Video Sales Letter Copywriter Reveals the Secrets to Creating High-converting VSLs [Infographic]

As a video sales letter copywriter, I was going to title this: “What The Walking Dead Has Taught Me About Writing VSLs”. So what does this picture have to do with how to write a better VSL? In the picture above, Rick Grimes, the lead character in The Walking Dead is sitting against a truck […]

Cold Traffic and the Checkout Process: How to Improve Conversions [Infographic]

One of the things I’m amazed at is fiercely competitive marketers will pay me practically a king’s ransom to write the copy for a VSL… they’ll spend thousands of a month on cold traffic… yet they fail to appreciate the impact of design, copy, site speed, images, credentials, testimonials, reviews on the checkout process. Here’s […]

1500+ Swipe Ready Words and Phrases for Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Markets

Normally, I hate word guides like “Words that Sell”. Too generic. But–here are 1500+ “make money” regularly used words and phrases for the Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Markets. This blogger did a great job: Definitely keepers. Definitely swipe ready. Why am I changing my tune? Because I have used these […]

Can just one word make a difference? You tell me…

I have this partnership in the personal development space. Specifically, the law of attraction market. My partner is very ambitious. Always testing. Anyway, I was critiquing a sales page he’d just put up where he was offering to help people become successful. Makes sense right? Like that’s what LOA folks want, right? Success?