” “Plan for Your Funeral Costs Today!” “Eliminate […]

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your SEO By Improving Page Load Speed

The old adage “patience is a virtue” is still true in a lot of situations, but it certainly doesn’t apply online. Every second delay in page load speed will drastically reduce page views, customer satisfaction, and conversions. On top of this, page load speed also has a surprising effect on your organic search rankings too. […]

How to Make Public Relations Drive SEO

Integrated marketing relies on being able to capitalize across channels and disciplines that were once, and often still are, perceived as unique “silos” in the marcom universe: Each discipline can do great work, yet typically mainly serves the goals of that department. PR and social media are about creating and spreading fame. Driving awareness and […]

How to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing With Variety

Social media in your online marketing has the potential to breathe fresh life into your marketing efforts. As such, it’s important to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of relying on the same type of social media content, or you could end up defeating your original purpose. While it can be challenging to continually […]

The Three Step Webinar Formula For Personal Brands

Great content is just one way a personal brand can become established as an industry leader. Another effective method are online webinars where your audience can get to know you better, which increases your chances of a sale. In order to attract new leads for your business it is important to branch out and try […]

5 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

Back in 1978, Gary Thuerk sent the first mass email to about 400 people. He used the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network because the Internet as we know it didn’t exist yet. That email was about products made by Digital Equipment Corp and it resulted in $13 million of sales. Thus, email marketing was born. Email […]

New Social Care Track At Social Media Marketing World Shines Spotlight On Customer Service

For the first time in its now four-year history, Social Media Marketing World introduced an entire track at its popular conference dedicated to Customer Service. Consisting of four unique individual sessions and two dynamic panel discussions, the Social Care Track delivered on its promise to sharpen social customer service skills and convince social media marketers […]

Hey Newbies: This Is How You build A Relationship With Reddit

If you’re a marketer and are looking to understand Reddit, the first thing to know is this: Reddit hates you. The growing social platform is notorious for monitoring and banning content that marketers share, and anything that can be even remotely deemed as promotional. Since Reddit was built on the premise of sharing high-quality and relevant content […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Video Marketing

One of the most effective types of visual content is branded video that’s both engaging and informative. If you’re eager for your audience to tap those Play and Share buttons, then you’re not alone. Video content is all the rage these days and the proof is in the data: Video views on Facebook doubled from […]

3 Ways To Use Twitter To Locate Relevant, Actionable Insights

While many have proclaimed the demise of Twitter in recent months, the platform is still the leading source of real-time news and updates, with no other provider able to match the immediacy, scale and insight of Twitter and its fast-flowing stream. This is partly why Twitter’s shift to an algorithm-based feed triggers comes with some […]

3 Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World

Last week, I was in sunny San Diego for Social Media Marketing World, where I had the opportunity to attend several amazing breakout sessions, hear from industry thought leaders, and meet incredible visionaries from the social media field. While all the sessions were packed with knowledge, here are three insightful takeaways that were echoed throughout […]

Forced to Build a Successful Content Marketing Business [Podcast]

Anthony Chatfield (now runs a content marketing business) spent his years at university studying for a degree in Creative Writing only to discover that his accomplishments were not worth much to employers. This discovery forced him to look at creating his own job and so he set about starting his own writing business. More than […]

A Simple Way to Turn Your Email Subscribers into True Fans

Do you ever find yourself with a list of email subscribers, only to not know what to say or when to say it? There is one simple way that content marketers and digital entrepreneurs can develop their relationships with their email subscribers. It’s the tried, true, and often overlooked … email newsletter. Creating an email […]

Why Your Brand Needs an Instagram Video Marketing Strategy

Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows you to record and post 60-second videos, a dramatic increase from its previous 15-second video capabilities. Furthermore, the social network is adding unique video features, such as slow-motion capabilities and video view counts, to the platform. Instagram has shown impressive growth over the last five years, but […]

How to Optimize Your News Site

If your website is all about news, there’s quite a lot that can be done to optimize your news site for search engines (and your users in the process). In this post, I’ll address a number of things you need to consider for your news website. First of all, if you have a construction business […]

Platform Dependent and Independent Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

For all businesses that have a digital presence, social media marketing is a must. But mistakes lower the chances of being successful with it. No matter how powerful your marketing techniques are and what online tools you are using, nothing can bring you desired results unless you stop committing mistakes… Platform Dependent and Independent Social […]

3 Surprising Stages of Successful Landing Pages

Landing pages support content marketing. The tricky thing is … landing pages are not home pages. They’re not blog posts, cornerstone content, white papers, case studies, product description pages, or even sales pages. And you can’t treat them like they are… 3 Surprising Stages of Successful Landing Pages

How a GREAT Marketer Befriends an Influencer

Have you ever watched a reality competition? You know, one of those Survivor-style shows that puts strangers in a stressful situation to battle for a last-person-standing prize? Don’t be ashamed if you have. I’m a pop culture snob, but still found myself transfixed by ten seasons of America’s Next Top Model. On that show, amidst […]

Why Prospective Students Aren’t Opening Your Emails

Many schools send out blast emails. Any email address in their contact databases, no matter how the address got in there, receives every email the schools send out. In the early days of email (the ’90s), this was an awesome marketing tactic because it worked. No longer. People want and expect personalized content. If you […]

11 Myth That Are Holding your Business Back On Twitter

Are you making the most out of the social network Twitter? Have clients and colleagues told you it isn’t worth investing your time and effort? Just because someone else wasn’t able to make it work for them doesn’t mean the same applies to you. They were more than likely just doing it wrong. Until you’ve […]

8 Guidelines for Exceptional Web Design, Usability, and User Experience

When it comes to designing or re-designing a website, it can be easy to get hung up on the aesthetics. “That shade of blue just doesn’t look right …. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the logo on the right side of the screen? …. How about we put a giant animated GIF in the […]

8 Mistakes Made During Search Engine Optimization That One Needs To Avoid

All search engine marketers are trying desperately to promote trends that are aligned with traditional digital marketing. SEO is immensely important to enhance key to improving your website’s visibility, driving more traffic and better conversion rates. The first thing one can do as an internet marketer is to avoid making mistakes. Following “SEO Best Practices” […]

F8 Update: 10 New Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Know

F8 2016 is in the history books, and there was certainly no shortage of brilliant new Facebook features and ground-breaking announcements from the social media giant. In his Keynote, Mark Zuckerberg took us through Facebook’s 10 Year Plan with an emphasis on “developing a family of apps to share anything they want with anyone.” And although […]

How to Build a Detailed Customer Persona That Informs All of Your Marketing

Marketing without a customer persona is like shooting thousands of arrows into the darkness, hoping that at least one of them will hit. It’s a numbers game – for every single hit, there are plenty of misses. How can you be sure your message isn’t falling on deaf ears? The most effective marketing is carefully […]

Want to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand? Be Sure to Post Incredible Content.

image credit: shutterstock Join us for a free, live webinar covering social media strategies to increase sales. Tune in 5/17 at 9 a.m. PT. Register Now » Does your organization or business use Instagram to further your brand exposure online?  First introduced simply as a picture sharing network and largely responsible for the cultivation of […]

Craft Beer & Influencer Marketing: Surprisingly Similar

What do craft beer and influencer marketing have in common? A whole lot, if you look closely. In the early days of our nation’s founding, there were thousands of micro-breweries around the country serving up suds to thirsty locals. After prohibition took hold in the 1920’s, only the largest breweries were able to stay in […]

15 Things to Try When Your Content is a Mind-Numbing Wall of Text

BAM! You’ve hit the wall. It’s over. Your creativity has run out. Your content marketing was purring along just fine, but then the juices stopped flowing, and the content got really boring. Your users can tell. What used to sizzle and pop with excitement is now a mind-numbing wall of text and brain-cell-killing content. What […]

4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Marketing By Making Friends

Friendships are important. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. Positioning your business on social media is no different than having these type of friendships. You need to advance your social media marketing to continue to nurture and court the following “friends”; Current customers with whom you […]

4 key Facebook trends e-commerce advertisers need to know in 2016

Columnist Andrew Waber dives into advertising activity on Facebook and uncovers several trends to help you plan ahead and improve performance. With an increasingly robust international user base, and more direct response-type ad products available than at any point in its history, Facebook has increasingly become a go-to channel for advertisers directly selling physical products. Fashion […]

Influencer Marketing: Drafting the Perfect Outreach Email

The role of marketing and advertising has changed from the simple days of simply broadcasting the same message over and over on Facebook. In fact, millennials – the most popular demographic marketers are trying to target – have become immune to the practically retro ways of banner and sidebar advertisements. This leaves marketers scratching their […]

How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies

Looking to step up your Amazon strategy? Columnist Benjamin Spiegel offers some effective keyphrase techniques to help you to optimize product pages and grow results. Amazon is not only one of the top digital shopping destinations, but it also has become a major search engine for product-related searches. In a previous Marketing Land article titled, […]

4 Ways Interactive Content Can Up Your Email Marketing Game

It’s not a new concept, but it’s getting a lot of hype lately amongst the email community. It’s even been coined the “next big thing” in email. We’re talking about interactive content. Interactive content brings a fresh approach to email, a channel often looked to as static and dated. (We know that’s not true.) Personalization, […]

3 Ways to Generate Warm Leads With Inbound Marketing

We all know a “rainmaker” who has an uncommon ability for generating warm leads – whether they work in a law firm, real estate agency, financial services company, or anywhere else. It’s almost as if they were born with an internal divining rod. But guess what? Virtually any business can turn into a warm lead […]

The 4 Steps to Keyword Analysis: How to Prioritize Your Resources

Don’t you love that feeling that comes with keyword research? You’re left with hundreds, often thousands, of opportunities you can target to grow your business. If you do your keyword research well, you can even identify several relatively easy keywords to go after. I know you’re excited. But there’s a problem… The 4 Steps to Keyword Analysis: How […]

Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking

LinkedIn, recognized by most as “the business social network” is also the third-highest visited social site, behind Facebook and Twitter. Because of its professional tone, it’s often an ideal platform for B2B social media strategies. But beyond brands, LinkedIn is the place for you to network about your industry, career, expertise, and just about every […]

7 Ways to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2016

Email marketing is a great, cost-effective way to engage prospective customers and nurture relationships with current customers. And email is actually welcomed by consumers. In fact, recent research has found that a whopping 91% of Americans say they want to receive promo emails. But let’s face it. With email being one of the most common […]

Evaluate Social Care Efforts With the Enhanced Team Report

Sprout’s Team Report has been redesigned and enhanced to include powerful new reply metrics for analyzing customer service efforts. Offered in the Team and Enterprise plans, the report enables teams to better evaluate efforts of individual social agents. What’s New? In addition to the current publishing metrics, the enhanced Team Report breaks down response metrics […]

10 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They’re So Great)

It used to be that Snapchat was seen as a platform geared mostly toward teens and pre-teens. But over the last several years, Snapchat has added features and made changes that have helped to move it into a much broader space. No longer are they a niche photo-messaging service — they’ve become an established media platform valued at over […]

How to Create Amazing Ads for Facebook and Twitter

Most of the advice you’ll find about running paid social ads deals with the technical process behind it: what buttons to push, what levers to pull, and so forth. It’s extremely important to sharpen these technical skills, because if you can operate the plane, you can fly it places. However, if your plane looks like […]

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Competitive Analysis

The early days of social media marketing were like the Wild West. Everyone was on the same level, trying a million different tactics to find the secret sauce. Whether it was spamming people to death, Tweeting 50 times a day or trying to figure out the all of thesocial media image size guidelines, nothing was […]

6 Of The Worst Design Mistakes Impacting Your Website’s SEO

So you’re working on your SEO, your ranking and traffic isn’t increasing, so you’re wondering what the hell is wrong? It may just be that your SEO efforts are taking their time, as they should do when implemented ethically and within Google’s rules, but there may be some glaring website design mistakes that are holding […]

What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down

You’ve noticed a dip in website traffic. Your email marketing, social media and content strategy are all on target, so what’s causing a decrease in visits, and what do you do? First thing: Don’t panic. Keep in mind that Google updates its algorithm between 500 and 600 times per year — and that doesn’t even include the major […]

Tips for Better Copywriting

As a content marketer you will learn about copywriting and when you do, you will realize that the sentence structure is a little different from what you will have been taught by your English teacher in compositional English. So, one of the first things you need to do to improve your copywriting is to throw […]

Need A Digital Marketing Consultant? 3 Important Question To Ask

Do you need a digital marketing consultant? A major component of a small business’s online success lies in their ability to implement an effective digital marketing strategy, which takes on even more significance when you consider the fast evolving pace of the digital marketing landscape. Digital marketing can be an intimidating topic to tackle, let alone […]

Beyonce and the Value of Surprise Marketing

Whether you’re a Beyoncé fan or not (and really, who isn’t a Beyoncé fan?) you can’t deny the way her team has perfected their marketing strategy. Beyoncé utilizes a technique I like to call ‘surprise marketing’. For her team, gone are the days of going on publicity tours and spending countless hours promoting her latest endeavor. Instead, Beyoncé springs her latest projects on us with […]

3 Ways to Level Up Your Content Marketing Game in Q2

Follow these tips to get more ROI from your content marketing efforts this quarter/ credit: getty images Despite the widespread adoption of content marketing, there continues to be a disconnect between getting it done, and getting results. I believe one of the reasons so many small businesses and marketers struggle is because they believe that […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

image credit: martin barraud | getty images Join us for a free, live webinar covering social media strategies to increase sales. Tune in 5/17 at 9 a.m. PT. Register Now » If you’re engaging in any type of content marketing – social media, blogging, eBooks, etc. – you have a content marketing strategy. While it […]

4 Femvertising Video Ads That Teach You How To Do It Right

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably noticed the increase in feminist advertising lately. Pioneering this trend all the way back in 2004 was Dove, with their “Campaign for Real Beauty”, spearheaded by the now-famous “Evolution” video showing a model transforming from real person to billboard beauty. The company achieved sales of $4 billion last […]

3 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Travel Startup

image credit: bloomberg / contributor | getty images Join Entrepreneur and today’s most influential business innovators in Denver, May 4. Register Now » Travel start-ups are among the most difficult niches to find success with. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the segment is extremely competitive. There are literally hundreds of travel agent businesses […]

The Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing

One of human nature’s most universal traits is the tendency to get ahead of ourselves. Carts come before horses, chickens come before eggs, and marketers Tweet without knowing why. In such a fast-paced, constantly changing industry, it’s not surprising that some social media marketers might launch feet first into day-to-day work, without a clear strategy […]

6 Tools to Develop an Outstanding Social Media Marketing Strategy

image credit: shutterstock Join us for a free, live webinar covering social media strategies to increase sales. Tune in 5/17 at 9 a.m. PT. Register Now » In today’s technological world, it seems that social media dominates everything. This can make it difficult for a company to stand out. Big companies as well as smaller […]

6 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Do you want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level? Have you considered using tools to support your efforts there? Adding the right Instagram tools into your marketing flow can help you project a more professional image and give you valuable analytic insights. In this article you’ll discover six tools to improve your […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency

Trying to figure out whether you should hire an agency or an in-house team? Find out why an agency might be your best choice. credit: getty images As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to think about how the marketing will be handled. It can be a tough and often confusing decision-hire an agency or […]

5 Reasons your Marketing Strategy Is Destined To Fail

How is your current marketing strategy performing? Is it failing and you’ve no idea what you’re doing wrong? There are many things to consider when putting together a marketing strategy. It’s important to understand who your target customer is and the best way to capture their attention whilst maintaining a clear, easy to understand message. […]

Advanced Social Targeting Extends Reach of Digital Video Advertising

Facebook continues to bridge the gap between traditional and digital channels with advancements to its TRP (target rating point) video advertising platform that make it easier for advertisers to extend TV ads to social channels. Last week, Facebook unveiled updates to its advertising interface that grant marketers access to dayparting and Nielsen DMA targeting. These […]

3 signs your small business should forego social media, and what to do instead

Wait — you thought every business needs a social media presence? Columnist Jordan Kasteler explains why being on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube may not be the right answer for a small business. If you’re a small business owner, the title of this article may not sit well with you. After all, there’s no shortage of […]

Why Marketing Automation is the Key to Sharing Strategic Insights with Sales

Have you been approached by your sales team within recent months asking for more leads or, in many cases, higher quality leads? (Where are my Star Trek fans?) As marketers, it’s no longer enough to be building the best communication with sales; it’s vital that we deliver the highest quality prospects to the sales team […]

38 B2B Content Marketing Case Studies for 2016

There was a popular article on TechCrunch recently claiming marketers in the inbound and content marketing space have no idea what they are doing and don’t know marketing. For some, that might be true. When you’re not viewing the world through the lens of a cynic, it’s amazing what you see. Marketers at companies all […]

8 Reasons Super Specialized Companies Should Embrace Inbound

“People don’t shop for our products online.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told this by sales and marketing leaders at B2B companies that make obscure, highly complex technology and products. They tend to resist inbound marketing and lead generation because they don’t make “click to buy” products. Most have expensive custom products […]

6 Things You Can Learn from Your Email Analytics

Making sense of your email analytics can be tricky at first. How do you know which numbers to focus on? What do all those numbers really mean anyway? Is this really worth your time? To approach your email reports with confidence, you have to understand what information you have available and how to use that […]

Conversion Optimization: 4 Do’s For a Frictionless Checkout Process

Conversion optimization is the strategic system set to encourage a higher percentage of your site visitors to convert. Your site’s efforts should be reflected in a clean, focused checkout process. With an average cart abandonment rate for an e-commerce site at nearly 70%, it’s no secret that high abandonment rates result in your business losing […]

How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You the Job [Template + Examples]

No one seems to agree on cover letters. How much time do you need to spend perfecting them? Do hiring managers even read them? Is it better to just send in your resume and call it a day? Now, I’m not in HR, but I’ve been approached by applicants who wondered whether their cover letter would actually […]

How to Optimize Your Content for More Search Traffic Using Ahrefs

This post was sponsored by Ahrefs. A successful SEO campaign starts with effective keyword research. So how good are your keyword research skills? Let’s have a little test: Assume you want to write an article about guest blogging. Well, “guest blogging” can also be called “guest posting”, so which keyword would you target? You could write two […]

10 Reasons Not to Give Up on Paid Social

Social media has shifted drastically in a short period of time. Gone are the days of posting a Facebook update that reaches most of your fans organically. The chances of your Tweets being lost in your followers’ streams are higher than ever. With algorithms and the noise on social media, it has become extremely difficult […]

How to Optimize Your Existing Blog Content for Traffic & Conversions [Live Google Hangout]

Every marketer knows that a successful inbound marketing strategy includes a blog. But not just any blog — a blog that boasts relevant, consistent content that’s optimized for both the target audience and search engines. That’s the kind of blog that drives results. Trouble is, finding time to balance quality and quantity is tricky. So what if […]

17 Untapped Backlink Sources (Updated)

How’d you like to see my secret stash of untapped authority backlinks that I personally use to rank for competitive keywords? Well consider yourself very lucky… …because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share some of my absolute BEST sources with you. Warning: you are NOT going to find anything about guest […]

9 Tools for More Organized Influencer Research

My eyes widen like crazy thinking about how long old school PR outreach must have taken. Hunkering down with a notebook, a landline phone (it probably had a cord!), a Rolodex, and maybe even the phone book. The horror! Making calls, waiting while the phone rings and rings, getting routed around to different departments’ extensions. […]

5 Features of Google Analytics You Probably Are Not Using

Google Analytics is a big tool, loaded with lots of features. It’s possible, even for experienced users to not have discovered all of the nooks and crannies where features hide in Google Analytics. As someone who trains and consults in the tool, I’ve used everything at least once, but sometimes I forget these features are […]

7 Steps to Gaining Customer Insights from Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Marketing doesn’t sell products. It brings to light a solution that addresses a customer need. If you’re in marketing, you’ve likely heard some variation of this before. And while this golden rule is still true, many marketers haven’t caught up with that fact that digital marketing has helped take the role of marketing one step […]

21 Video Marketing Ideas for Small-Business Budgets [Infographic]

Lights, camera… budget-buster? Small-business marketers often forgo video marketing for fear it’ll be prohibitively expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Sure, the making of a video can call for a set, crew, talent, script, wardrobe, post-production, and more. But, again, it doesn’t have to. Millions of budget-conscious small businesses are making effective marketing videos […]

How to Create Promotion Campaigns That Will Appeal to Your Audience

As an avid couponer myself, I understand firsthand the magnetic pull that saving money can have on a customer. The promise of a free giveaway or the exciting anticipation of joining a contest can generate a major following and lead to a fun way to achieve organic content promotion. There are thousands of ways to […]

The Only True Way to Become a Marketing Genius

image credit: hero images |getty Join us for a free, live webinar covering social media strategies to increase sales. Tune in 5/17 at 9 a.m. PT. Register Now » There are a ton of gurus, books, courses, seminars, coaching programs etc. for marketers, all of them claiming to make you a genius, to deliver the […]

7 New Tools That Will Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns

image credit: rvlsoft / Content marketing and social media are fast becoming the core of marketing for many businesses — and for good reason. WhatsApp has clocked in more than 1 billion users, Facebook is boasting nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users; and, as of 2015, the share of video plays on mobile devices exceeded 44 percent. (That […]

5 Tips to Deliver Better Customer Service on Twitter

Less than 10 years ago, if a customer had a question about a product, they could either make a 1-800 call and risk waiting on hold or send an email and hope to hear back within a week. Both options had the added complexity of needing to know the right number or address to get […]

3 Brilliant Marketing Automation Hacks for Content Marketers

For the last few years, automation has been a buzzword in content marketing circles. If you’ve been under the impression that it’s just another fad that’ll fizzle out eventually, this recent report from Markets and Markets will probably lead you to think otherwise. According to the findings of the report, the global marketing automation sector is […]

6 Social Media Marketing Tactics That Give the Best Bang for Your Buck

image credit: 2nix studio | shutterstock There’s no shortage of social media marketing tactics to promote your brand online, but not all of them are efficient. As a marketer, you have a finite number of hours in the day and a finite budget to work with, not to mention pressure to get the best results […]

The complicated local path to purchase: 7 marketing tasks to do yourself and 7 to outsource

Consumers weave their way through more media and platforms than ever before to find local information, making marketing to them more complicated. Columnist Wesley Young recommends which marketing tasks can be DIY and which should be outsourced by local businesses. Today’s consumers have lots of options to find local businesses, and they use them all. […]

How Getting Personal Can Boost Your Marketing Writing

Simply being yourself can have a profound impact on your marketing writing. There is a lot to good marketing writing other than simply writing about your business. The days of getting readers to pay attention to commercials, or passing off straight advertising copy as a blog post are over. No one sits down at their […]

How to Get 10X More Out of Email Marketing with PPC (and Vice Versa)

During my tenure on the Customer Success Team at WordStream, I consulted for hundreds of marketing teams. One of the most common problems I saw was each member of each team was working in a silo. The paid media guy was responsible for paid media. The SEO lady was responsible for SEO. The Lead Nurturer […]

10 Interviews That Will Make Your Marketing More Effective

One of the strategies in your marketing toolkit today should be the interview process. The interview, or a simple question and answer session, can be very effective in facilitating the creation of a variety of valuable customer facing content such as blog posts or profile articles, to content that is strictly for internal company use. […]

Learn How to Create a More Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

“Who is more influential to you than the people closest that you respect and trust?”– Lee Odden In the time that I’ve been at TopRank Marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to witness first-hand how influencer marketing can be an incredibly powerful way to build credibility for a brand, and create connections with the right people. I […]

How to Perform a Successful Social Media Audit

We’ve discussed the importance of creating a social media strategy before. Having a clear plan for how your business will use channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter significantly increases your chances of success. After you start implementing your strategy, you need a way to follow up and make sure everything is going as planned. The […]

Your Website Content Sucks! Here’s 5 Ways To Make It More Appealing

So you got yourself a new website designed, you threw together a few lines of content for each page, and you’re wondering why your visitors aren’t getting in contact? It’s obviously the designers fault! Or is it? Perhaps the content you hastily put together just doesn’t cut it with your target audience. Take the time […]

Social Media Marketing World 2016: Insights, Top Blog Content & Words of Wisdom

Last week, we had the privilege of participating in the annual Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. We joined over 3,000 other marketers and marketing influencers who were looking to explore the latest trends and best practices for social media marketing. From the moment (literally) that I stepped on the plane, I had […]

The Myth Of “Being Everywhere” And The Smarter Path To Traffic

This is part one of a trilogy on the fundamentals of growing your blog traffic, when your goal is to make $100,000+ a year selling your own products and services. To get all the articles in this series, click here to subscribe to my FREE Blog Traffic Email course. I may make enemies of some of […]

Marketing to Millennials: How to Get in With the Cool Crowd

Did you see that snap? Have you checked your Insta today? Are you and bae texting right now? If you’re a millennial, this jargon is all too familiar. But if you feel lost or uncertain, then you need to learn more about marketing to millennials. Not to worry, we’re here to help! First, let’s cover […]

25 Tools to Integrate Customer Success into Your Business

Predict churn, reach out to customers at just the right time, improve retention and increase new sales, upsells and cross-sells—the promises of a robust customer success program are practically a recipe for success. They might even sound too good to be true, but they make fundamental sense. When you provide your customers with the support […]

10 Practical Tips to Optimize Website Surveys That You Can Use Today

The very first step of Conversion Rate Optimization is identifying areas of friction and leakage within your conversion funnel. Tools like website analytics, heatmaps/clickmaps, visitor recording, form analysis, etc. can give you valuable info on where users are leaking out from your website (or app). However, sometimes, the best way to know it is by […]

Smart Marketing Strategies That Attract Franchisees

image credit: shutterstock Growing a franchise can be hard work. You have to think about corporate sales and marketing, as well as providing for the franchisees. It looks something like this: Corporate marketing programs. Corporate marketing programs for franchisees. Additional marketing programs offered through corporate for the franchises. Each of these initiatives takes a lot […]

Understanding the Culture of Digital Strategists on Instagram

Understanding Culture, in a Social Context At Affinio, the marketing intelligence platform, we’re in the business of understanding social communities, the people within them, and their distinct community culture. For brands and marketers, having an intimate understanding of a social community is critical in remaining culturally relevant with ideal audiences. The Culture of Digital Strategists […]