3 Questions for Building Your Brand’s Content Marketing Program

Launching a content marketing program is overwhelming – there’s no way around it. Companies that are new to content marketing or program building may try to get a grasp on the requirements by asking questions like: Should I commission new content? How many white papers will be needed? Is there an ideal content format? Although […]

How to Craft an Effective Call to Action

Anyone running an online business is familiar with the classic Call to Action (CTA). Often filled with active verbs enticing us to “Buy Now,” “Download Our Whitepaper,” or “Sign up for Our Newsletter,” CTAs are a critical part of any online marketing strategy. However, as your site grows and you have more content to promote, […]

6 Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

All businesses, from the smallest to the largest, can and should use video to reach customers. IMAGE: Getty Images Almost every individual in business probably has the following response in regard to yet another article about video marketing: “We get it! Video is important!” You know that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a […]

How To Improve Your Content Development Process

What are some of the biggest challenges of developing tons of content? “It’s mostly just organization.” That’s what Ali Parmelee, Co-Owner and Brand Strategist at THINK creative group has to say about content development. And I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s tough enough to organize your own marketing. But what gives Ali some credibility here is that she’s managing her […]

How Hashtags Could be Ruining Your Social Media Strategy

Are you using hashtags in your social media posts? Could the way you’re using them be doing more harm than good? Hashtags are a great way of getting more eyeballs on your posts and increasing engagement with your followers. Using too many can have a negative effect and make you seem spammy though? But how […]

How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram, with more than 30 billion images shared and 300 million monthly active users, generates an average of 70 million photos per day. The mobile-based photo- and video-sharing social network powers the sharing of images and creation of community among users around the world. At only five years old, the platform has shown significant growth […]

10 Tips To Increase Eyeballs And Conversion

1. Deliver a clear brand promise.  What is the value you offer to customers? Say it crisply and hit a drumbeat.  Many brands do this very well.  Coke – happiness.  Red Bull – energy.  Verizon – works everywhere.  Make your brand value prop crystal clear and preferably differentiated.    Consistently hit that drumbeat across all channels.  Be […]

How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Business

Are you looking for more ways to use LinkedIn for your business? Have you considered showcase pages? LinkedIn showcase pages enable you to promote certain products or services to specific customer segments. In this article you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn showcase pages for your business… How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Business

How Does Someone Who Is Not An Expert In Marketing Learn To Make Good Marketing Decisions?

When the 800-pound gorilla, a health care institution, entered in the fitness training business, it made a big splash and the tide went up along the shore. Fitness Matters and other fitness training businesses sensed the tide was not going to lift their boats, though. Fitness Matters was further hit because the gorilla also coupled Physical […]

The 7 Hidden Factors of the Most Effective Social Media Ads

I’ve resisted social media advertising for a long time, believing that there are a host of free tools and free strategies that can help your business grow on social media organically. What I’ve come to find out (and I’d imagine many of you have discovered this already) is this: If you’re spending money to advertise online, social […]

4 Ways to Accelerate B2B Lead Acquisition

Lead generation at all stages of the sales and marketing funnel isn’t easy. There are many different approaches, strategies, tactics, and techniques and no one person has all of the answers. However, the basic B2B formula online looks like what we call inbound marketing today. That’s all and good, but with the plethora of businesses […]

Killer Marketing Strategies That Will Make Your Startup Look Like an Established Brand

© everythingpossible / Dollar Photo Club Just because your business is still on its startup phase doesn’t mean your audience should treat you as one. There is a way for you to create the illusion of making  your business seem like an established brand even if your business is still new in the industry. How […]

The Rules of Successful Effective Influencer Marketing

We’ve had a problem in digital media for a while now, and it’s been compounded by the number of platforms claiming to identify influence online. Moreover, influencer marketing can be an amazingly successful program to acquire new customers, but more often than not, it falls flat. Here are three primary reasons why. 1. It’s not […]

10 Businesses With Enviable Company Cultures

Free beer and foosball tables serve as a nice addition to any office, but do they really have an impact on employee engagement? Is that really what company culture is all about? While it’s likely that no one will complain about these perks (they’re awesome, after all), many companies are shifting their focus to prioritize intrinsic motivators […]

7 Mistakes That Will Doom Your Marketing Automation Implementation

Image credit: Jenn and Tony Bot | Flickr As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Your responsibilities encompass all aspects of your business, from its finances to its sales and everything in between. By default, most good entrepreneurs understand marketing. This doesn’t mean that you love executing daily and weekly marketing activities. But it does mean […]

How Did Codecademy Get 25 Million People Coding? Inside the Growth of a Movement [Podcast]

“Everyone should learn how to code.” This has been the narrative in the technology industry over the last few years, and for good reason. Code is behind nearly everything we touch today. Even those who don’t have a desire to become a developer are learning to code in order to gain a fundamental understanding of […]

6 Fundamentals for Succeeding at Online Marketing

Image credit: Shutterstock.com Today, it’s easier than ever to start your own business. Anyone with a URL, a good product and a PayPal account can make a go of it. But if it’s easy for anybody, this also means it’s easy for everybody. The world of ecommerce is teeming with competition. So, how do you […]

How to Promote Your Business with Brand Ambassadors Using Visual Content Marketing

Passionate brand advocates can provide marketing on steroids. On a social web they boost sharing, enable crowd sourced marketing and they do it for free. They are your online tribe of brand ambassadors…. Brand ambassadors are people, customer advocates and fans who represent and talk about your brand with passion. If they are also passionate […]

5 Books That Will Make You So Much Better at Marketing Yourself or Your Brand

Study up on advice from these marketing experts. IMAGE: Getty Images This story first appeared on The Muse, a web destination with exciting job opportunities and expert career advice. Over the years, I’ve gone through bookshelves’ worth of marketing and PR books. After a few dozen, some of the books’ messages begin to blend together, […]

Be Funny: The Amazing Power of Humor in Social Media Marketing

Have you heard this one? “I have to breakup with you. We’ve connected on so many platforms—Facebook and Twitter—but I just don’t feel Linkedin.” – Derek Kessinger  The funny bone can be a fickle thing. Writing jokes is hard work. But if you have a gift for humor, your marketing campaigns will be better. Why? “Laughter […]

Conferences Are Good for Networking but Great for Marketing

Image credit: GORE-TEX® Products | Flickr It’s easy to be down about conferences. Travel is exhausting and expensive and, after you’ve been to a few conferences, they can be awfully repetitive. Unless you’re in the bar or catering business, it can be difficult to see the return on investment. Because all that is true conferences […]

7 Ways To Do More With Earned Media

So you’ve implemented a blogger outreach program and you’re working with YouTube influencers to have them say cool things about your brand, whilst also collecting unique Instagram photos from your consumers. Now what? Having those earned mentions floating around the blogosphere and across social are fantastic, but let’s face it, we could all do a better job of making the most […]

10 Unbreakable Rules for Content Marketing in 2015

2015 is going to be another awesome year for content marketing. With 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B marketers using content marketing, we expect these numbers to grow and grow. As more of you marketers come into the content fold, we’ve got the 10 unbreakable rules for doing it right in 2015. Ready to […]

Video Content: Facebook Vs. YouTube for the Title

Facebook Vs. YouTube for video content supremacy. It’s been a hot topic, with video content proving an increasingly powerful weapon in the battle to effectively capture the attention online audiences. And while YouTube has been dubbed the second largest search enginein the world, many signs point to the power of Facebook as the winning platform to publish videos. News that Facebook has […]

7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value

Did you know it costs a business about 5-10X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Not only that, but on average, current customers spend 67% more than new customers.  In light of statistics like these, businesses must think about what they are doing to keep their customers coming back […]

Steps to a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram presence? Or perhaps you’re a newbie just looking to get started? Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there and is fast becoming a go to place for small businesses. It probably won’t help you drive significant website traffic, but it can […]

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Getting Harder and More Important

Content marketing is obvious. If you’re here reading Small Business Trends, odds are that you’re engaged in content marketing. Your websites, apps, and updates probably try to offer something of value — information, humor, tips, advice, how-to instructions, or even well crafted opinion — that people actually want to read… 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing […]

12 Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy

As we’ve been watching the trends in the medical device industry, we see that it is currently valued at a staggering $100 billion dollars. Investment in this industry has more than doubled in the past two decades and is expected to grow to $133 billion in 2016. Many companies are entering this market, but due […]

4 Ideas To Boost Your Content Marketing Creativity

What do all content marketers have in common? No matter whether you’re a one-person business owner or part of the content development team in a Fortune 500, everyone needs to generate a steady supply of interesting and useful content. That means stoking your creativity to keep the ideas flowing and coming up with ways to […]

12 Tools You Didn’t Realize Could Send You More Blog Traffic

It’s no secret. We all want more blog traffic. For some of us it helps grow our business. For others it offers that warm and fuzzy feeling when we open up our Google analytics dashboard. The harsh reality is that producing content and getting it noticed is not the easiest job – and you’re not […]

What is local SEO and why do you need it?

Local SEO is becoming one of the essential components to every business and brand that wants long-term success across search engines. This comes from our latest Search Engine Optimisation Best Practice Guide, an in-depth report that’s invaluable for anybody working in digital marketing, looking to appoint an SEO agency, or simply trying to secure better […]

SEO Can’t Always Get What It Wants — Or Can It?

SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Contributor Erin Everhart shares tips for getting other company stakeholders on board to achieve SEO success. Everyone can, and probably has, argued over what part of working in SEO is the hardest. From the frequent algorithm updates and never really knowing what Google is thinking to constantly explaining yourself to […]

Rethinking Your Buyer Persona: Who is the Real Decision-Maker?

It’s commonly known that buyer personas are essential to any successful inbound marketing strategy. But, in the B2B industry there have been some interesting (and even seismic) shifts in the last two years, causing the need for the buyer personas you created even just six months ago to be re-evaluated and possibly redone. If your […]

5 Ways Brand Marketers Can Innovate With Analytics

Deploying analytics successfully in the marketing world – especially advanced analytics, at scale – goes beyond crunching terabytes of data and using “visualization” techniques to tease out the stories. The hardest part is creating crisp insights readily translatable into decisions and actions by a fully-aligned organization. Those insights must be based on a holistic (non-siloed; […]

How to bridge the marketing skills gap

As part of our report titled ‘Marketing Pain Points and How to Overcome Them’ in collaboration with SmartFocus, we surveyed more than 500 client-side marketers earlier this year to find out what their pain points were.  One of the key points that arose from the survey was a growing concern over the skills gap within […]

10 Publishers Killing It on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for celebrities and teenagers anymore. In fact, it’s now the fastest expanding social network showing strong growth in nearly every demographic. Instagram’s population now encompasses 53% of all online adults between the ages of 18 and 29, and 25% of all online adults between the ages of 30 and 49. Even better, […]

How Brands Are Paving the Way for Periscope Marketing

Image credit: Shutterstock.com As more brands join and use apps like Periscope and Meerkat, it’s becoming clear that live streaming will play a major role in digital and social marketing in the coming months and years. Live streaming is anything but new; however, it’s recently jumped to the forefront of industry discussions, since the launch […]

Slack, Shopify & Tough Mudder: Business Lessons From 3 High-Growth Companies

How can we take what we have and make it grow? It seems like a simple enough question. But growth is hard — especially in the corporate world. Between increased competition, shorter cycle times, and growth hackers finding innovative ways to disrupt a market in record time, scaling your business has become increasingly challenging (and more […]

Copy This: How Content Marketing Is Powering Xerox’s Brand Transformation

Consider this scenario: You’re moving to a new city and want to have a fresh start, a clean slate, and a chance to reinvent yourself. But when you get there, you realize that everyone has already heard of you, and has their own preconceived notions about what you stand for. Now, you’ve got to work […]

3 Content Marketing Tactics to Turn Traffic Into Sales Leads

Content. We can’t escape it. Even that little communication device we store in our pocket, or the big one on our desk. They’re swarming with it. No longer are the latest headlines constrained to the local news stand – they are there to be consumed, anywhere we go. For us as marketers, this means more […]

The Power of Persuasion: Storytelling & Personas in Content Marketing

I attended University a very long time ago, where I started out pursuing Graphic Design and then transitioned to an interdepartmental degree: Sociology, Industrial Psychology and Business. Art was interesting, but I was only mildly talented and there was no digital program (this was pre-internet). As I look at the state of the social web […]

How Every Creative Must Think about Marketing and Advertising

Albert Lasker. Mel Martin. Eugene Schwartz. Robert Collier. Victor Schwab. David Ogilvy. John Caples. Maxwell Sackheim. Bill Jayme. Copywriters who wrote beautiful copy. Ads that drove results. As David Ogilvy said, “We sell or else.” This is the point. Advertising comes in two flavors: artistic and mechanical. One obscures the message and is judged by […]

Content Marketing: 4 Tips for Creating B2B Content When You’re at a Loss for Words

Content marketing has rapidly become an essential piece of the B2B marketing puzzle. Buyers are more connected and more self-directed than ever before, and informative, engaging content is key to making sure your organization becomes part of the buyer journey. Creating a steady stream of quality content can be challenging for any marketer, but especially […]

The 4 Biggest Pinterest Marketing Mistakes We Made (And How You Can Learn From Them)

I’m a bit embarrassed to share my early Pinterest Pins. But here they are anyway. A pin loaded with hashtags, a really odd-sized image, an image with a one-word description, a Pin with no description at all. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with Pinterest, both in the Pins I’ve created and in the strategies […]

5 Quick Tools for Local Small Business Marketing

OK, so you’re a small business owner. You know your business, its values and its customers better than anyone else. But, chances are, you’re not a marketing expert — by trade, at least. There are scores of highly effective tools just waiting for you to use them to get the word out. But let’s be […]

The Rise of Video Marketing on Social and How It Affects Your Business

This article originally appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk’s official site. The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period. No matter what you’re selling, no matter […]

Instagram Marketing: What Instagram’s New Ad Business Means for Brands

Recently, Instagram unveiled a new advertising solution to help brands improve efficacy of Instagram-based marketing by integrating external links such as “Buy Now” and “Learn More” within Instagram’s existing interface. The rollout includes a new application programming interface (API) that accommodates a wider variety of advertisements. Capitalizing on the constant stream of technology developed by Facebook, […]

7 Important PR Lessons Every Content Marketer Needs to Learn

I tried to explain public relations to my grandmother once … This was many years ago, back when PR pros cut press coverage from publications we could actually hold in our hands, and few marketers talked about SEO in everyday conversation. “So, it’s advertising,” she’d say, and I’d try again to explain that, no, it’s […]

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for a way to calculate the ROI of your social media efforts? Do you want to be able to justify the time and money you spend implementing your strategy? Calculating the return on your investment in social media isn’t an easy process. Some will debate that assigning a monetary value to social […]

Why Content Marketing Will Look Radically Different In 12 Months

Content marketing has shown that it’s here to stay. With brands and their agencies taking an increasingly content-centric mindset into their innermost strategic planning considerations, content has essentially carved out a role as the substance of digital marketing. Whether delivered via social media, email, mobile or splashy media campaigns, there simply is no activation to […]

Why You Should Include Influential Social-Media Users in Your PR Strategy

Marketers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing how to best reach customers: traditional marketing, mass media, digital, social media, public relations, celebrity promotions, guerrilla marketing, etc. However, the newest emerging marketing category is all about social media users with large followings, sometimes called “influencers,” those undercover trendsetters who are gradually adding […]

Facebook Adjusts Algorithm for Videos, Changes How Views Are Counted for Advertisers

Facebook is rolling out two significant video-related changes for both users and advertisers. Its news feed algorithm will be adjusted according to interactions with videos, and the company is going to change the way it charges advertisers for video views. Starting today, and over the coming weeks, an update to Facebook’s news feed algorithm will […]

When To Cut Your Losses On An Online Marketing Campaign

As a professional marketer, I like to think that marketing is equal parts science and art. Like with science, you need to form conclusions based on observable data, and gradually refine your processes to get the best results. Like with art, you need to be creative and harness the power of your own ingenuity to […]

How to Answer 11 Common Marketing Questions Using Analytics

When it comes time to assess your marketing efforts, it’s not uncommon for you to run into a ton of questions. How are your contacts trending month over month? Was the time you spent creating social media graphics for that campaign worth it? And what about your email marketing efforts? How are those stacking up […]

Content Marketing Tips: Image Rules For The Top 7 Social Networks [Infographic]

In the 80′s a revolution happened But when it started no-one knew it was going to change the world forever. The IBM personal computer had just hit the streets. The computer manufacturers didn’t take much thought on this small blip on the computer event horizon. 10 years later many of them were going out of […]

5 Effective Twitter Tools That Will Make You A B2B Social Media Marketing Pro

While it might seem like Twitter is just for teenagers and tech-savvy adults, it’s actually an incredibly powerful B2B social media marketing tool. In a world where 75 percent of purchase decisions are made before a customer talks to a supplier, the information available to your customer online becomes very important. And since Twitter has […]

4 Keys to Personalization in an Omnichannel World

How to achieve that one-to-one connection as your customers navigate across channels. When done right, omnichannel marketing has the potential to not only increase brand loyalty and customer lifecycle value, but also to build trust. If the personalized experience consumers receive outweighs privacy concerns they may have, they will become more willing to share their […]

Steal This Trick: What Confident Content Marketers All Have in Common

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on October 23, 2009. There are a million techniques that make your content better and more popular. (Probably a half-million just here on Copyblogger.) Strong headlines, smart copywriting techniques, storytelling, humor, etc. But there’s one insider trick that makes the rest of it easy. It […]

5 Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

The problem here is now you’re strapped for cash, and competing with brands who have endless money for a marketing budget. So, how do you gain the customer’s attention? How do you put your product or business in front of as many eyes possible? How do you gain the attention of your desired audience? How […]

7 Landing Page Tools that Could Save Your Conversion Rates

Landing pages allow you to deliver ultra-relevant messages to hyper-targeted audiences, speaking to specific user needs and improving conversions. In fact, companies with 30+ landing pages get 7x as many leads as companies with less than 10 landing pages. Good marketing is all about good landing pages, and the right gear can make your mission […]

How to Overcome Your Biggest Challenges in Content Marketing

Brands today simply don’t have the luxury of sitting back and hoping that their brand identity will be enough to bring customers their way. Not only is transparency increasingly important in the modern world of marketing, but consumers today demand increased interaction – if your brand isn’t able to deliver this type of interaction and […]

You Need To Dish Out Delicious Content!

Are your customers sampling your small business from the comfort of their smartphone? If not, then they’re positively salivating over your competitors’ Instagram, Twitter and Yelp pictures and posts. Much of this content is published by patrons! So, let’s use a restaurant as an example for how small businesses can approach their content marketing strategy. […]

10 Marketing Campaigns From Big Brands That Won Over Reddit

It didn’t take Reddit very long to become known as “the front page of the Internet.” During its decade of existence, Reddit has surpassed 169 million unique visitors and 7.55 billion pageviews each month. However, brands are still cautious when it comes to marketing on Reddit because they don’t believe the traffic will convert. Another reason […]

Biased Google Search Results Are Hurting Users, Harvard Study Claims

A recent study published by the Yelp data science team, conducted by researchers at the Harvard Business School and Columbia Law School, suggests Google is prominently displaying its own content ahead of others in organic search results. The study aims to prove Google’s actions are harming users by presenting them with inferior results to what […]

9 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

What’s your search engine optimization strategy? Whether you are writing your latest blog post or putting together a post for Google+, you need to keep two things in mind. First, engage your readers.  Second, make sure your writing is SEO effective! In this article you will learn 9 tips for writing effective SEO Content.  Use […]

Advanced Local SEO Competition Analysis

The author’s posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Competition in local search is fierce. While it’s typical to do some surface level research on your competitors before entering a market, you can go much further down the SEO rabbit […]

How to Make Your Webinar As Effective As Possible

Posting on social media sites, sending out e-newsletters, creating videos, and blogging are some of the preferred content marketing tactics among companies. However, one tool that is often overlooked is the webinar. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2C Content Marketing survey, 93 percent of marketers utilize social media content, 80 percent use e-newsletters, 74 percent […]

Why You Need a Little Elbow Grease When You Use Marketing Automation

Don’t let the name fool you. Marketing automation is not completely automated. With the rapid adoption of marketing automation technology, almost 11 times more B2B organizations used marketing automation in 2014 than in 2011, marketers often believe that marketing automation is the be-all, end-all to any marketing problem. Some think that marketing automation will effortlessly […]

7 Content Marketing Best Practices For The Travel Industry

Content marketing is all about creating and nurturing relationships with your customers at scale. This is true across verticals and certainly is true for the travel industry. Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the Luxury Travel Advisor’s Ultra Summit in Orlando about best practices in content marketing for the travel industry, as well […]

How Top of The Funnel A/B Tests Help Determine Your Website Content

Studies show that 54% of small businesses have a challenge creating engaging content. And even the ones that don’t think it’s a challenge probably haven’t tested their content to optimize it. That’s no small matter. Content is an important part of any online business or any business for that matter. It’s content that attracts traffic, […]

How to Build a Community of Brand Ambassadors Rather Than a Number of Followers

  Could you name half of the people you follow on Twitter? Ok, go! …I’m guessing all you could come up with was Oprah and Nike? Perhaps there’s a brand or two that really stands out in your mind because they’ve interacted with you and tend to post more stimulating content then the average tweeter. […]

What You Think You Know About Advertising Online Is Wrong

There are few prevailing myths about advertising on the web that keep advertisers and marketers hamstrung. Do you count the number of people who view a page on your website? It turns out that counting clicks, though it may be one of the most common metrics, doesn’t work that well if you want to know how […]

12 Important Content Marketing Metrics You Aren’t Measuring

A shocking 49% of marketers only use basic metrics such as clicks and downloads to measure content effectiveness. Another 17% have no metrics in place at all. What a sad thought! As marketers, it’s our job to bring tangible results to our clients. They’re trusting you and I to build relationships with customers and increase […]

7 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities

Are you tracking your social media marketing results? Do you know where to find metrics to help you improve? Tracking social activity helps you attract a higher-quality following, communicate more effectively and provide content that resonates with your audience. In this article you’ll discover seven ways to track metrics and improve your social media marketing… […]

Marketing Day: Pinterest’s Buyable Pins, YouTube Previews Updates & Visual Content Marketing

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Pinterest Takes E-Commerce To Next Level With Launch Of Buyable Pins On iPads & iPhones Currently available only on iOS devices in the U.S., Pinterest says it already has 30 million […]

Visual Content Marketing: Building Digital Stories That Really Connect

Visual trumps text, so make it a key part of your marketing strategy, says columnist Jim Yu. He outlines seven steps to follow when telling your story with visual content.   Visual content has been dominant in the marketing and personal communication worlds. In recent years, professionals have begun to notice that rich media do […]

3 Ways to Incorporate Nostalgia in Marketing

Image via BigStockPhoto.com How do you define nostalgia? To me, it’s lying in a hammock and reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on hot August days. And playing card games around the dining room table after the holiday dishes are cleared. Nostalgia is unique to everyone, of course, but there is one thing […]

The Shocking Statistics about Dark Social

You probably measure social media wrong. Why? Have you ever heard about dark social? It is social traffic, which is untraceable by web analytics. I decided to shed light on dark social. I’ve created an infographic which contains the most important statistics about dark social traffic. This infographic will teach you everything you need to know […]

6 Content Marketing Must Do’s for a Start-Up

Publisher Channel Content by Content Plan As a Start-Up you are blessed with a bright business idea; you can understand the business mechanics of bringing the idea from a concept to a reality but can you understand the concept of bringing it to the consumer? This is something that many Start Ups fail to plan […]

How to Use LinkedIn Publisher Statistics to Refine Your Marketing

Do you use LinkedIn Publisher? Want to get deeper engagement from your posts? LinkedIn Publisher now offers the ability to review stats for your published posts, which helps you refine messaging, target the right audience and directly engage with the people who interact with you. In this article I’ll share how to access LinkedIn Publisher statistics […]

9 qualities of world class growth hacking teams

Samir Patel is the President & CEO of GrowthMachines, TheGrowth.Academyand Mentor at 500Startups. “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” ~ Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE The reality is most companies have old school digital marketing types in senior management roles with outdated […]

Build it and they won’t come: How and why growth hacking came to be

The buzz on “growth hacking” has spread all across the world. Classes on growth hacking are being taught inSingapore. Companies from San Francisco to London arerecruiting growth hackers. The first Growth Hacking Conference popped up a few weeks ago. This rapid craze beseeches an explanation. Why has growth hacking so strongly resonated with the startup […]

10 Instagram Marketing Hacks

New to using Instagram for business? Or just looking for tips and tricks to make your Instagram marketing more effective? This post will walk you through 10 Instagram marketing hacks you may not have thought of. And please leave YOUR best Instagram hacks in the comments at the end of the post!… 10 Instagram Marketing […]

This Blog Post Will Boost Your Energy and Make You Happy

Back in the early days of Social Media Marketing we had an HVAC client.  They hired us to manage their Social Media Marketing.  Two weeks into the strategy the office manager called and fired us.  She could not believe they were paying us all of this money to post silly photos. Unfortunately, this business did […]

4 Ways to Improve Lead Gen & Nurturing on Your Website

If you oversee lead generation and nurturing at your company, this post is for you. Here are four inventive ways to generate and nurture leads via your B2B company website. 1. Create the perfect, simple website for each visitor persona. Ever meet someone at a party that immediately tries to tell you their entire life story? […]

5 Social Marketing Tactics for Content Distribution

I remember publishing my first bylined article as a newly minted content marketer. I obsessively refreshed Google Analytics. I looked at the share counter on the post. I waited for comment moderation requests to hit my inbox. And I was heartbroken when pretty much no one read my blog. At that moment, fighting off despair […]

Virtually No Change In US Desktop Search Market Share According To ComScore’s May 2015 Report

Google still at 64%, while Bing holds on to the 20% share it reached in March. According to comScore’s May 2015 U.S. desktop search report, there was nearly zero change in search market share for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Ask and AOL between April and May. Google still owned 64 percent, and Bing held on to […]

Don’t Get Social Media Lingo? 75 of the Most Common Acronyms Explained

Do you know the difference between a RT and an MT? And do you know the CTR of your social media posts? If you use social media regularly you’ll see acronyms like those used all the time. As we’re limited in the amount of time we have and the amount of space allowed for posts it’s […]

How The World Uses Twitter: These Stats Could Change Your Strategy

Did you know that 80% of active Twitter users access the site via their mobile device? Or that only 16% of users are under 18? Knowing the demographics, browsing habits and other key information about how people use Twitter can help you understand how to adapt your Twitter marketing strategy, or help you decide if […]

Digital ads + content marketing = PulsePoint’s new direction

Image Credit: max sattana/Shutterstock Got email marketing? We’ve got best practices from LivingSocial and estate sale guru Everything But The House in our next Insight webinar. Native ads are, essentially, the offspring of content marketing mating with ads. So, it’s appropriate that New York City-based ad exchange PulsePoint is today launching a content marketing platform […]