Can your business afford to not be found on Google? Google is coming down hard on website owners trying to game their system to rank higher in their search engine results. Some are receiving penalties that are lowering their ranking, others are being removed completely. The infographic below from TechWyse gives you 10 techniques you […]

SMTPowerTalk 3: SEO Is a Journey, Not a Destination

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) misinformation, prejudices and misconceptions are the norm rather than the exception. Since we started out the #SMTPowerTalk series we’ve talked to industry leaders and marketers who have offered unique insights into how the words “social”, “media” and “marketing” can be made to best fit together. The challenge is […]


Today we’re releasing some very interesting new data on B2B marketing ideation. Ideation is a key component of any marketing strategy. As our research points out: 99% of marketers say a steady stream of ideas is central to their success as marketers. But how many marketing departments do you know with a solid process for […]


Do you own a business that provides products or services to your local area? Are you looking for ways to build your local online reputation? There are a number of ways to market your business locally, the quickest and easiest is probably to setup a listing with Google Places for Business, they give you a […]

Top 10 Marketing Conferences Every Social Media Marketer Should Attend

Missed SMMW15 and suffering from serious FOMO? Made it to SMMW15 and caught the conference bug? You don’t have to spend hours on Google to find out about all the best upcoming Social Media and Marketing conferences in 2015; we’ve done the work for you. We’ve put together the top conferences that the pros will be attending […]

How Fractl Leveraged Content Marketing to Increase its Referral Traffic 6,718%

The author’s posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. In October 2013, Fractl published a study on viral emotions on the Harvard Business Review. The research was picked up by several high-authority publishers, catapulted our brand’s authority, increased our brand awareness, and drove dozens of […]

5 Need-to-Measure Ecommerce Metrics to Scale Like the Big Box Retailers

The internet has an infinite amount of benefits, but one in particular that has wholly disrupted business operations. See, the world wide web allows for equal and fair access to websites, which means that startups and small businesses are essentially on an equal playing field with their big box competitors when it comes to ecommerce. […]

Did Video Kill Text Content Marketing?

They say video killed the radio star. The question is: Did it also kill the print star? And what does the answer mean for online content marketing? Whether it’s YouTube, Vine or integrated content — video has quickly become one of the most impactful ways to speak to an audience. According to a recent study by Usurv, […]

How to Win Your Battle for Content Marketing Buy-in [50+ Stats]

Over the past several years, marketers have made tremendous strides with content marketing and, as a result, are communicating more effectively with their audiences. Consider these data points: 86% of B2B marketersreport that their organizations are using content marketing, and 70% of them are creating more content than they did one year ago. More than […]


The marketing landscape has changed: conversations about your brand happen 24/7 on social and you are expected to stay on top of it. The good news is that you have direct access to where these conversations are taking place – through social customer service. Social customer care is no longer just an option but an opportunity […]

How to Run an Instagram Contest: Four Easy Steps

Is your company active on Instagram? Want to host a contest to build excitement about your business? Instagram makes it easy to run quick contests that engage your audience and build your fan base. In this article you’ll discover four simple steps to host Instagram contests that build buzz for your brand… How to Run […]


The Big 6 social networks offer tremendous marketing opportunities — and each one is very different. That’s why Spredfast has assembled our 6 Blueprints for Social Network Success. In one quick-read collection, you’ll discover constructive, actionable marketing tips for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These Blueprints are packed with more than 50 useful […]

15 Digital Marketing Podcasts That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

Last September, SEJ introduced Marketing Nerds, a weekly podcast that discusses everything from SEO to social media and entrepreneurship. The podcast was created because SEJ’s audience wanted to listen to the advice that the SEJ community provides. And, who can blame them? For anyone who has enjoyed listening to their favorite show, whether it’s Serial, WTF […]

Steps Toward Developing A Content Strategy

Columnist Rebecca Lieb details the critical steps organizations should take to map out a clear content strategy to govern their content marketing.   Organizations are finally getting the memo: They need a clear, cogent, documented and well-communicated content strategy to govern their content marketing efforts. My research (at Altimeter Group), corroborated by that of several […]

Top 10 Marketing Conferences Every Social Media Marketer Should Attend

Missed SMMW15 and suffering from serious FOMO? Made it to SMMW15 and caught the conference bug? You don’t have to spend hours on Google to find out about all the best upcoming Social Media and Marketing conferences in 2015; we’ve done the work for you. We’ve put together the top conferences that the pros will be attending […]

How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide to Medium for Marketers

Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead. Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a really great writing app. This is Medium, a blogging platform from the creator of Blogger and Twitter. It’s slick and snappy […]

3 Ways To Find Your Brand’s Social Truth

Does your audience believe your brand is truly authentic? Is your brand using a myth to sell its products and services? Marketing used to be about creating a myth and selling; now it’s about finding a truth and sharing it. Marc Mathieu mentions this while explaining how his company is looking for ways to share […]

How to Merge Your Professional and Personal Brand

It’s a challenge all social media marketers face, at every level of the job. From the C-suite to recent college graduates starting an internship, it’s essential to develop a personal brand with a professional edge and align it with the values of your company. “Personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership […]

How to Start a Blog

The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging About this guide This guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging. It provides easy-to-follow steps to start, maintain, and grow your blog. Ever wonder how the top bloggers do it? The techniques that make them successful, wishing it could be you? Much like you, they all […]

Google Looks to Help Split Testers and PPC Managers

On the surface, Google doesn’t appear to have a particularly close relationship with split testing. They offer a split testing feature built into Google Analytics (that many marketers are oblivious to), but it’s not the fanciest thing in the world. It allows you to direct visitors to two different variations and measure a range of objectives but doesn’t, […]

3 Bold Ways Social Media and Apps Can Incite Positive Offline Change

“Click like and save a puppy, the rainforest, banish poverty . . . etc” are all-too common calls-to-action we see peppering our Facebook threads and pop-ups. Eye rolls inevitably ensue. Alas, there may be more to the infamous “clicktavists” than we think. They click, feel better about themselves, and nothing really changes, but it doesn’t […]

How to Use Memes to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking to align your brand with current trends relevant to your audience? If so, its time to start creating memes! Memes are a great way to generate immediate reaction and make your brand a viral sensation. So, here’s how to use memes to enhance your marketing campaigns… How to Use Memes to Enhance Your Marketing […]

How to Create an Infographic in Under an Hour [10 Free Infographic Templates]

Wouldn’t it be great if creating infographics was just as simple as writing regular ole text-based blog posts? Unfortunately, the reality is that making visual content like this usually takes a lot more time, effort, and let’s face it — skill — than the written word. Usually. But considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual content in marketing […]

8 Winning Habits of Social Media’s Top Brands

In 2015 social media’s top brands are focusing on content in their marketing and advertising campaigns. These winning characteristics should give you a clue how to use the habits of the web’s top brands in your own social media: 1. Invest in Facebook It’s no accident that Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Red Bull have invested […]

Your Marketing Is Chasing Customers Away! Here’s Why.

Imagine I sent you this message on LinkedIn: Hi, my name is Jurgen Appelo. I give keynote talks at conferences and business events and I’m specialized in management and leadership. When you organize an event, I am the person you need. Would tomorrow be a good day to call you about this? How about 9:00 […]

5 Ways to Build A More Valuable Brand

What comes first the business or the brand? Do you develop your business with branding in mind or focus on building your brand after? With the economy resurging and more businesses starting to flourish, customers’ have more options. The competition is fierce and businesses that build a more valuable brand are winning… 5 Ways to […]

7 Tools: Find SEO Leads for Your Business

Earlier this year, I conducted an online survey of SEO agencies. I found that nearly 30% of these firms had fewer than a quarter of their business coming from Google Search. Besides online search, the most popular marketing channels among SEO agencies were word of mouth referrals, content marketing and direct marketing (cold calls, cold […]

The 9 Fundamentals of Executing A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant. Why? Because it is permission marketing. Your target audience willingly gives out his email to you to enter his ‘personal undistracted’ space. After Search, it has been the most powerful marketing channel with an ROI of 43x to boast in comparison to all […]

7 Popular Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Great Things on Social Media

“How cool would it be to have 1 million Facebook fans?” This is how I tend to go about setting social media marketing goals. I pull an aspirational number out of the air and go for it. Would it be cool to have 1 million Facebook fans? Absolutely! Is this the right way to set […]

Google Algorithm Will Soon Reward Mobile-Friendly Sites: Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Google is going to make a massive change to the way it ranks websites. How massive? This change outranks both Panda and Penguin in terms of its scale of impact on search results, according to Google’s Webmaster Trends analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji. The change comes down to one very important criterion: whether your website, landing […]

Four product marketing reasons why Tinder got really, really big

If you are looking to build an app or other online service there are some clever product marketing plays that enabled Tinder’s incredible success – these should be taken seriously.  Tinder is one of the biggest social media phenomenons of the last year. 1.5bn Tinder profiles are swiped through and there are 15m new matches […]

3 Ridiculously Powerful or New Facebook Post Publishing Features to Increase Fan Engagement Rates

It’s getting more difficult to get in front of fans on Facebook without using ads; it’s true. All is not lost, though.  One of the factors Facebook uses to determine which fans will see your content is affinity, which takes into consideration how engaged fans are with your brand. In a recent column, I shared […]

PayPal Punished: What Does That Mean for Ecommerce?

What is an ecommerce company to do when one of their “most trusted” payment options gets a big slap on the wrist from the US Treasury? Most are learning right now, though data isn’t yet available to report. So, what exactly happened, and how might it affect your small to medium ecommerce business? A $7.7M […]

Marketing Day: Yahoo-Microsoft Deal, Social Ad Spend To Hit $23 Billion & Tumblr’s “Sponsored Day” Ad

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: FAQ: The New Yahoo-Microsoft Deal, Explained Yahoo and Microsoft have reached new terms in their search partnership that was created in 2009. Here’s how the new deal will work to give […]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Looking for proven ways to improve your social media marketing? Wondering what resources you should read to boost your social efforts? We’ve compiled a list of our top ten articles from the recent past, each focused on a different social network. You’ll discover proven techniques to get your marketing on the fast-track to success. Why […]

What’s Next in Your Content Marketing Career Evolution?

I’ve been thinking about career paths lately – partly because people are asking about mine. Beyond that – I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned that could help other content marketers assess their own careers and figure out what the heck they’re doing with their lives. No rock star ever rose to fame after playing his […]

Pump the Brakes! How to Avoid ‘Check-the-Box’ Marketing

A lot of brands today are doing what I call “check-the-box marketing.” They say to themselves, “We need to be on Snapchat. We need to be on Meerkat. We need predictive marketing. We need connected tech and an app.” They get caught up in wanting to be involved in every new tool or concept they […]

16 Actionable SEO Copywriting Secrets That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Knowing SEO is great. Knowing copywriting is great. But when you can do BOTH? That’s when you can slap a big ol’ “S” on your chest… …because you’ll be unstoppable. And today I have something that will make you feel like you have SEO superpowers: 16 insanely actionable SEO copywriting techniques that you can use […]

10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building

Compare the two posts below, both written by the exact same SEO expert and each containing around the same number of words. Without knowing the subject, can you guess which post earned more links?   Try 378 to 6. In addition to its visual appeal, the left post was more timely, useful and informative – […]

Online Apps to Make Your Job as a Marketer Easier and More Efficient

Multi-tasking dominates our corporate culture these days. We are always looking to make our jobs easier by finding one solution to our problems or one app to do all our tasks. This is true for companies that have dedicated marketing divisions, but finding that all-in-one app for all your marketing needs is especially important for […]

Convince and Convert: Why Calculators Are a Demand Gen Marketer’s Best Friend

As a discipline, content marketing teaches solving problems and answering questions prospects are asking rather than interrupting their day with unasked-for advertising. One of the most common questions a B2B buyer will ask is “How will this solution impact my bottom line?” A marketer could answer this question with a pricing grid or a case […]

The ROI of Content Marketing

Lots of businesses get into content marketing because it is the “in” thing to do online. You can ask those businesses what their goals are, and you will get answers like exposure, social shares, links, leads, and sales. But when you ask those same businesses how they measure their content marketing to find out if […]

How to Maximize Your Mobile App Marketing with Social Media

Long days. Even longer nights are behind you. You and your development partners have created the app of your dreams and one that you hope will be a smash hit on Google Play and the Apple App store. You’ve done your homework. You’ve studied your target audience. You’ve created what you feel is the ultimate […]

Great Content Leads to Marketing Success

Great content, whether online on your company’s website or as text for physical brochures and print advertising is essential for successful marketing. The content should be a call to action as well as a description of your business’ mission. You can’t create great content until you understand what your business is. You need to be […]

10 Free Ways to Teach Yourself Inbound Marketing

When you’re first starting to learn something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Why? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve deviated from the things you’re good at and know well. Or maybe you had to make a pretty significant monetary or time investment, and you’re feeling the pressure. Perhaps you have all the drive […]

Marketing Automation: 4 Things You Should Not Do

I recently came across a post by Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner about tools and use-cases for these tools with automating your social accounts. Now, I guess you are already aware, that we here at The Social Ms are big fans of marketing automation. That we firmly believe that to achieve a lot with […]

The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends Dominating 2014

Would it surprise you to learn that some experts believeGoogle + is on its way out, that MySpace is making a last-ditch attempt to re-engage users, or that Foursquare is in the middle of a radical overhaul? Late last year, I made some predictions for social media trends in my article,The Top 7 Social Media […]


re you using images as part of your online marketing strategy? Still need convincing about the benefits visual content offers? As a design company we obviously love creating images, but there’s more to just creating pretty pictures than something nice to look at. There are a number of SEO and social media advantages to creating […]


Are you considering a website redesign but are concerned about the risk of losing traffic and sales?  It’s likely that a website redesign will reduce traffic initially but there are steps you can take to reduce this make gains in other places to counteract the loss. Take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which […]

How to Promote Your Business With Instagram

Do you use Instagram to promote your business? Are you looking for ways to engage your customers and attract new ones? The strong visual appeal of Instagram offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for businesses of any size. In this article I’ll share four tips for successfully promoting your products and services on Instagram… […]

5 Ways to Integrate SMS Marketing with Social Media Campaigns

SMS stands for short message service, and is one of the most effective marketing tools available to small business owners and marketers. Essentially, the practice of texting your consumers or having consumer text you. If you’re not already using SMS marketing­­ in conjunction with your social media marketing campaign, you may be missing out on valuable […]

Lessons From 5 of the Most Successful Marketing Campaigns of the Last Decade

Understatement time: Marketing has changed a ton in the last five years. Social media’s power to drive campaign success into uncharted territory has resulted in a massive shift in content marketing. The best campaigns have capitalized on the elements that make content shareable on social media. Below, we’ve taken five of the best marketing campaigns, […]

7 Must-Read Articles to Supercharge Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Despite the fact that our lives revolve around our smartphones, the word on the street – at least according to one recent report – is that most companies are lacking a formal mobile strategy (to the tune of 84%). There are a few reasons for this trend. For starters, it takes serious planning to get […]

How will email marketing evolve over the next five years?

Email marketing is one of those disciplines that people often claim is on the way out. However its enduring power for driving traffic and sales means it’s highly unlikely that email marketing will die anytime soon. So rather than wishing it ill, let’s consider how email marketing is likely to develop over the coming years. […]

4 Practices Can Damage Your Website’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization is something that is quite important along with content in getting the site rank higher in search engine results. If practiced in an ethical and advised manner, Search Engine Optimization can really help to rank your content quite well in SERP’s. However, doing it wrong surely can screw up your site badly. […]

How to Retweet the Right Way (With a Comment) on Twitter

Just see a great tweet? Want to share it with others by reposting, AKA retweeting or RTing, that tweet? Cool! Sounds like you’re getting the hang of how to tweet on Twitter. Now do me a favor, and don’t touch that retweet button! Not yet, at least. First, let’s talk about the change Twitter’s made to its retweet feature — […]

6 Types of Social Media Content Your Followers Want More Of

Here’s the bad news about social media marketing: it demands an endless stream of content, updates, and interaction from you (and we know how busy you already are, right?) Here’s the good news: with the right framework, creating a healthy stream of social media content for your profiles will become much easier (and more effective […]

Four Ways CMOs Can Differentiate & Optimize Their Content Marketing Strategy

Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom Taking inventory of the content we’ve produced over the past 10+ years, I realized I’ve written 1.4 million words myself on this blog as well as a book and numerous articles for industry publications. Looking to the future of our own content marketing strategy and the need for more […]

Does Email Marketing Still Work? 10 Ways to Make It Work for You

Does email marketing still work? Here are 10 ways to make it work for you. According to a new survey from the Content Marketing Institute, 83% of B2B marketers are still using email marketing via eNewsletters to reach their target audience. Tried and true methods never fail, right? Maybe not. Of that 83%, only 58% […]

The 4 Pillars of Stellar Video Marketing

In his book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, Mitch Myerson introduces you to 22 innovators who have redefined the developing landscape of online marketing. Learn how to master proven strategies, avoid costly mistakes and grow your business. In this edited excerpt, contributing author and video marketing consultant Lou Bortone offers an expert’s view on […]

Case Study: How to Relaunch a Brand Using Only Social Media

Stacy’s Pita Chips (a Frito Lay brand) had a problem: a large, passionate group of fans (affluent women, age 35 – 45) had lost their connection with the brand. They had not been communicated with nor engaged in a meaningful way for quite some time. These fans wanted more from their favorite pita chip. Stacy’s wanted […]

5 Content Marketing Tools that Will Make Your SEO Shine

If you want to increase leads and sales, you have to create content with search results in mind. Certain tools will make the process easier. IMAGE: Getty Images Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing go together like cake and ice cream. Seemingly for as long as I can remember, in the SEO community the […]

Hillary Clinton 404 Error Page Brilliance: Great Content in Unexpected Places

I love the Huffington Post for many reasons. But today I love the Huffington Post because they pointed me to my next installment of Great Content in Unexpected Places, Hillary Clinton’s new presidential campaign website. Well, more specifically, the 404 error page on her website. Love Clinton or not, this page is brilliant for a few reasons. It shows that she […]

How to Sell Your Company on the Importance of Marketing in 3 Simple Steps

Within companies that have a bustling sales department and a sophisticated technology stack, marketing is often the ugly stepchild. In some organizations, marketing lies at the bottom of the corporate food chain because the firm’s executives believe a marketing department is more a luxury than it is a necessity, unlike accounting, human resources and legal. […]

Small Business Owners: Ignore Social SEO at Your Own Risk

If you own a small business, by now you understand the power of ranking in Google. You know that search engines can bring in traffic. You know that social media can help you connect with the people that matter most to your business. Combined, these channels open up a world of opportunity for business owners […]

10 Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing

Marketers are constantly looking into the future, trying to predict the next big trend, be it for their brands or their clients. Naturally, marketers are preoccupied with questions like: What is the next big campaign? How can we turn our client into the “next big thing”? What is the next hot trend going to be […]

The 5-Step Process for Building a Marketing Automation Business Case

As many of you may know, the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2015 (#MKTGNATION) is this week. As I was preparing for my trip, I started thinking about the importance of marketing automation and the challenges we face as marketers when trying to express just how essential it really is. The benefits of marketing automation are […]

How Del Monte uses content marketing

Del Monte Foods released an interesting content campaign last November, with a focus on green bean casserole around Thanksgiving.  The campaign involved cross-selling products and holiday cooking tips and used search, mobile social and TV, as well as lots of content. I’ve been talking to Viginia Moon, Associate Brand Manager at Del Monte about itscontent […]

How Are Marketers Using Data?

Data is a top priority among marketers this year, with many intending to boost budgets Data is changing the world. According to October 2014 research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the greater availability and use of data in business can create a “virtuous circle,” with nearly two-thirds of executives worldwide reporting that information and knowledge […]

8 Ways to Use Facebook Video for More Engagement

Have you noticed more videos in your Facebook news feed? Want to take advantage of the benefits of Facebook video for your business? Facebook’s Autoplay feature means videos are more eye-catching than a regular post. Plus, Facebook videos seem to get more organic reach in the news feed. In this article I’ll share eight ideas to get […]

How to Develop a Content Marketing Rhythm: A Guide for Creating Consistently Great Content

For those in the marketing industry, there’s very little doubt. Content marketing works. While there’s no debating that content marketing works, it only works if it’s done right; and one of the keys to doing content marketing right is to do it consistently. Woody Allen famously quipped that “80% of success is just showing up.” […]

Small Business Owners: Ignore Social SEO at Your Own Risk

If you own a small business, by now you understand the power of ranking in Google. You know that search engines can bring in traffic. You know that social media can help you connect with the people that matter most to your business. Combined, these channels open up a world of opportunity for business owners […]

How to Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers

You’ve got a responsive site with a kick-ass mobile design. You’re ready for Google’s “mobilegeddon,” right? Wrong. With all the excitement over Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly search-results update, marketers are neglecting one of the most critical features: copywriting. Those focusing too much on mobile usability are giving short shrift to mobile copywriting. Content marketers must understand […]

6 Sales and Marketing Strategy Problems You Can Start Fixing Today

Discover how to bring the sales and marketing strategy of your business together and ensure the departments are working in sync and on-message. To boost lead generation and grow customer bases, it is imperative that Sales and Marketing are brought closer into alignment. According to Forrester, there is a 32% increase in annual revenue growth for aligned […]


Do you want to learn about online marketing in order to build your business? Would you like a handy list of blogs that can help you achieve your goals? Digital marketing is a must in today’s online world so every business owner should invest some time in building their online presence. If you’re not familiar […]

11 Ways to Make Your Content Appealing to International Audiences

For most of you, customers can come to you from any country in the world. That means all of your potential customers — the people visiting your website, reading your blog posts, and clicking on your calls-to-action — might speak a myriad of different languages or live in totally different time zones. Once they reach your […]

Focus on Your Business as a Whole for Search Engine Marketing

When you are trying to increase your business’s online exposure and success, you have to start thinking about more than just your website. While investing in search engine marketing for your website will produce positive results over time, this is not the only place where you will benefit from increased traffic. Videos It is becoming […]


Are you using images as part of your online marketing strategy? Still need convincing about the benefits visual content offers? As a design company we obviously love creating images, but there’s more to just creating pretty pictures than something nice to look at. There are a number of SEO and social media advantages to creating […]

Using Competitive Links To Inform Your SEO Strategy

To beat your competitors, you must first understand their methods. Columnist Casie Gillette discusses the value of competitive link data.   When I was growing up, my parents bought me every Nancy Drew book that existed. I loved the mysteries, the characters, and of course the fact that Nancy was an independent woman — something that […]

10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO

As noted here last week, ranking highly in search requires writing great content, making smart use of Google Webmaster Tools, and building or earning high-authority backlinks. But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic. At its core, search still relies on words, whether typed or spoken. How can you identify […]

33 software tools for freelance copywriters

Copywriters love software. The copywriters I speak to anyway. Whenever I post about it on Google+ or Twitter, I get a lot of replies and some very interesting discussion. Seems to me the only things copywriters like to talk about more are grammar and punctuation. (And that’s saying something!) I already wrote a blog post about software: 17 […]

Do This to Get People to Believe Your Big Claim

Another way to get people to buy into your claim is to explain the mechanism behind it. For example, let’s say a fitness trainer makes the claim that in just 14 minutes a day customers can add muscle to every inch of their body. Notice what is NOT suggested: that these will be particularly big muscles. The […]

4 Powerful Ways To Promote Quality Content That Attracts Buyers

Would you like to read the mind of your customers? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t like the ability to peer into customer’s minds to figure out what keeps them up at night so they can provide the perfect solution to a problem? Customers can be finicky, shifting their tastes and likes, but this makes […]

Your Marketing Comfort Zone – Feel Better When You Leave It

I recently launched our new podcasts. Originally I planned to do one episode every sunday, nothing big, 10 minutes each time. Everyone is doing Podcasts these days, and I just thought I’d give it a try. I also wasn’t going to invest a lot in it – I still won’t, at least for now. No […]


One of the keys to a successful social media marketing strategy is generating engagement with your followers. Whether it’s a retweet, comment or a like, that engagement propels your message into the timelines of others and increases your brand awareness. To ensure you’re posting at times that generate optimum social engagement take a look at […]

6 Benefits of Mission-Driven Marketing — And How to Do It Right

In his book No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, business coach and consultant Dan S. Kennedy shows you how to re-position your business, practice, or sales career so you can learn how to attract customers for whom price is not a determining factor. In this edited excerpt, guest authors Nick Nanton and J.W. Dicks explain […]

Why Long-Tail Keywords?

As an inbound marketer, your main goal is to get found by the customer. Within reason, you should do whatever you can to increase your visibility or ranking on Google. For small businesses especially, being a product page SEO expert is critical for competing with big retail sites. Customers prefer convenience, which is why it’s better […]

3 Practical Steps to Save Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

We’re over a quarter of the way through 2015 already (crikey), and as time flies so do our strategic marketing goals, lead generation targets and department budgets as well. But when it comes to that all-important quarterly review, are you ready to smash the socks off your planned vs actual marketing results? Or do you […]

Content Marketing Tips and Tactics for Small Business SEO

Last year’s The Lego Movie was a box-office hit. It was also a “100-minute toy commercial” and an “awesome piece of content marketing” for the privately held company that manufactures the colorful plastic bricks. Content marketing, as The Lego Movie illustrates, is not “just about blogging,” said Kevin Mullett, director of visibility and social media […]

4 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Plan Today

Marketing is one of the most critical components of your business’s success. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if customers are not aware it exists, there’s no point in continuing the line of work. In order to make sure your product is exposed to your target customers, you need to develop a […]

4 Brands Who Are Winning on Social Media

With an estimated 75 million Americans checking their social networks several times each day, it’s vital that brands incorporate social into their strategies. Being active on social media allows for a more direct and personal conversation between the brand and customer. When used correctly, its influence and reach is extremely powerful. Below are some of […]

Facebook Uses Ad Tech to Dominate the Social Advertising Ecosystem

Not only is Facebook the biggest social network on the planet, it’s also the dominant force in social advertising. This is the upshot of a recent report issued by Strategy Analytics, which reveals that Facebook accounted for three-quarters of global social network ad spend in 2014. Overall, ad spend on social networks grew a robust 41% […]

A Scientific Model for Creating Emotionally Powerful Landing Pages

This model will help you create landing pages that drive your buyer persona wild. Image source. The thing about buyer personas is that they can easily feel speculative. Ever guessed at what kind of yogurt your target persona likes? If you answered “yes,” then you may understandably feel that they’re a flat out waste of […]

3 Digital Marketing Channels That Work for Every Advertiser

As an advertiser, your core objective is to prioritize investment in relevant communication channels that deliver maximum returns for your business. With plenty of studies proving digital marketing ROI, it makes perfect sense to leverage digital channels for promoting your brand and its products and services. But with so many online advertising channels available, how do you […]