Is Your Content Marketing Scaring Away Leads?

Halloween might be a couple of weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you’re not already scaring leads. There are hundreds of horror stories about brands ruining their reputation and losing customers because of silly oversights. Don’t let your company become one of these cautionary tales. Here are six ways you might be scaring away leads, […]

5 Unconventional Ways to Make Your Marketing ‘Stickier’

So you’ve discovered the next product that’s going to change the world. Fantastic. Now comes the hard part: marketing it. To separate yourself from the pack and stand out where others don’t, you need to be different, but not too different because there’s a very clear line between “weird” and “acceptable.” You need to create […]

The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy (and How to Beat It)

What makes people almost buy? What makes them get most of the way there, then drop out of your shopping cart at the last second? What makes them stare at your landing page, wanting what you have to offer, and yet, ultimately, close the page and move on to something else? It turns out there’s […]

How We Got Over Our Fear of SEO and Improved Conversions 20% in the Process

I used to think of SEO as a “scammy” strategy for startups. Here’s why I changed my mind. This is a post about being wrong. About totally misjudging something, and waiting too long to try it because of preconceived notions. And about how finally digging into the potential value of doing SEO “right” convinced me […]

Display Ad Spending Increasing, Google+ Polls, and B2B Pinterest Tips

Welcome to another edition of Bonfire Marketing’s State of the Industry. Each week team Bonfire meets to discuss the top digital marketing stories of the week. So what are our picks for the most relevant social media articles this week? Read below for our selection of the top articles and key takeaways:  Display Ad Spending […]

5 Tips for Writing for a Specific Target Audience

The fastest way to the blog cemetery is to write a nondescript, vague blog that has no focus, no central theme, and no specific audience. Once you have your main concept in place, the next most important step is to determine for whom you’re writing your content. Before you answer, know that your answer can’t […]

4 Quick Video Content Marketing Tips You Can Begin Using Today

Video is unquestionably one of the fastest-growing aspects of content marketing, and savvy business owners and marketers are smart to leverage it now. With that in mind, here are four tips for your company’s next video content marketing effort. 1. Get your resources in line For a lot of business owners and managers, video content marketing […]

3 Ways Brands Can Succeed As Advertising And Technology Evolve

Well AdWeek is over. Yawn. We found out thatJerry Seinfeld loves advertising. Or at least getting paid by advertisers. People are still talking about millennials. Even though many of those talking about it are millennials. Video and mobile platforms are growing in importance. Nothing really new there. So while the advertising industry spoke about many […]

5 Key SEO Changes That Your Business Needs to Implement Right Now

If your business relies on search engine optimization to attract new leads and customers then you need to pay close attention to the ever changing SEO environment. Business owners are always asking if SEO is dead every time a new update or change is rolled out. SEO will never die — it will continue to […]