There are silver bullets…but you have to find them yourself

View from my chair at the Founders Growth Team island (and yes that is pictures of chamath, AJ and BB) #yougottahaveidols The Growth Machine: A process for doing growth hacking the right way This is not another post claiming to teach you a secret hack for how to improve your conversions by 100% in three […]

The Death of Advertising as We Know It

Disclaimer:The following article is the sole opinion of the editor of this blog. It is a thought-experiment based on the release of new technologies and emerging trends in shopping behaviors. It should by no means be interpreted as a roadmap on the direction of Shopify or its partners.   Now that I have your attention, […]

8 Unusual Link Building Strategies That’ll Catapult Your Rankings

The SEO landscape has tremendously evolved over the past 5 years. Back then keyword stuffing would help in ranking. Now it’s frowned upon by Google. Low-quality spun articles were acceptable. Now they will get your website penalized. Spammy backlinks from article directories and forum comments would elevate your rankings. Now quality backlinks from authoritative sources only increase your website’s […]

23 Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins

WordPress rules the web. The latest stats show that: 25% of the top 10 million sites by Alexa rank use WordPress every 74 seconds a new site within that group starts using WordPress 48% of all content management systems tracked by BuiltWith use WordPress (W3Techs puts the figure at 58.7%)… 23 Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins

Forget your Twitter share count. Social referral traffic is more important.

We need to talk about social sharing counts. Content marketers have developed a serious addiction to them that I think is bordering on unhealthy–and I’m saying this as one of the folks on the team that created Flare, a social sharing bar app! Share counts are in danger of becoming the new Pageview, because they […]

Content Metrics: Assessing the Real Impact of Curation

With the increased use of content curation (the best marketers use a mix of 65% created, 25% curated, and less than 10% syndicated content), some unique challenges need to be addressed in a content marketing measurement strategy, including: Marketers who are curating content are selecting, organizing, and contextualizingthird-party assets. Target audiences are not necessarily consuming […]

8 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook

You’re doing everything you can to drive traffic to your blog. You’re emailing your subscribers. You’re using Facebook to disseminate content. The problem is, with so much happening on Facebook, how do you capture your audience’s attention among all the noise? Beyond posting when a new article goes live, what are the other ways to […]

Common Misconceptions About Facebook Advertising: An Interview With Rocco Baldassarre

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Rocco Baldassarre, of Zebra Advertising, about the misconceptions surrounding Facebook advertising. It’s not just about boosting a post to your existing audience, and leaving it at that. However, that’s what most marketers are doing, Rocco says See Rocco dispel some of the […]

12 Content Marketing Tools That Will Rapidly Improve Your Productivity

With content marketing now taking over the world, there is a huge amount of content being created on a daily basis. With brands determined to stand out from the crowd, creating fresh and regular, high quality content can be time-consuming, which means content marketers need to be as productive and efficient as possible. Unique, shareable […]

3 Facebook Ads Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

With a staggering 84% of internet users having at least one Facebook-owned account (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp), it’s safe to say in many ways Facebook has taken over the world. And while most of Facebook’s current growth is coming from “fast-growth markets” where Internet populations are expanding rapidly, recent findings indicate that roughly 72% of […]

Overwhelmed by Email? Here Are 11 Great Tools for Organizing Your Inbox

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their email inbox. On the one hand, email can be exciting — whether you’re making progress with a client, replacing a meeting with a (much more efficient) email thread, or receiving an invitation to a fun social gathering. On the other hand, though, email can be overwhelming — especially if […]

Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing Before CRM Implementation

Since the beginning of time, humanity has sought to answer unanswerable questions, like which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Recently, I’ve come across a question with increasing frequency, that may not be as significant, but is probably even more important if you’re looking to embark upon a journey of accelerated sales growth. What […]

How to Write With Clarity: 9 Tips for Simplifying Your Message

There’s something missing from a lot of content. It’s clarity. Clarity means making your content easy to understand. If people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then your content is not useful, right? On the other hand, if you can produce sharp, clear, intelligent, and easy-to-understand content, it become much easier for people to see […]

4 B2B Social Media Marketing Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Their B2C Counterparts

When social media first launched, many companies were skeptical that these new platforms could be used to support their business initiatives. Today, if you hear of a company that is not on social media, you find yourself wondering “What are they thinking?”. According to NewsCred, 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content. […]

Facebook Conversion Pixel Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you using the Facebook conversion pixel? Wondering how to transition from your old conversion pixel to the new pixel? Facebook’s new “one-pixel solution” makes it easier for marketers to monitor and measure conversions from Facebook users. In this article you’ll discover how to install the new Facebook pixel, track conversions and view the cost […]

8 Twitter Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Is your Twitter marketing working? Do you want more engagement for your tweets? Knowing how to write your tweets and when to publish them can increase visibility, boost engagement and drive traffic to your site. In this article you’ll discover eight tips to deliver better tweets… 8 Twitter Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Build Social Relationships With Influencer Marketing

The main goal of online marketing, and any marketing for that matter, is to drive people to take action. Whether it’s buying a product, sharing content, attending an event or any other action, companies are always striving to get consumers to interact. Jump to the Influencer Marketing Infographic. You can do that through great copywriting, […]

Cyber Monday: The Top Retailers Ready to Help Customers on Twitter

Cyber Monday is officially upon us—arriving with ever greater importance. In fact, already this past weekend, an estimated 103 million Americans shopped online, edging out the 102 million people who stuck to the stores. Analysts predict that when all is said and done, social media alone will account for a staggering $15 billion worth of sales in 2015. So, as people continue to clamor to find the best deals online, […]

5 Reasons Batching Your Blog Content Can Improve Your Productivity

This is a guest contribution from Christian Karasiewicz. Do you ever find you’re always rushing to compose a blog post? Or maybe you meant to write a blog post, but life happened and you forgot? What if you could relieve the pressure of constant blogging and have content ready-to-go on a weekly basis? Would it […]

It Only Takes 50 Milliseconds! How Visual Content Affects Website Visitors

Did you know it only takes 50 milliseconds for your website visitors to form a first impression about your business? Or just 2 seconds to decide whether your site is good or bad? Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so using striking visuals can help you build an immediate good impression. This […]

20 Things to Remember for Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Marketing has so many subdivisions, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. Content marketing, one of the more misunderstood off shoots, is as tricky as it is simple. What’s so tricky about it, you ask? It’s just writing… No. Not everyone can write something that speaks to their readers and prompts them to like/follow you on […]

A 3-Step Plan For Easier Email Marketing

Don’t just throw away perfectly reusable email content. Columnist Daniel Faggella outlines some ways to help you create a compelling email campaign without the fuss.   Since 1970, the recycle triangle, or what’s more formally known as the universal recycling symbol, has been the little reminder that we should recycle, reuse and reduce waste. If […]

Five Buzzworthy SEO Trends You Must Know About for 2016

Get ready for a new year of changes to Google’s algorithms—and your SEO strategy. The following five trends, distilled from a guide published on the blog, will undoubtedly be buzzed about next year. 1. Dark Traffic It’s not news that an immense amount of traffic is flowing to websites from social media and messaging […]

5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers

  image credit: Shutterstock Join us at Entrepreneur magazine’s Growth Conference, Dec. 15 in Long Beach, Calif. for a day of fresh ideas, business mentoring and networking. Register here for exclusive pricing, available only for a limited time. Conscious consumption is on the rise. People are seeking out ways to make better decisions about what […]

8 Indisputable Ways To Increase Web Form Conversions

At the heart of almost every website conversion funnel, lie web forms. Web forms help websites convert visitors into subscribers, leads, or customers. However, making visitors fill up those forms is a great challenge. Because, hey, nobody likes filling up forms! A well-optimized website or landing page can still suffer if it contains poorly designed […]

The ultimate guide to SlideShare optimization

Do you use SlideShare? Are you using it to its full potential? If you don’t, here’s why you should. SlideShare is a global hub for presentations, and its traffic is driven primarily by social and search. In fact, SlideShare gets 70 million visits per month. Research shows that SlideShare reaches almost every type of business […]

15 Ways to Get More Leads from Social Media

Is social media just for raising awareness of your brand… or can you actually generate leads from it? The answer is you can definitely generate leads from social media. It can produce positive ROI. And there are a bunch of ways to get there. But if you’re struggling with lead generation on social media, you’re not […]

The Persuasion Playbook for Email Marketers

If you turn your Econ 101 textbook to the first page, you’ll find a definition of homo economicus: the economic man. It’s an old-school way to understand why people make the choices they do. This character is rational, self-interested, and thinks purely in terms of maximizing his utility. Nothing will persuade him except his own […]

Embracing the Double Opt-In: How It Can Be an Email Blessing, Not a Curse

You know what might really help your email outreach? Making all the people who give you their email addresses indicate a second time that they actually, really, genuinely want to receive messages from you. Sound crazy? It isn’t. At first glance, the benefits of requiring a double opt-in (DOI) might be hard to see, especially […]

Learn How to Engage Gen C (It’s Not Just Millennials)

You’ve heard of millennials, but have you heard of Gen C? They are on Facebook; they are watching YouTube videos; they are networking with their online communities. Google Think dubs this Gen C, a “powerful new force in consumer culture … people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.” While Google states it’s […]

Win/Loss Analysis: Strategize Your Results [Infographic]

Companies that study their past deals have a 3-X higher win rate than companies that don’t. Here’s how looking at past sales can help your winning future deals. Win/loss analysis uncovers how decisions are made, what buyers care about, where you stand out (and where you blend in), and what caused the final decision, according […]

A 4-Step Approach to Create Content That Hits the Mark

At CMI, we’re in the thick of planning, and there is one theme that surfaces repeatedly: We need to double down on what is working well – and stop doing what isn’t. There is no simple way to figure out what is effective. However, the first step is to start thinking about effectiveness when you […]

9 Roadblocks That Could be Harming Your Google Rankings

Almost every business in the world wants to rank on the first page of Google, but very few ever get there. With the best SEO will in the world, top-result status is a mountain many marketers struggle to climb. It’s not for want of trying. With Google’s algorithm changing constantly, it can be hard to […]

This Week in Content Marketing: Facebook Instant Articles Need Syndication, Not Advertising

PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunesand Stitcher. In this special Thanksgiving episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Robert and I discuss the amazing new content marketing launch for Y Combinator called “The Macro,” and explain the benefits it’s likely to provide to its innovative publisher. Next, we’re not […]

Why Last Year’s Holiday Ecommerce Sales Numbers Are Changing 2015 Expectations

You don’t need anyone to tell you that the holidays are a major opportunity for retailers everywhere (online or offline). But you might be surprised by the level of importance they carry and how some of these trends are changing. RJMetrics analyzed data from hundreds of ecommerce stores. Some of what we found wasn’t too […]

Online Reviews: How to Respond to Fraudulent Reviews

Do people review your business online? Ever receive negative or fraudulent reviews? To discover what to do when you receive a review that’s not what you were expecting, I interview Dan Lemin. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help […]

Snapchat Rolls Out Story Explorer: This Week in Social Media

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Snapchat Introduces Story Explorer: “When you see a moment that inspires or excites you, simply swipe up to […]

The Thoughtful Way to Use GIFs for Your Brand

GIFs are often looked at as silly and unprofessional, but they can actually be used thoughtfully to help your serious organization—from high-end retail to nonprofits—stand out on social media and better connect with your audience visually. The key difference between a GIF of dancing cats that likely has no value for your business and a GIF that […]

New #MarketingNerds Podcast: How to Come up With Content Idea for Your Blog

Visit our Marketing Nerds archive to listen to other Marketing Nerds podcasts! In this week’s episode of Marketing Nerds, seasoned writer, Amanda DiSilvestro, joins SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones to talk about coming up with topic ideas for your blog or other websites. In this episode, Amanda and Kelsey talked about the process of writing an article, hot […]

How to Generate More Leads With Content Marketing [Free Online Course]

According to research, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 42% are actually effective at it. Why such a big gap? As with most things, it comes down to a lack of education on what actually works and how to plan and execute on your campaign in the most effective way. HubSpot recently teamed up with […]

SEO Checklist For Bloggers: 17 Steps To Follow For Each Of Your Posts

Do you optimise your blog posts before you hit the publish button? Want a handy checklist to follow to ensure you don’t miss anything important out? From writing a catchy and click-worthy title that includes your target keywords, to properly formatting your text and image alt tags, there are a number of easy to implement […]

The Best Times to Send Business Emails This Holiday Season [New Data]

This post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. We’ve finally found an effective email strategy. Our open and clickthrough rates are optimized — or so we thought. Until one December morning when our metrics plummet. It must be a mistake. Or, it’s the holiday season. Each year […]

How to Build a Compelling Marketing Plan for Your Startup

This is the second installment of a three-part series on how to build a compelling and investment-worthy business plan. image: Getty Images This 3-part series is intended to illuminate what goes into developing a superior business plan–one worth funding. I hope that you enjoyed Part I of the series last week. In this installment, we […]

Using Data to Segment and Target your Audience

Image Credit: Jeff Sheldon / Caption: Know where your customers spend their time Data is all-important when it comes to successfully targeting your customers. There are many things that you can find out about them, even just from how they use your website. You can understand what kind of products they buy and what their […]

Biggest Changes To SEO This Year That Will Change How You Do Your Job [Infographic]

How is Google fine-tuning its search algorithms? How can your brand keep ahead of the pack by anticipating or responding to these changes? An infographic from Executive SEO Inc. explores the way SEO has changed in the past year. Optimization for Mobile Traffic “Many have been predicting that mobile traffic would exceed desktop traffic, and in […]

How Social Media Can Supercharge Your Black Friday Sales This Year

Do you remember last year’s shopping frenzy on Black Friday? I can’t forget it because not only did I purchase some of my favorite stuff online at insanely cheap rates, but also bought tons of gifts for my friends and family members in Thanksgiving sales. For the last few years now, Black Friday and Thanksgiving […]

8 Ways To Use Social Media To Test Your Marketing Campaigns, Programs and Content

The new always on, always connected, digital and social world provides amazing opportunities for smart digital brand marketers and business leaders to develop, test, and launch marketing programs, campaigns, products and services to market in far less time than days past. Gone are the days of waiting weeks and months to see how a multi-touch direct mail […]

Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Pitching to Big-Time VCs

image credit: Shutterstock Most startup companies have the same goal: get funded by a prestigious VC who can help them scale, offer valuable connections and send a signal that the company is a comer. But we all know that VCs, especially the big ones, pass on over 99 percent of the deals they see. So […]

Tips for Using Imagery in B2B Social Media Marketing

Many Professional Services Firms are just starting to realize the benefits of social media in terms of growing their brand, which in turn means growing their business. For example, social media can help drive traffic to your website and we have seen time and time again that website traffic correlates to revenue and growth. So […]

B2B Prospecting Is Not What You Think. It’s Personal.

During a research interview on behalf of a highly innovative tech manufacturer, I asked a customer what this company’s greatest strength is. The answer—my sales rep. B2B Prospecting Is Personal It’s a tenet of my marketing belief system and a strong competitive differentiator. The better we understand our prospects and customers as people, the better […]

Creating a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

The big December marketing push is around the corner. But there’s no need to panic. You’ve still got time to build the kinds of lead-generating marketing campaigns that will give your brand momentum well into the new year — and beyond. I’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to launch a holiday […]

4 Reason Business Owners Should Be Thankful for Internet Marketing

Internet advertising gives in-store and online retailers a lot to happy about this season. image: Getty Images Normally, when people think about reasons to be thankful during the holidays, thoughts turn to family, friends and the things in life that truly matter. And while that’s all well and good, there are also reason for business […]

Fluid resourcing: Is this the new normal in digital marketing structures?

What does increasing digital maturity really mean for how organisations are structuring their digital marketing capability? In both our 2013 report into Digital Marketing Resourcing, and now in our latest 2015 research, we have tracked the growing assimilation of digital into ‘business as usual’. Over this time, digital has become more seamlessly integrated into wider business […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Cause Marketing Strategy

image credit: Shutterstock According to the Cone Communications Social Impact Study, 90 percent of U.S. consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given similar quality and price. So not only is supporting a cause good for the soul, but it’s good for business, as long as companies channel their marketing […]

16 Eye-Popping Statistics You Need to Know About Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is one big trend you need to embrace. And for good reason. One marketing trend that’s impossible to ignore is the growing power and value of visual content. Just look at four of the fastest-growing social networks: Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. The way people–especially younger people–are consuming content is radically changing. […]

Are you making these six video marketing mistakes?

Video marketing is so prevalent that by 2016, 74% of all internet traffic will be in the form of a video.   The reason videos are so popular is because it’s far easier to consume content by watching an engaging video rather than trying to read about it. But what do your video marketing efforts look like? Have […]

Better Content Marketing: 3 Lessons in User Experience Design for Content Strategists

Better content marketers don’t just create assets, they create content experiences that captivate attention and inspire action. Which is why learning from the tried and true playbook of user experience design can take content from mediocre to shareable and valuable. Need Finding Before a user experience designer creates a prototype, one of the primary steps […]

32 Content Marketing Posts We Are Thankful For

For those in the United States who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! While we at CMI are thankful every day to be part of such an amazing community of content marketers, today we give a special thanks to those who graciously share their expertise, insights, and experiences with us and our audience… 32 Content Marketing Posts We […]

How to Write High Quality Clickable Ads (No Matter What Network You are On)

The whole PPC experience is frustrating. You want to throw your coffee mug against the wall, but that type of behavior is frowned upon in your co-working space. Your cost per click is too high to ever be profitable–certainly much higher than you were led to believe it would be. You wonder where all these mysterious […]

Why Gratitude Is the Secret to Good Health & Happiness [Infographic]

“Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything you receive,” wrote Marelisa Fabrega in her book How Gratitude Can Change Your Life. Practicing gratitude doesn’t just make you a more likeable person, but it can also benefit your health. In a study of character strengths, gratitude was found to be the best predictor of […]

Why Ongoing Digital Marketing Training Creates More Engaged Employees

When you hire a new employee, the first few months of their employment is typically a whirlwind of trainings on process, procedure and industry best practices. A strong onboarding strategy is key to team members successfully integrating into your business and gaining an understanding of what is expected of them. Unfortunately, once the initial training […]

How to Export Leads With Facebook Search

Do you use Facebook to find prospects? Ever wish you could export your lead lists? The new Facebook Search browser extension for Chrome makes it easy to search Facebook for prospects and download the results. In this article you’ll discover how to export prospect details from Facebook… How to Export Leads With Facebook Search

Is Your Online Shop Ready For Christmas? 17 Tips To Boost Conversions

Did you know November and December drive 30% more Ecommerce revenue than other months? Is your online shop taking advantage of that extra interest? Probably the quickest and easiest idea to implement is a Christmas sale. Think of an offer your visitors won’t be able to refuse and create a discount code for your site […]

Use Google Plus? How To Build Your Business Using Google+ Communities

Do you use Google Plus as part of your social media marketing strategy? Are you taking advantage of their group facility, Communities? When used correctly, Google Plus Communities allow you to network and source opportunities within specific interests or sectors. You can use them to find sales prospects or even people to read and share […]

Google Reveals Black Friday In-Store Traffic Data to Help Improve Focus of Online Ads [Infographic]

Throughout the evolution of social media as marketing medium there’s been one question that’s persisted through all the updates and iterations and stats. That question? What’s the ROI of social? There are various answers to this, of course, and really, it’s impossible to provide one, all-encompassing response as the benefits vary case-by-case, but what is clear […]

Seven avoidable marketing automation mistakes

Over the past five years, marketing automation has ballooned into a billion pound industry. Many businesses of all shapes and sizes have been drawn in by the potential upside of lead nurturing, lead scoring and triggered responses to critical prospect activities. Marketing automation has promised the ability to bring efficiency and scale to marketing programs […]

5 Ways To Create Interactive Content and Maximize Your Marketing Budget

It’s no secret that content marketers are churning out more whitepapers, ebooks, and online content than ever before, devoting huge portions of their budgets and resources to circulating as much information about their brands as possible. But when it comes to content marketing, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Probably. […]

Google Analytics: Ecommerce Metrics to Track Daily, Weekly, Monthly

When managing an ecommerce website, it is important to track essential metrics. But there are so many metrics available in Google Analytics that it can be overwhelming. This article aims to help you decide which metrics will be most useful to you and your business for daily, weekly, and monthly tracking — to help you […]

7 Skills a CMO Needs in the Digital Marketing Era

image courtesy of Professional Academy Remember the BCG model you learned as an undergrad? You know, COWS, STARS, DOGS, AND ?Well, we used to call question marks (?) problem children before it became politically incorrect [children aren’t bad; they do bad things] Well, BCG is still out there pushing the envelope on marketing [and general […]

How to Grow a Million-Dollar SaaS Business with Cold Emails

In 2014, the team was sitting in a coffee shop cranking out work on our lead generation service InspireBeats. “Hey, I think that dude’s prospecting on LinkedIn!” Our business development lead David pointed at guy working at the next table. Our founder said: “Go and talk to him.” David went over, explained what we did. […]

7 Best Marketing Strategies for Fast Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a crucial first step for startups as well as an ongoing goal for well-established businesses. But I won’t lie to you… It’s harder than ever to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. But with the right strategies in place, you can ensure your business is profitable. I cover 7 of these powerful strategies in this […]

Need Help With Content Topics? 5 Places To Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

Blogging is a low to no-cost way for marketers to create owned content on a consistent basis. A consistent blogging schedule of high quality information creates a great way for your customers and prospects to gain a better understanding of how you can help them and the smarts that exist within your organization. In fact, […]

10 biggest game changers in digital marketing of 2015

image: Imagezoo/Corbis Technology is changing quickly, and as a business owner, you need to be one step ahead. From exciting developments in machine learning to Google’s increased focus on mobile SEO, companies big and small need to seize the opportunity to step up their digital profiles and market smarter. This year in particular has been […]

Digital Marketing Spotlight: John Bell, VP Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers

Star light, star bright, which digital marketer is next in our spotlight? Well, it’s John Bell of course, Vice President of Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers. John joined Travelers after 13 years at Ogilvy & Mather where he founded Social@Ogilvy, a global social and digital marketing practice. There, John drove digital and social strategy and programs for major […]

6 of The Top B2C Brands That Are Rocking Instagram

What were you doing 5 years ago? In October of 2010, the mobile app Instagram launched onto the scene, and the mobile marketing world hasn’t been the same since. Sure Facebook has over 1 Billion users and Instagram has 400 Million active users, but its engagement is deafening, and unlike Pinterest, the ratio for men […]

The Holiday Marketing Tips You Need to Sell More This Season [Infographic]

Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, the coming week will be filled with holiday shopping. With more and more holiday shoppers turning to their smartphones, the influence of social media on holiday shopping can’t be ignored. On social media, user generated content is one of the strongest influences of consumers. In fact, 92% of consumers trust recommendations […]

How to Scale Content Marketing Needs: An Interview with Dave Snyder of CopyPress

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Dave Snyder, CEO of CopyPress, about scaling content. As a business grows its content needs grow along with it. How do you scale your content marketing production to keep up with business growth? Snyder has worked with large brands with demand for […]

How to Create Content that Abides, Dude: Content Marketing Lessons from the Big Lebowski at #MNBlogCon

Does pondering content marketing strategy make you feel a little out of your element? Are you missing the key components that really tie a strategy together? Do you sometimes feel like stepping away from the laptop, pouring a White Russian, and zoning out to Creedence Clearwater Revival? You’re not alone. Only 30% of B2B marketers […]

10 Strategies From For-Profit Companies That Pay Off For Non-Profit Marketing

Non-profit marketing must catch attention, provoke emotion, and inspire people to act now! The digital marketing approach to non-profit success is a multi-faceted one and often requires B2B and B2C target persona consideration. Added to this, charitable and non-profit businesses tend to include requirements for delivering varied expected outcomes, ranging from donations by individuals and […]

4 Strategies to Help Maintain Lead Quality in Your Database

When you first implemented inbound marketing for your business, you knew that you were building a system that utilized high quality content to help generate high quality leads from your website. Flashes of the film Field of Dreams probably kept running through your head as you optimized your website for conversions and started pumping out […]

Three Future-Proof Tactics for Mobile App Marketers

Once your mobile app is out in the wild, you begin to face limitations that make app distribution difficult. Some of those limitations are rooted in the underlying structure of the world of mobile apps: Unlike the Web, where, inherently, content is linkable and websites are connected, mobile apps are usually gated behind the walls […]

Data: The Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Too few marketers truly use a data-driven content marketing strategy. Setting clear goals and using data as your guide ensures that you are developing the right type of content, getting it in front of the right audiences, and understanding its impact in a way that lets you continually optimize your strategy. I refer to this […]

6 Holiday Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Is your business on Instagram? Looking for ways to stand out this holiday season? There are simple tactics you can use to grab attention and increase engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram. In this article you’ll find six tips to boost your Instagram marketing for the holidays… 6 Holiday Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Why Your Business Should Be Ready for New Social Media Platforms

When a social network has reached the popularity of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, making the decision to invest time and energy into it is easy. Most companies like to wait until they see other businesses have success on a social network before deciding to make the plunge. It’s completely understandable. You don’t have the resources […]

21 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Will Help Your Business Grow

Are you looking for long term, sustainable techniques to grow your business? Do you want your clients to find you instead of relying on an outbound sales strategy? When implemented correctly, an inbound marketing strategy can generate a consistent stream of qualified prospects. You’ll have no doubt heard of certain elements of inbound marketing such […]

Which Social Media Sites Work For You? these Flow Charts Will Tell You

Do you know which social media platforms work best for your business? Want to know if you should ditch your current plan and start something new? In order to ascertain which platforms are right for you it’s important you understand the demographics of your ideal customer first. Their gender, age, level of education etc can […]

How to Create Content That Converts Like Crazy

You’ve been working hard to produce great content for your audience…. You’re getting your name out there on social media and traffic to your website is growing steadily. But no one is buying your stuff. Content is pointless if you’re not converting leads and sales. If you can’t do this, all the traffic in the […]

Does Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Stink of Spam? [PODCAST]

  Psst! We’re taking a lil’ break for the holiday season but will be back to our regular podcasting schedule on January 6th. We all know what spam looks like when it lands in our inbox, yet we’re quick to approve email marketing campaigns that are strikingly similar… Does Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Stink of […]

Why Visual Content Is The Key To Conversion [Infographic]

Humans are visual creatures. And visual content is the key to getting customers to consider you in the first place, and then to stay. A lot can happen in a first glance. And, increasingly, customers want information in the visual ways that entertain them, such as videos and infographics. If you don’t already know why […]

16-Step Blueprint to Master Your Digital Marketing in 2016

image credit: mama_mia | Shutterstock Join us at Entrepreneur magazine’s Growth Conference, Dec. 15 in Long Beach, Calif. for a day of fresh ideas, business mentoring and networking. Register here for exclusive pricing, available only for a limited time. “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do […]

What Is the Real Cost of Social? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is no such thing as a free lunch. And there is also no such thing as free marketing, even if social media accounts are free. An infographic by uncovers some of the costs of using social media for marketing, “from staff costs to external fees, advertising and more, and discusses whether the ROI makes […]

2016: Manual Link Building & SEO

Can link building truly be replaced by content marketing and “link earning?” Columnist Andrew Dennis doesn’t think so. Here’s why.   We’re edging ever closer to 2016, and already prediction posts are publishing. Recently, hoopla around manual link building arose when a 2016-focused post predicted its demise. My fellow columnist Eric Ward shared his thoughts […]

Designing Real Life for Social Media: Pigalle Duperré Playground

The impact of visual sharing platforms like Instagram lies in our perception of reality. Most of the visual stories we aim to tell are explorations of geometry and of new perspectives. To some extent, the logic was rooted on DeviantArt, where the “real life” becomes a raw material to explore our fantasies. Actually, the deviation […]

5 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Music for Your Marketing Video

image credit: Shutterstock Join us at Entrepreneur magazine’s Growth Conference, Dec. 15 in Long Beach, Calif. for a day of fresh ideas, business mentoring and networking. Register here for exclusive pricing, available only for a limited time. Videos are now, officially, the most popular form of content in our already content-saturated world. Studies (yes: studies) […]

Instagram Will Make Your Brand More Money Than Facebook [Infographic]

Where should brands put their resources on social? It looks like Facebook has plateaued, while Instagram is in a rapid growth phase. Check out this infographic from It shows that while Facebook has seen a 63% decrease in organic marketing reach since 2012, Instagram has seen a 115% increase in the same period. What […]