Cold Traffic and the Checkout Process: How to Improve Conversions [Infographic]

One of the things I’m amazed at is fiercely competitive marketers will pay me practically a king’s ransom to write the copy for a VSL… they’ll spend thousands of a month on cold traffic… yet they fail to appreciate the impact of design, copy, site speed, images, credentials, testimonials, reviews on the checkout process. Here’s […]

Cold Traffic and the Checkout Process How to Improve Conversions Infographic

1500+ Swipe Ready Words and Phrases for Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Markets

Normally, I hate word guides like “Words that Sell”. Too generic. But–here are 1500+ “make money” regularly used words and phrases for the Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Markets. This blogger did a great job: Definitely keepers. Definitely swipe ready. Why am I changing my tune? Because I have used these […]

Can just one word make a difference? You tell me…

I have this partnership in the personal development space. Specifically, the law of attraction market. My partner is very ambitious. Always testing. Anyway, I was critiquing a sales page he’d just put up where he was offering to help people become successful. Makes sense right? Like that’s what LOA folks want, right? Success?

The Brilliance of Louis C.K.’s Emails: He Writes Like a Politician

Promises, promises, promises… PS: If you’ve ever analyzed Eugene Schwartz’s pieces, he crams more promises per square inch than anything I’ve ever seen. I’m NOT saying that would work today, but it’s an interesting insight in the context of this article.

We all gotta go. Harry Yates, “the man with the brand”, oldest living copywriter passes

Imagine writing compelling copy for 60 continuous years. Most copywriters’ brains fry after 20. But then there’s “the man with the brand”… PS: I wonder who he passed the torch of copywriting passion to in his life? PPS: Notice: the suit, briefcase and what? NO SHOES. Now, THAT was a real copywriter.